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When it comes to unexpected power cuts, solar power generators are highly useful to manage daily routine work. It acts as an emergency backup source that can keep plenty of electronic devices in active mode.

If you are living in a palace where bad weather prevails, these generators are a perfect solution to fight against a blackout day. Since we cannot guess when the power restores, it is very important to buy a generator that can deliver high output wattage. Solar generators have a massive power output that can run a wide range of appliances in parallel.

Choosing the right solar generator is really a challenging task since there are many brands available in the market. Before buying a solar generator, it is very important to know the purpose. These generators are lifetime investments. Although it is expensive, you will get many high-end features. Unlike fuel-based generators, Solar generators run on solar energy. So, you don't have to worry about fuel scarcity.

After hours of research, we have picked the best solar generator. The Patriot power generator is one of the most preferred solar generators that comes with two charging ports namely solar panel charging and an AC outlet. Read till the end to figure out the functional features of a Patriot solar generator.

What is a Patriot Power Generator?

The aim of the Patriot generators is to keep the day normal by supplying power to electrical appliances during an unfortunate power cut. You can either charge a patriot generator using an AC outlet or solar panels. The generator will take only three hours to charge completely while using the AC outlet. On the other hand, it consumes nearly 10 hours to charge using solar panels. So, it is wise to choose the first option to save time.

These generators have an input watt of 240W. As far as output is concerned, the Patriot Power generator will deliver a maximum output of 1800W. This power is more than enough to run all the essential appliances in parallel. In addition to this, the user-friendly features are the highlight of this generator. The advanced-engineered battery technology incorporated in this generator will ensure performance and reliability. You can obtain a stable power of 768Wh with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The unit consists of a number of power outlets to connect plenty of devices in parallel. There are eight power outlets overall. It includes a DC outlet, two AC outlets and four USB outlets. You can discharge and recharge the battery more than 2000 times. Their lifespan is four times longer than other solar generators.

4Patriot generator- Product Overview

In today's market, 4Patriots is one of the leading solar generators. This solar generator is far better than gas-powered generators since the emission is clean. It comes with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery to provide stable power.

This generator can provide a starting watt of 3048W and a running watt of 1800W. With this high output, you can tackle the intermediate power cuts by running all the necessary electrical appliances. A solar panel kit is included in Patriot generators. So, the generator will produce the output power wattage without depending on the main power grid.

Generally, solar generators batteries will discharge within six months. But the Patriot generator is an exception. These generators can hold the charge for a year. Thus, only annual recharge is required. In addition to this, this generator comes with 2500 life cycles. You can keep this generator active every single day for a solid seven years.

Although it is noisy, the generator's performance surpasses the customer's expectations. Usually, customers keep performance and durability as their first priority. So, customers are ready to pay extra to buy this generator.

Highlighting features of Patriot Power generator

AC power

Most of the solar generators will have an AC outlet for charging. This option is very much useful during rainy days. With solar generators, we can generate power only with daylights. So, you make use of this AC outlet to charge necessary appliances during emergency situations.


The battery capacity is the main factor that decides how efficient the generator is. At times of emergencies, a solar generator must offer sufficient power to keep the appliances active. The price of a generator is estimated in terms of battery performance.

The Patriot 1800 model's battery can store 28% more charge than the predecessor. Thus, Patriot 1800 generators can run a refrigerator for about 4 to 7 hours. The durable lithium-iron-phosphate battery has an average watt-hour of 650Wh.

Shelf life and battery size

Patriot 1800 generators have an average lifespan of about one year. It means that a fully charged battery starts to discharge within six months.

Life cycles

The battery can undergo charge and discharge for about 2500 cycles. The generator gives a warranty of seven years with no compromise in performance.

Solar panels

As far as solar generators are concerned, solar panels are very important. The generator requires a sufficient number of solar panels to absorb the sun rays. A unit with solar panels produces an average power of 300Wh in a day. This power wattage is possible when the sunlight falls on the solar panels for about 10 hours. And also, the output wattage per hour will vary according to the capacity of the solar panel in absorbing the sun rays.

In patriot generators, you can expect a power wattage of 100Wh and the unit gets fully charged within 7 hours. Practically, it can produce an average power of 75Wh. So, the unit will take 9 to 10 hours to get a full charge.

Charging capability

Unlike other generators, the Patriot generators are capable of charging quickly. This added advantage is one of the reasons why users prefer to buy these generators. So, you can charge your mobile phones, laptops quickly.


Most of the device comes with an extensibility feature to increase the overall performance and high output. In solar generators, expandability has various advantages. Although the Patriots generator doesn't have any expandability feature to improve the output power wattage, the produced 690Wh is enough to supply power to essential electrical devices.

Customer service

For any product, customer service plays a vital role. It has the potential to increase the customer count with better service. Patriots generators are always concerned about their customers and provide the best telephonic customer service.

Power outlets

On a blackout day, you can charge your devices using the power outlets available on the generator. Basically, the number of power outlets decides the number of devices that the generator can charge in parallel. Patriot generators come with two 120V wall outlet plugs. Although it has minimum ports, you can charge the essential electrical devices like laptops, mobile phones etc.

Accessories included in 4 Patriots Solar Generator Kit

  1. 100W Solar Panel
  2. HaloXT Flashlight
  3. USB battery kit
  4. Extension Cord
  5. Sun Kettle Water heater
  6. Power cell

What we like in 4Patriots solar generators

  1. The motor remains silent during the operation. Hence, the user will not get any disturbance with its high operating noise
  2. These solar generators will not emit any smoke or fumes. In simple words, it is eco-friendly
  3. You can obtain a running watt of 1500W
  4. Patriot generators are lightweight compared to their counterparts. It weighs only about 46 pounds
  5. It comes with one year warranty and guarantees a 100% cashback offer
  6. The solar panels have high durability and absorb maxim solar energy during a sunny day


Specifications of 4Patriots solar generators

Battery capacity 650Wh
Battery type lithium-iron-phosphate battery
Weight 46 pounds
Inverter surge 3048W  
Maximum solar power input (with single battery) 240W
Warranty 1 year

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Alternatives of 4Patriots Solar generators

EcoFlow Delta 1800

The EcoFlow Delta 1800 has twice the battery capacity compared to the Patriot Solar generator. The maximum solar power input is about 400W. Along with the generator, it has four 400W solar panels, EMP bag, PV extension capable, low watt LED string lights.

But, the solar panels with Delta Base Camp Kit are difficult to port. In Patriot solar generators, you get many extra features and options for future use.

EcoFlow solar generators use an AC wall outlet to charge their battery within two hours, whereas 4Patriots generators charge their battery within three hours.


Specifications of Eco Flow Delta 1800

Battery capacity 1300Wh
Shelf life before recharge 1 year
Weight 31 pounds
Inverter surge 3300W  
Maximum solar power input (with single battery) 400W
Warranty 2 year



Solar generators are capable of producing the highest power output. Unlike generators, solar generators don't have any movable parts. Hence, the noise level is minimum. This is a great advantage for people who are living in congested areas.

These generators provide unlimited energy since solar panels absorb an optimum amount of sun rays during sunny days.

Very importantly, you can save the fuel costs. In addition to this, the generator will not emit fumes. So, it is environmentally friendly. Selecting a solar generator is a wise choice.

We hope that you have gained knowledge about 4Patriots solar generators and their advantages. You can place your order at e-commerce sites. Investing in solar generators is something you will never regret later.

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