Predator 9000 generator

Beast for everyday use.

Many people prefer predator generators due to their high efficiency, low maintenance cost, and value for money. Predators have a wide range of generators, from 3500 watts generator to high power 13500 watts generator. Many people prefer predator generators because they are very reliable and can perform exceptionally well in challenging circumstances. Apart from portability and durability, Predator also updates the technology in their latest and upcoming generators to ensure easy use and safety. These generators have a powerful engine produced by Harbor Freight Tools, allowing you to use them for various purposes such as RVs, camping, residentials, outdoor events, etc. And their clean power works well on sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. In this article, we reviewed one of the best-selling Predator generators- the Predator 9000 watt generator. It is suitable for home and indoor use and also for trips. 

Predator 9000 generator:


  • Features: Value
  • Output Power: Starting 9000W / Running 7250W
  • Noise Level: 76 dBA
  • Run Time: 10 – 13 hours at 50% load
  • Engine: 420cc/13 air-cooled OHV gas engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 gallons
  • Weight: 193.6 pounds
  • Starting Method: Electric Start

Generator overview:

The 9000W series from Predators would be the right choice as it has impressive power wattages of 9000 starting watts and 7250 running watts. This is specifically designed for outdoor adventures or rough environments. It can power all the appliances in your home simultaneously, and for the devices on the go, and much more. This generator is exceptionally quiet with its noise of 76 dBA, and it means the generator makes a sound a little while running, but you'll not hear it much when you are inside. On the other hand, the starting mechanism comes with an electric start and pull start button, making it convenient to start up. Its fuel capacity is 8 gallons, allowing you to run the generator for up to 10 to 13 hours at 50% load without a break.

Although it's considered a portable generator, it is slightly hard to move but is possible and easier with a wheel kit. There is a control panel to allow you to access all controls in one spot. With its light indicator, you can find the fuel level of the generator. There are six AC outlets and one DC outlet, including one 120 30A receptacles, one 120/240V 20A receptacle, two duplexes 120V 20A GFCI, and 12V 8A, allowing you to charge the devices quickly. The twist lock allows you to connect it to a breaker box to power your home during power failures.

Bestseller (lists)

Predator 9000 Generator

  • 420cc/ 13 HP air-cooled OHV gas engine Electric start with recoil back up (electric start requires Battery, not included) Runtime up to 13 hours @ 50% Low oil indicator/ low oil shutdown Gfci outlets Ul listed circuit breakers... Read More

Why we love Predator 9000 generator:

  1. It comes with two years warranty
  2. Powerful wattages, making it ideal for residential use, and others
  3. Wheel kit helps for easy transportation
  4. User friendly with its electric starter
  5. This generator is EPA certified. 
  6. It is environmentally friendly and suitable for new users. 

An excellent upgrade:

I should be called the 7250 generators because 9000 is only the starting watts, not the running watts. The running watts really what keeps your house going. I am replacing this with a 5000 watts generator because my house needed some massive power backup due to the heavy machinery I use nowadays. I have a fridge, heater, and I need a generator to juice up my lights and fans too. So I had to move to a high wattage generator that can handle these things. I fully expect that this is going to run my house without an issue. We have a typical generator with a plugin that goes to the back of my house. 

I run a 30-foot wire to plug the generator in, and I have an analog breaker that goes into my 250 amp panel. The plan is to turn everything on in the house after I get the generator connected. First, you have to turn off your panel before you even start your generator. Ensure that if you do not want to back feed the grid, that is terrible then once your panels are off. Please keep all of your breakers off, don't switch them over yet. You can go ahead and plug in your walls outside into your generators. It would help if you did not do that when your generator is on. Make sure you use the switches safely and with dry hands. 

The generator design:

The generator has a generic exterior design with a pull start option and built-in wheels. It weighs around 193 pounds which is very heavy and making it difficult for portability. It has a solid structure with a large fuel tank which gives you an uninterrupted power supply. The 8-gallon fuel tank is suitable for emergencies and power outages in your home. You don't have to worry about refueling the generator for a long time. The best thing about this generator is that it comes with a reliable pull start with a single pull. There is also an electric start alternative which will come in handy during emergencies. 

This 9000 watts generator is equipped with a 420cc OHV air-cooled engine with 13 horsepower that is enough to run various appliances. This powerful engine provides you steady power that can juice up high-power appliances in your home. Most of the predator generators come with a low oil indicator which is an excellent feature. This 9000 watts generator also has this feature that will indicate the oil level and when you have to change them respectively. It also has an automatic shutoff feature that shuts down the generator when the oil level is low. The predator generators are designed with the user's safety in mind. The compact and attractive design with bright red color makes them stand out more than other generators. 

Power and running time:

The Predator 9000 watts generator has 120/240V output with 7250 running watts and 9000 peak watts. The noise level of this generator is 76 dBA which is as loud as living room music. This generator has a runtime of up to thirteen hours at a 50% fuel capacity. Since it has a longer runtime, you can use this generator for various applications. This makes it a more reliable portable generator than other brand's generators. 


The control panel of this generator has 6 AC outlets and an additional one DC outlet. Though the Predator 9000 watts generator is not RV ready, it has receptacles that you can use for RV connections. It is also transfer switch ready, so you can connect them to a breaker box to power your home when there is any power outage. 

Handy features:

This generator has a low oil indicator that will display when the oil levels are insufficient. It has a built-in fuel gauge which helps you to determine the fuel level easily and quickly. When the oil level is low and overload protection during heavy loads, the automatic shutoff is a handy feature that will give you peace of mind while using this generator. This generator comes with a typical manual that helps you understand your generator better and get the best results. This generator is EPA approved and CARB compliant, which indicates that they are environmentally friendly. It comes with a spark arrester so that you can use them in forested areas too. 

Price and warranty:

I chose Predator 9000 watts generator more than any other brand due to its price and reliability. It is unbeatable for its price range and a good investment in the long run. If you are looking for a budget generator that will work under harsh circumstances and adapt to any environment, this generator is the one for you. You need to know about this generator's warranty because it covers only 90 days and may not cover your entire generator. You have to spend an additional $100 for a two years extended warranty. 


So with that being said, this generator performed as I expected. I wanted it to do well. I wanted to carry the load of the house without any issues. So you know, I think I'm prepared for the next power outage that we may have, and with this generator, I have no fear of it. One thing I would like to add is when you overload the generator, and it is going to scream. So power your generator and use it wisely. 

Another similar Predator generator:

Predator 8750 Generator:

The Predator 8750 series is a high-power generator with impressive wattages of 8750W starting power and 7000W running power. This can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It can power all appliances indoors like fans, lights, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and much more. The Predator 8750 would be the best option wherever the power failure is frequent and common. It gives the best whether on the construction or recreation work or others. This is compact and doesn't take much space, which means storage is very easy, allowing you to keep it wherever you want. And its wheel kit helps you move around anywhere.

Bestseller (lists)

Predator 8750 Generator

  • 420cc / 13 HP air-cooled OHV gas engine
  • Electric start with recoil back up
  • 12 hour run-time @ 50% capacity Generator Wheel Kit Included - 8" flat free tires - adjustable steel handle Heavy duty 1-1/4 in. steel roll cage... Read More

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