Generac XT8500EFI generator

Are you planning to replace your existing generator? If yes, then you are on the right site. Generators are mandatory machines to manage a blackout day. Choosing the best generator that meets your power demands is not an easy task. Basically, generators come in various sizes, output levels, engine types etc. If you are looking out for a generator for camping, you can go with portable generators. In contrast, you can buy a standby generator for running whole-house appliances.

Generac is one of the top brands that offer generators of any type. This manufacturer sells generators at an affordable price without quality compromise. In this article, we will check out the Generac XT8500EFI generator. Read till the end to know all the exciting features of this generator. 

What is an EFI generator?

Before starting with the features, let us know what EFI stands for. Electronic Fuel Injection, which is commonly called EFI, will directly inject the fuel into the engine cylinder using electronic controls. Very importantly, EFI eliminates the use of a carburetor. 

Benefits of using EFI generators 

Trouble-free start

Are you tired of igniting the engine by adjusting the choke? With EFI generators, you can easily start your EFI generator. 

Consistent power and Fuel efficiency 

Since this generator features electronic controls, you will get more stable power. In the generator, you must switch to the eco-mode to conserve fuel. In EFI generators, the electronic controls take care of the generator's whole workings. 

Minimum maintenance 

If you are a random generator user, then the carburetor might get blocked. In contrast, if you use a generator regularly, you must change the oil, replace the spark plug, and clean the filter frequently. In the case of an EFI generator, there is no carburetor, thereby requiring only minimal maintenance. 

Fewer emissions

EFI generators are eco-friendly since they produce fewer emissions. In addition, these generators come with improved fuel efficiency. 

Generac XT8500EFI generator- An Overview 

Generac XT series will offer plenty of output power. So, you can use an average output of 8500W to run the whole house appliances like TV, lights, fans, electric toaster etc. In addition, you can run tools at the construction sites. 

A powerful 459cc OHV engine delivers a surge wattage of 10000W and a running wattage of 8000W. The main highlight of this generator is the CO (Carbon monoxide) sensor. It senses the CO levels in the air and stops the engine operation when the CO exceeds the limit. Therefore, this generator is eco-friendly. 

Before plugging your smartphones, ensure whether the generator produces clean power. Otherwise, the generator's output power might damage the device. Generac XT8500EFI generator is equipped with True power technology. It produces pure sine waves without any voltage spikes. The power is stable and runs the power electronics without causing any damages. 

Apart from quality, Generac is best known for its user-friendly features. Automatic features like a low oil shutoff system will stop the engine's operation when the oil level is low. So, the engine will never overheat and last longer. In addition, the large fuel tank provides impressive runtime. You can kick start the engine in an instant using an electric starter. 

When it comes to the control panel, it is easy to access everything from one spot. Plus, the power outlets are sufficient to run a wide range of appliances simultaneously. On the power panel, there is an hour meter to track the hours of operation. So, you can schedule proper maintenance. Plus, you can easily port the generator anywhere using an attached pair of wheels. 

Highlighting features of Generac XT8500EFI generator

  1. Generac XT8500EFI generator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities 
  2. This EFI generator produces fewer emissions and demands less maintenance 
  3. A powerful 459cc EFI engine will deliver a starting power of 10000W and a running watt of 8500W
  4. It comes with a CO sensor to detect the CO levels in the air. It will bring the engine to a halt when the Co level goes high. Therefore, this generator is eco-friendly
  5. This generator's true power technology will produce clean power with the least harmonic distortion of less than 5%. So, you can run sensitive power electronics without any damage 
  6. The fuel gauge shows the fuel level readings. So, you can refill the tank before it empties
  7. At an applied 50% load, an 8-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 9hours
  8. It comes with a residential warranty of three years 
  9. The unit comes with accessories like an oil funnel, engine oil, wheel kit and user manual
  10. It is CARB compliant, and EPA approved
  11. You can either start the generator using an electric starter or manual recoil system
  12. This generator is heavy and weighs about 214pounds. But an attached pair of wheels and foldable handlebar supports easy transportation 
  13. The low oil shutoff system will protect the engine from running out of oil 
  14. Circuit breakers will act as an overload protector 

Specifications of Generac XT8500EFI generator

Manufacturer Generac
Running watts and peak watts 8500W and 10000W
Item dimensions (LXWXH) in inches 31.4x20.5 x 26.5
Engine displacement 459cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 8 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 9
Item weight in pounds 214
Warranty in years 3

Since this generator is unavailable at Amazon, you can look at similar-watt generator mentioned below,

Similar-watt generator

DuroMax XP10000W generator- An Overview

A generator that comes with a rugged design to withstand rough coastal climate is the DuroMax XP10000W generator. The exterior frame is steel-made and has improved durability. A 439cc engine will deliver a peak watt of 10000W and a continuous watt of 8000W.

With this average output power, you can keep essential appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners active during a power outage. 

An inverter generator produces an average power of 3000W to run essential devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. In the case of the DuroMax XP10000W generator, the output power is plenty. You will be left with extra power even after running whole-house appliances. So, you can make use of the extra power to start large equipment.

The impressive factor of this generator is the fuel tank. At an applied rated half load condition, an 8.3-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 10hours. Furthermore, you can extend the runtime by switching the generator to eco-mode. This generator is CARB compliant, and EPA approved. 

The control panel consists of switches like ON/OFF switch, eco-mode, power outlets and circuit breakers. It is easy to operate the generator since all the switches are available in a single spot. The power outlets like two 120V 20A GFCI Outlets, one 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 120V 30A twist lock and 120/240V 50A heavy duty outlet are sufficient to run multiple appliances at a time.

The generator weighs about 218pounds. It comes with never-flat wheels and a durable handlebar. So, you can easily move this over a rugged plain. The foldable handlebar will save enough space in the storage area.

Highlighting features of DuroMax XP10000W generator

  1. This generator comes with robust construction. It is suitable for construction sites where the power demand is high
  2. A powerful 439cc OHV engine delivers a surge watt of 10000W and a running watt of 8000W. So, you can use plenty of power to run large equipment like air conditioners and refrigerators etc
  3. The steel-made exterior will give ultra-protection to the engine and other key components
  4. It is easy to operate and maintain 
  5. You can refer to the user manual before operating the generator for a better understanding
  6. This generator comes with two starting options. You can either use an electric push-button or manual recoil system
  7. The low oil shutoff system will stop the engine operation when the oil level is low
  8. There are power outlets like two 120V 20A GFCI Outlets, one 120V 30A twist lock, one 120V/240V 30A twist lock outlet and a 120/240V 50A heavy duty outlet to run a wide range of appliances
  9. It is CARB compliant, and EPA approved 
  10. An attached pair of wheels help to transport this bulky generator 
  11. A full gasoline tank offers a runtime of about 10.4hours at an applied 50% load
  12. It comes with a warranty of three years 
  13. The circuit breaker will cut off the power supply during overloading condition

Specifications of DuroMax XP10000W generator

Brand DuroMax
Item weight 218 pounds
Engine 439cc
Running watts & Peak watts 8000 watts and 10000watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 10.4
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 29x30x36
Noise level 72 decibels
Fuel Type gasoline
Engine type 4 stroke

Bestseller (lists)

DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-10000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black Garden & Outdoor

  • Powerful DuroMax Engine: the XP10000E is powered by a 439cc OHV DuroMax Engine
  • Gas powered technology: run your generator with gasoline For long lasting power.
  • Plenty of power: with 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts, This unit can handle heavy loads from lights, refrigerators, home conditioners and high amperage power tools.
  • Maximum power: with DuroMax MX2 technology, get the maximum power from each of the 120 volt receptacle. Choose between operating t... Read More

Final thoughts 

Obviously, Generac is one of the reliable generator brands in today's market. Unlike inverter generators, this generator offers plenty of power to run whole house appliances. Plus, you can use this generator to run essential devices during camping. The true power technology will produce clean power without any voltage spikes. So, you get stable power to run sensitive devices. For best deals, tap now on e-commerce sites. 

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