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Isn't your generator's output power insufficient?

Are you unable to run the emergency devices in parallel?

Heavy-duty generators put a full stop to power shortage. These generators will deliver plenty of power to run all the household devices simultaneously. There is no such need for parallel compatibility since one generator is enough to satisfy the energy demands.

We guess that a heavy-duty generator is the only solution to run small tools to heavy ampere loads. You must choose the best heavy-duty generator to enjoy all the luxuries during a power outage.

Why do we prefer the Generac XG series?

Generac XG series equipped with an OHVI engine delivers excellent performance. When it comes to construction, the robust exterior will protect the internal part from damage. Thus, the generator can serve for a more extended period. Very importantly, these generators are incorporated with high-end features and specifications. Therefore, the Generac XG series are suitable for construction sites and special occasions.

The key highlight of these generators is their portability. From the name, you can guess that the Generac XG series are heavy-duty generators. But the attached wheels and durable handlebars will ease the transportation. At times of power outage, Generac portable generators can keep a wide range of power applications active. For example, refrigerators, freezers, lights, air conditioners, heaters etc., can run in parallel using the generated power.

Generac xg10000e portable generator- Product Overview

One of the best engineering generators from the house of Generac is its XG10000e portable generator. This is a gas-powered engine used for both indoors and outdoor activities. The powerful 530cc engine delivers a starting watt of 10000W and a running watt of 12500W. This output power is more than enough to run all the household appliances like TV, refrigerator, microwave ovens, air conditioners etc.

With a large fuel tank, you can extend the runtime of the generator. In case of Generac xg10000e, you can accept an average runtime of 10 hours at a rated 50% applied load. In a similar way, the fuel tank is large so that you can fill gasoline up to 10 gallons. Compared to other generators, the OHVI generator has a longer lifespan. Typically, the engine serves four times better than its counter brands.

Starting mechanism and design

Very importantly, you can start the generator using an electric start button. The cold start technology equipped in this generator starts the engine in an instant during cold weather conditions. Since this start button is available on the control panel, it is very easy to access. When it comes to the design, the never-flat tires and durable handlebars help in manoeuvrability. The tires are of super quality that you can drag the generator through rough terrains and steep slopes.

A full wrap frame provides ultra-protection to the whole unit. The corners are super resistive and remain undamaged even during rough handling. In addition, the outputs are covered with rubber caps for extra protection when used in rough coastal sites. Along with this, there is an hour meter that fetches the information about the generator's internal working. So, the operator can schedule the maintenance accordingly.

Powerful OHVI engine

OHVI (Overhead Valve Industrial) engine is a unique design engine for generator purposes. We expect a maximum runtime from a generator during a power outage. Generators with regular engines will overheat and have a reduced lifespan. The advanced heat reduction technology helps in easy piston movement inside the cylinder. Thus, the engine keeps the excess oil outside the cylinder, thereby contributing to an extended lifespan.

The oil filters are of automotive style and are larger in size than a standard filler. So, these filters catch more debris and keep the oil clean for a long period. In addition, these oil filters will help in minimizing the maintenance cost. With this OHVI engine, the generator must undergo service after every 200 years of operation.

Maximum output wattage for multiple devices

A powerful 530cc engine will deliver a running watt of 10000W that is more than enough to run all the household electrical appliances. In addition, this generator comes with an AC voltage and frequency of 120/240V and 60hertz, respectively.

Generac xg10000e is one of the generators that offers plenty of power. So, you can manage with 10000W output power even if the power takes long hours to restore. This generator is a saviour for government sectors like banks, where power is mandatory for money transactions. On the other hand, the Generac xg series will support heavy load appliances like table saws, drilling machines at the construction sites. In addition, it is a good companion for outdoor activities like camping, RVs etc.

A 10-gallon fuel tank provides a runtime of 10 hours at an applied 50% load. So, you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to refuel the tank. Very importantly, the generator has an in-built fuel gauge that detects the fuel level. So, it is easy for the operator to refuel the tank before the engine runs out of fuel. In addition, the generator consists of a unique power bar that displays the wattage used. All the 120V power outlets are protected with circuit breakers. These circuit breakers will disconnect the power supply during overloading. So, the generator can provide safe and stable power for all the essential appliances.

Control panel and features

The control panel is the heart of this generator. The transfer switch, ports, power outlets, power bar and LED panel, is available on a single spot. So, it is very easy to control the generator's entire working mechanism.

In addition, automatic features like a low oil shutoff system and an automatic low fuel shutoff system will prevent any accidental damage to the engine. In addition, this generator is constructed with proper ventilation to eliminate overheating of the unit.

The power outlet available on the control panel is sufficient for running a wide range of appliances in parallel. Unlike other inverter generators, this generator is enough to provide plenty of power.

The smart eco-mode in the unit will control the engine speed based on the connected loads. You can utilize the fuel efficiently. Moreover, this generator is EPA approved and comes with a residential warranty of two years.

Specification of Generac xg10000e portable generator


Manufacturer Generac
Running watts and peak watts 10000W and 12500W
Item dimensions in inches 31.2x29.5 x 31.3
Engine displacement 530cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 10 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 10
Item weight in pounds 300
Warranty (residential use) Two years

Highlights of Generac xg10000e portable generator

  1. The robust OHVI engine with 530cc displacement provides a running watt of 1000W and a starting watt of 12500W
  2. This generator comes with a Power Bar that indicates the wattage consumption
  3. The control panel consist of an LED panel that fetches the information about the generator's internal working
  4. It consists of an Hour meter that will help to monitor the hours of operation. In addition, it helps to schedule proper maintenance
  5. The automatic features like a low oil shutoff system will protect the engine from damage
  6. The generator will start in an instant using the electric start button. Plus, the engine is powered by cold start technology for a hassle-free start during cold weather conditions
  7. It comes with accessories like maintenance equipment and a user manual
  8. The heavy-duty design can withstand coastal climates without undergoing any damage
  9. The unit comes with foldable handlebars for compact storage
  10.  All the power outlets are covered with rubber caps to prevent any dust entry
  11. The durable wheels will not deteriorate when dragged on rough terrains
  12. A 10-gallon fuel tank offers solid runtime for 10 hours

Since this product is unavailable in amazon, you can check out other similar generators given below,

 Other similar-sized generators

 DuroMax XP10000W generator- An overview

 Apart from Generac xg10000e generators, there are other similar generators that provide the same level of power wattage. One of the best-known generators available in the market is the DuroMax generator. Their signature hybris models have a good reach among the customers. The powerful engine delivers outstanding performance and runs all the essential appliances simultaneously.

These generators have dual-fuel options. If you run out of gasoline, you can utilize the stored propane to run the generator. In that case, propane emits clean fumes and eliminates CO built-up around the generator. Like Generac heavy-duty generators, DuroMax generators are heavy and come with attached wheels and handlebars. So, a single person is enough to drag the whole unit with ease.

Highlights of DuroMax XP10000W generator

  1. The DuroMax XP10000W generator's engine provides an output power of 10000W and a running watt of 8000W. This power output is more than enough to run the essential household devices as well as power tools in construction sites. Since this power wattage is high, you can manage without power for long days.
  2. The safety features like the low fuel shutoff mechanism will bring the machine to a halt when low oil levels are detected. So, the machine is protected from overheating.
  3. Sufficient power outlets available on the control panel helps to run the essential devices like mobile phones, laptops, TV, refrigerators simultaneously. There are two 120V 20A GFCI Outlets, a 120V 30A twist lock, one 120/240V 50A outlet and a 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet.
  4. The durable steel construction of the generator will protect the entire unit from any damage. You can use a damp cloth to remove the dust from the surface
  5. You can either start the generator using the electric push button or a manual recoil system. At the time of any malfunction in the push button, you can go with alternative methods

Generac xg10000e portable generator Vs DuroMax XP10000W generator

Generac xg10000e portable generator and DuroMax XP10000W will provide similar output wattage of 10000W. The first difference is the engine displacement, as the Generac xg10000e has a higher engine displacement of 530cc than its counterparts. In contrast, the engine displacement is about 439cc in the DuroMax XP10000W generator. Next, there is also a slight difference in the tank size. The fuel tank of the DuroMax XP10000W generator can hold 10.4gallons of gasoline, whereas Generac xg10000e will hold 10gallon of fuel.

The Generac generator weighs about 300 pounds, but the DuroMax generator weighs only about 218 pounds. Apart from these, both the generators are CARB compliant, and EPA approved. So, you can use this generator for both indoor and outdoor activities like construction sites.

Specifications of DuroMax XP10000W generator


Brand DuroMax
Item weight 218 pounds
Engine 439cc
Running watts & Peak watts 8000 watts and 10000watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 10.4
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 29x30x36
Noise level 72 decibels
Fuel Type gasoline
Engine type 4 stroke

Bestseller (lists)

DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-10000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black Garden & Outdoor

  • Powerful DuroMax Engine: the XP10000E is powered by a 439cc OHV DuroMax Engine
  • Gas powered technology: run your generator with gasoline For long lasting power.
  • Plenty of power: with 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts, This unit can handle heavy loads from lights, refrigerators, home conditioners and high amperage power tools.
  • Maximum power: with DuroMax MX2 technology, get the maximum power from each of the 120 volt receptacle. Choose between operating t... Read More

Buyer's guide for Generac generators

During a power outage, Portable generators are meant for both indoor and outdoor activities. In fact, a heavy-duty portable generator is a costly investment, and it is always important to look into some factors before whipping your credit card.

Size of the generator

Are you living in a congested apartment? If yes, a generator size affects your comfortability to a great extent. So, you can buy a compact one with good output power. In the case of the Generac xg10000e heavy-duty generator, the whole unit occupies less space with user-friendly handlebars.

Output wattage

Before selecting the generator brand, you must calculate the total wattage requirements in your house. For example, if you want to run electrical devices like TV, refrigerator and AC, take a note of the power requirement from each device and add the sum. The total value is the overall power requirement for your house. If the total power requirement is 7000W, then you can look for a generator that delivers 7000W of output power.

In the case of heavy-duty generators, plenty of power generation is a key factor. You will never run out of power even after connecting all the household electrical devices. It is the reason why people prefer heavy duty generators for marriage functions, parties, government sectors etc.

Tank capacity and run time

A heavy-duty generator always comes with a large fuel tank. Check whether a fuel tank has the potential to offer the runtime you expect from a generator. Runtime is not a big deal in Generac xg10000e as a full tank supplies continuous power for 10 hours. Unlike other generators, you don't have to run for fuel in the middle of the road. Very importantly, you can enjoy a good sleep without worrying about unexpected power cuts. Output power of 10000W keeps heavy load appliances like centralized AC active. So, you can enjoy all the luxuries even during a blackout day.


Do you think a generator with good output wattage and minimum power outlets is useful? No! you have to connect similar generators in parallel to increase the number of ports or connect only minimal devices. In Generac xg10000e, there are sufficient ports to run all the essential appliances.


One of the important factors that you must check in a generator is its portability. You must check whether the generator is attached with wheels and foldable handlebars. So, you can port the generator wherever you go. It is the reason these generators are suitable for outdoor activities like camping and RVs. Some of the inverter generators are lightweight, whereas heavy-duty generators are bulky with rugged construction. At times, some generators will come without wheels. In that case, you must purchase a wheel kit for easy transportation.

Safety features

Look for starting options in a generator. You can either start the generator using an electric push-button or a manual recoil system. In heavy-duty generators, you can start the generator in an instant using the electric push button. The cold start technology in this generator allows the engine to start without any troubles during the winter season.

The other automatic features like a low fuel shutoff system will bring the engine to a halt when low oil levels are detected. In addition, the circuit breakers will discontinue the power supply during overloading.

Certification and customer support

Most of the generators are CARB compliant, and EPA approved. Since Generac xg10000e has met the industrial standards, it is suitable to operate in construction sites. Generac generators are best known for their excellent customer support. Their team is ready to pick up your enquiry call any time. These generators come with a two-year warranty.

Safety measures- Guide

Are you ready to assemble your generator? Before starting to read our safety measure guide, you can go through the generator's user manual. It gives you clarity on the working mechanism of the generator. In addition, you will get a better understanding of the installation after referring to the photo illustrations available in the manual.

Emission of CO gas

Always prefer using the generator in an open space. During the engine operation, Carbon monoxide will build up around the unit. So, you must clear the carbon monoxide frequently to keep the generator room clean. If you are planning to keep the generator in a closed area, ensure proper ventilation. In addition, you can install CO detectors inside the house.

Generator operation

  1. Always keep the generator away from the children. Ensure a decent gap between the generator and other things to prevent any damage
  2. Although the generator is used in all temperatures, you must schedule proper maintenance to increase the engine's lifespan. Always check whether the power outlets are closed with rubber caps when the generator is not in use
  3. Prefer using the generator in open space to prevent overheating
  4. You must inspect the generator on a regular basis and schedule maintenance properly to minimize the maintenance cost
  5. Avoid exposing the generator to excessive moisture and dust to increase the engine longevity. Plus, operate the generator after placing it on even surfaces
  6.  Disconnect the spark plug from the whole unit to avoid accidental engine operation

Electrical shock Hazards

  1. Avoid connecting the generator directly to the household wiring. If any malfunction occurs, it will affect the power lines and cause accidents
  2. Always remember to ON/OFF the generator during the unloaded condition
  3. Try not to overload the generator by connecting to many applications. In addition, do not operate electrical appliances more than the estimated output wattage of the generator. If you are running out of power, connect two similar-sized generators to double the power. Otherwise, connect the devices based on priority.
  4. If you are using extension cords, check whether the cords are properly insulated to prevent any fire hazards
  5. Do not touch the generator with your wet hand. Plus, you must ensure whether the generation is in wet condition during a rainy season
  6. After installing the generator, check for proper insulation to avoid electrocution

Burn prevention

Gasoline is very explosive. So, avoid overfilling the fuel tank. If the tank is overfilled, the fuel will overflow and reach the hot engine. It might result in an explosion. Very importantly, avoid filling the tank while the generator is in an ON state. You must allow the engine to cool and then add the fuel.

Try not to smoke near the generator to avoid fire hazards. Check whether the generator comes with a spark arrestor to prevent the sparks from escaping outside during internal combustion. Stay away from the running generator to avoid skin burns.

Final thoughts

As a whole, Generac xg10000e is a heavy-duty generator that delivers maximum power. If you are running a construction site, this generator is a good choice. Generac always comes with ideas based on customer reviews. Very importantly, these generator manufacturers care for the customer. So, they introduce advanced safety features in the latest models. Although the Generac xg10000e generator is heavy, the durable wheels and foldable handlebars help in easy transportation. The generated power is more than enough to run all the heavy ampere loads like refrigerator, centralized AC etc. Apart from this, Generac provides excellent after-sales support for customers. Last but not least, you must be very careful while operating the generator. Slight negligence will cause serious fire accidents. You can read out the safety tips from our article before switching on the generator. For a fast delivery and deadly offers, you can place your orders at e-commerce sites.


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