Predator Vs Honda Generator

A generator is necessary for every home to manage any unexpected power outages. If you are planning to buy a new or replace the existing generator, you are on the right site. Yes, when the idea of exchanging a generator pop into your mind, the first thing you look out for is the reputed brand. Since portable generators are way better than heavy-duty generators, you will eye towards small and portable generators as a note of user convenience.

When you do so, you can't just judge a generator's performance merely based on the features and specifications. When it comes to products, you have to compare a generator with its competitors to figure out the best generator suitable for your indoor or outdoor use. In this article, we have picked up the two leading generator manufacturing companies in the market. Yes, your guess is right! It is Honda Vs Predator. Are you excited to know more about the similarities and differences between these two? Keep reading.

Notable differences between Honda and Predator 

  1. At first sight, we look at the exterior. When it comes to the weights and size, Honda generators weigh more than Predator generators. In contrast, Predator generators have the best control panel and fuel capacity
  2. When the price is taken into account, Predator generators are available at a fraction of the price of Honda generators. But it is all up to the user to choose Honda or Predator based on the purpose and preference

Honda Vs Harbour Freight

Apart from being labeled on generators, Honda is the name that comes for many engine types across the globe. Kickstarting the company in 1965, Honda has come a long way and sustained its name to date. When you have a talk with the Honda customers, you will observe their true satisfaction. If you maintain the generator properly, it surpasses your expectations for sure. In addition, these generators operate silently and never create any disturbance to your neighbors.

In the case of Predator generators, Harbour Freight started manufacturing the generators in 1988. Predator is best known for its user-friendly features and easy accessibility. Although these generators are a bit louder than Honda, Predator generators are never behind in satisfying customers like its competitor.

A common point to note here is, both models will differ in the terms and conditions they provide. But you can expect a minimum one-year warranty from these leading models.

Table of contents

  1. Predator 62523 Vs Honda EU2200i
  2. Predator 63966 Vs Honda EU7000iS generator
  3. Predator 63584 Vs Honda EU3000iS generator

 Different models Comparison

 1. Predator 62523 Vs Honda EU2200i

The models mentioned above are inverter generators that supply average output power of 2000W. When examined in detail, Predator 62523 generator delivers a starting watt of 2000W and a running watt of 1600W. On the other hand, Honda EU2200i provides a surge watt of 2200W and a peak watt of 1800W. Both the generators are lightweight and compact.

When it comes to engine type, Honda and Predator generators are equipped with similar four-stroke OHV engines.

The Honda engine slightly weighs more than the Predator engine. That is the only reason for the high runtime in Predator 62523. Both the models have the same tank capacity (approximately one gallon). At an applied quarter load condition, the runtime of the Honda EU2200i generator is about 8.1hours. In contrast, Predator 62523 can fetch a runtime of about 12hours at the same load conditions.

Honda EU2200i generator is powered by a 121cc 4-stroke OHV engine. On the other hand, Predator 62523 generator is equipped with a 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine. Although the electric push-button is absent, you can start these generators with a manual recoil system.

Talking about the dimensions, both the Honda and Predator models are compact with standard dimensions of 20x11.4x16.4inches and 22.6x18.52x12.61inches, respectively.

Since both the generators are inverter generators, you can expect minimal noise ratings. Predator generators operate at a noise level of 65dBA, whereas Honda generators have sound ratings in the range of 48-57dBA.

Both the generators are lightweight and compact. Thus, they are easy to port anywhere. Predator and Honda generators come with a sufficient number of ports. So, you can connect essential devices during times of power outages.

As a whole, Honda EU2200i wins the race in the specifications category. When we look into the cost to value point, Honda EU2200i is expensive compared to Predator 62523.

 Comparison Table of Predator 62523 Vs Honda EU2200i

Manufacturer Honda Harbour Freight  
Model  Honda EU2200i   Predator 62523
Running watts and Peak watts 1800W, 2200W 1600W, 2000w
Item dimensions in inches 20.0X 11.4 X16.7 22.6X18.52 X 12.61
Engine displacement 121cc 79.7cc
Runtime at 25% load(gasoline) 8.1hours   12hours
Tank capacity 0.95gallon 1 gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 48-57dBA 65dBA
Item weight in pounds 46.5 47
Warranty in years 3 2

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2. Predator 63966 Vs Honda EU7000iS generator

Harbour Freight and Honda have carved a niche in manufacturing high-end generators. Honda EU7000iS generator provides a peak watt of 7000W and a running watt of 5500W. When it comes to Predator 63966, this generator offers a starting watt of 6500W and a running watt of 5500W. An inverter Honda generator has high-end specifications compared to the Predator Inverter generator. Honda's 5.1-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 18hours at rated quarter load conditions. On the other hand, Predator's 8-gallon fuel tank provides a continuous power supply for about 28hours at an applied 25% load.

To your surprise, Predator 63966 does not come with an electric push button and an hour meter. But the incredible runtime makes Predator stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other competitors. When it comes to Honda EU7000iS, you can start the generator using an electric starter or a manual recoil system. In addition, there is an hour meter to fetch the live status of the generator. Apart from common outlets, there is an additional 120V twist-lock outlet in the Honda generator.

Looking into the outlets of Predator 63966, there are a couple of 120V outlets for connecting multiple devices simultaneously.

At a rated quarter load condition, you can expect a noise rating of 74dBA from the Predator 63966 generator. Clearly, the Predator 63966 is louder than Honda EU7000iS. But you can install noise mufflers to minimize the noise ratings. A downside of Honda EU7000iS is price and weight. You can easily port the Honda EU7000iS generator using attached wheels and foldable handlebars. Honda EU7000iS generator is available at a price range of $4500, whereas Predator 63966 ranges around $1300. You can choose a suitable generator that satisfies your expectations.

 Comparison Table of Predator 63966 Vs Honda EU7000iS

Manufacturer Honda Harbour Freight  
Model  Honda EU7000iS   Predator 63966
Running watts and Peak watts 5500W, 7000W 5500W, 6500W
Item dimensions in inches 33.4X 27.6 X28.4 26 x 22.3 X22
Engine displacement 389cc 301cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) 6.5hours   14.5hours
Tank capacity 5.1gallon 8 gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 52-58dBA 74dBA
Item weight in pounds 261 165
Warranty in years 3 2

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3. Predator 63584 Vs Honda EU3000iS generator

Predator 63584 is in the top-of-the-line models of Harbour Freight. It provides a starting watt of 3500W and a running watt of 3000W. In Honda EU3000iS, you will get a surge watt of 3000W and a continuous watt of 2800W. These two generators are powered by a four-stroke OHV engine. Honda EU3000iS is equipped with a 196cc engine, whereas Predator 63584 is incorporated with a 212cc engine. Honda's 3.4gallon fuel tanks offer a runtime of about 20hours at rated quarter load conditions. On the other side, Predator's 2.6gallon fuel tank provides 11hours of runtime at applied same load conditions.

When it comes to starting mechanisms, Honda is exceptional in providing two starting methods in every generator they manufacture. So, you can start the Honda EU3000iS generator either by using the electric start button or a manual recoil system. In Predator 63584, only the electric push-button is available.

Apart from these common differences, there are some notable differences among these two. Predator 63584 comes with an hour meter that gives real-time information of the generator's output and runtime. In the case of Honda EU3000iS, the hour meter is absent. But, Honda beats Predator by offering two starting methods.

The number of power outlets is common in both the generators. The available ports are sufficient to run a range of appliances at a time. Honda generators are quieter than Predator generators while rating noise levels. Honda EU3000iS runs in the range of 50-57dBA at rated quarter load conditions. On the other hand, Predator 63584 has a noise rating of about 57dBA at the same load conditions.

Both generators come with attached wheels and foldable handlebars for maneuverability. But, Predator 63584 is 30pounds lighter in weight compared to Honda EU3000iS. Predator 63584 is cheaper while comparing with Honda EU3000iS. In short, you can buy two similar Predator generators at the cost you invest in buying a Honda generator. When it comes to the premium features and specs, Honda ranks first.

Comparison Table of Predator 63584 Vs Honda EU3000iS generator 

Manufacturer Honda Harbour Freight  
Model   Honda EU3000iS   Predator 63584
Running watts and Peak watts 2800W, 3000W 3000W, 3500W
Item dimensions in inches 25.9X 17.6 X22 22.75 x 20 X17.3
Engine displacement 196cc 212cc
Runtime at 25% load(gasoline) 20hours   11hours
Tank capacity 3.4gallon 2.6gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 50-57dBA 57dBA
Item weight in pounds 131 99.2
Warranty in years 3 2

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Comparing two different leading models helps you find the suitable one for your purpose. But, you have to look at certain important factors in order to get the best performance from the selected product. Honda excels in certain features like Predator generators. When it comes to brand comparison, you must pick some essential factors to check whether the generator is totally worth-buying or not. Let us discuss the factors to consider in both generators in two different headings.

Factors to consider before buying a Predator generator 

Power output 

Before shortlisting any generator, the first thing you have to check is the output wattage. You might have calculated the power requirements of appliances you decided to run on a blackout day. If you have a power demand of 2000W, you can buy a generator with an average output of 2500W. Look for parallel compatible options in the generator you buy. So, you can connect two similar models using a parallel kit to gain additional power. On the other hand, if you buy a heavy-duty generator to meet average power demands, it would be a big blow for you. Literally, you are forced to burn the cash.

If you live in a congested apartment, it is better to choose an inverter-type generator. Basically, inverters are quiet but never compromise the performance. So, you can proceed with your daily work with full peace of mind. These inverter-type generators will have enough power outlets to run essential devices like TV, electric toaster, iron box, etc. We know that inverter generators are equipped with inverter technology. It produces pure energy with the least Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 3%. So, the power is stable and suitable for running sensitive electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Before buying a Predator generator, it is essential to consider two important factors: running watts and starting watts. If you are planning to run a device powered by a motor, you must focus on the peak watts and running watts. For example, A window AC draws a total wattage of 2000W at the first few seconds then draws 1800W running watts. In that case, purchasing a generator with an average output of 2000W is not a wise decision. It is always safe to buy a generator with more power output than the appliance's total power demands. So, you can spare a few more watts in case of emergencies.

Built-in quality 

A generator is a lifesaver at times of unexpected power outage. If you want to overcome a blackout day, you must also look at the built-in quality. Generally speaking, a good shield will protect the inner essential parts. So, you must focus on buying a generator with robust construction.

Harbour Freight is popular in using top-class materials during manufacturing generators. You would erase the mild doubts about the generator's built-in quality when you go through the customer reviews.

Noise ratings 

None likes any sound that disturbs their peace of mind. Similarly, people prefer buying super-quiet generators since they are answerable to their neighbors too. That is the reason why sound rating remains one of the most important factors to consider while buying a generator. Keep in mind, if you are an RV enthusiast, it sounds best if you go with the quietest generator in the market.

We know the best fit for quiet generators is Predator inverter generators. Apart from being silent, these generators produce clean energy and are safe for running delicate power electronics.


Each Predator generator is different in its own way. The eco-throttle mechanism will control the engine speed based on the connected loads. So, you can save fuel and increase the runtime. If you use generators frequently, you have to examine the runtime closely. The manufacturer tested the different Predator generator models and estimated the runtime at an applied 50% load.

Importantly, the estimated runtime is not standard. The runtime depends on the number of loads applied to the unit. In addition, maintenance plays a vital role in the generator's proper functioning. To be honest, a generator's engine requires similar maintenance as a car engine. These generators will demand high maintenance costs if you do not provide proper maintenance.


Although a generator satisfies all your expectations, budget is also a main factor. Predator generators are available at a wide range of options. So, you can pick the best model that is suitable for your requirements. For example, if you are looking for an RV generator, you can stick to Predator's entry-level models. On the other hand, you can buy a generator with high output wattage for commercial sites.

Factors to consider before buying a Honda generator

Honda is a leading generator manufacturer across the globe. These generators are well known for their engine performance. But it is also important to look into certain factors like power output, portability, fuel capacity, noise ratings, etc.


It is better to calculate the total power requirement of the household appliances before buying a Honda generator. Anyway, Honda generators have many models differing in output watts. So, it is easy to pick the best from the queue. For example, if you are looking for a generator for indoor use, you can go with Honda inverters. These inverters are quiet in operation and provide an average power of 3000W. Plus, the generated clean power is safe to run sensitive devices without causing any damage.

You can connect two similar Honda models to double the output power if you are running out of power.


Honda generators are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Honda's entry-level models like EU1000i, E2000i are suitable for car dwellers. These inverter-type generators are compact and lightweight. It comes with an inbuilt, strong top handle. So, it is easy to lift and carry anywhere.

In contrast, Honda models like EU3000iS weigh about 131pounds. But you can transport the generator anywhere using attached wheels and handlebars.


Any external or internal damage to the generator breaks your bank. So, it is equally important to focus on the material used to manufacture the generator. Normally, people living in disaster-prone areas prefer using generators with robust construction. In that case, you must check whether the generator will be able to withstand the rough coastal climate.

Apart from powerful design, the engine and other internal parts play an important role in obtaining improved durability.

Noise ratings

All the Honda generators are super-quiet but deliver the performance you expect. So, there is no need to think of installing noise mufflers to minimize noise. Since Honda is the No.1 generator in maintaining the lowest noise ratings in the market, it is widely recommended for indoor use.

Fuel capacity 

Honda generators offer incredible runtime despite the small fuel tank. From inverter-type Honda generators, you can expect an average runtime of 8hours at an applied 50% load. But, the runtime depends on the load connected to the generator. These Honda generators are labeled with different series like EB, EG, and EM. Each series indicates a different purpose. Some generators fetch the longest runtime.

Safety features 

When it comes to fuel efficiency, switching the generator from normal mode to smart eco-mode saves fuel. In addition, it provides improved runtime. Apart from this, the circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply at times of overloading conditions.

Honda generators come with two starting methods. You can start the generator either using an electric push-button or a manual recoil system. Some other models come with a keyfob to start the generator remotely.

Final thoughts 

We hope that you got a clear idea about Honda and Predator generators. Each model is unique but surpasses your expectations. In this article, we have discussed the factors to consider before buying a generator. Choose a generator for which you never regret later. Honda generators have high-end specifications but are expensive.

On the other hand, Predator generators fetch your decent runtime but are available at an affordable price. So, you can choose the generator type that meets your expectations. Each generator comes with a limited warranty of at least two years. But the generator must undergo proper maintenance to avoid any unexpected faults. You can choose the best suitable generator from eCommerce sites.








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