Sportsman 4000W generator


If you are looking for a high-quality generator at a reasonable price? One of the finest choices is the Sportsman 4000W generator. Before whipping your card, you must check whether the generator is worth buying or not. In this article, we will discuss the Sportsman 4000W generator. It is one of the best dual fuel generators available in the market. Keep reading to explore more about this generator.

Why do we choose Sportsman generators?

  1. It is easy to install and maintain the generator. But before operating the generators, you must carefully read the instructions given in the user guide
  2. These generators are lightweight and are easy to port from one place to another. So, it is always a choice option if you are looking for a portable generator that delivers an average output power
  3. There are Sportsman generators that come with dual fuel options. So, you choose either gasoline or propane to run the generator
  4. These generators are cost-effective but never fails to impress you with their versatility
  5. The durable exterior construction will protect the whole unit from the worst climatic conditions
  6. It is travel-friendly and is safe to use compared to other gas-powered generators
  7. Propane and gas will provide more or less the same runtime. In the case of propane, you can expect longer shelf life, and the emitted fumes are clean compared to gas-powered generators
  8. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

Sportsman 4000W generator- An overview

When it comes to the price, Buffalo tools is always the best in providing quality generators at an affordable price. It gives an average output wattage of 4000W to run essential devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. In short, you can manage well during power cuts.

The average output power of 4000W can run a wide range of appliances from small power tools to heavy ampere applications in parallel. So, this generator is suitable for construction sites where you need to run multiple power tools in parallel. Very importantly, the inverter technology employed in this generator will provide table power without any power fluctuations. So, it is safe to run sensitive electronic devices. Apart from indoor use, this generator is an excellent backup energy source for outdoor activities like parties, camping, fishing or RVs. 

Apart from price, this generator comes with dual fuel options. You can choose the fuel based on your comfortability. If you run out of gasoline, you can switch to propane to run the generator. Propane has a long shelf and emits clean fumes compared to other gas generators. Very importantly, a 3.6gallon of gas tank provides a runtime of 10 hours. In contrast, you can obtain 12 hours of runtime while using propane. 

The Sportsman dual fuel 4000W generator comes with a 5-feet long hose to connect the liquid propane to the generator unit. In addition, there is a propane regulator to control the fuel flow. This generator will provide a starting watt of 4000W and a running watt of 3500W. This plenty of power is enough for running all the household appliances like TV, refrigerator, Air conditioners, microwave oven etc. When it comes to the control panel, there are sufficient power outlets to run the essential devices in parallel. You can use power outlets like four 120V household outlets, one 120V RV outlet and one 12V DC outlet to charge essential devices. 

Apart from specifications, this generator is safe to use since it consists of safety features. The circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply in case of overloading. In addition, automatic features like low oil shut off system will stop the engine operation and prevent engine overheating.  

You can start the generator either by using an electric start button or a manual recoil system. Very importantly, this generator has met all the industrial standards and is EPA approved. As a whole, this Sportsman 4000W generator is a perfect generator for RV enthusiasts. 

Specification of Sportsman 4000W generator

Manufacturer Buffalo Tools
Running watts and peak watts 3500W and 4000W
Engine displacement 212cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 3.6 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 12
Item weight in pounds 90
Noise level in decibels Less than 69 decibels


Highlights of Sportsman 4000W generator

  1. The powerful 212cc engine delivers a power output of 4000W and a running watt of 3500W that is sufficient to run most of the household electrical appliances
  2. You can use this generator at a higher altitude of 3000 feet
  3. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities like camping, fishing, parties and tailgating
  4. You can use either gasoline or propane to generate power
  5. Four 120V outlets, one 120V RV outlet and a 12V DC outlet are available for connecting multiple devices in parallel. In addition, the generator comes with a regular hose kit
  6. A 3.6-gallon gas tank provides a runtime of 10 hours at applied 50% load, whereas it offers 12 hours while using propane 
  7. You can prefer propane instead of gas since it has a long shelf life and extended runtime compared to gasoline
  8. This generator is EPA approved and is suitable for construction sites

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Other 4000W generators available in the market

 Champion 4000W generator

Apart from the Sportsman 4000W generator, many other brands offer the same output power. One such brand that is a good choice in terms of performance, portability and fuel efficiency is the Champion 4000W generator. This generator's major highlight is that you can start the generator from a distance using a remote keyfob. So, if you are using the generator for outdoor areas like construction sites, you can ON/OFF the engine while standing far away. Output power of 4000W is enough to run electrical devices like mobile phones, laptops, TVs and refrigerators. 

Very importantly, the whole unit comes with durable handlebars and never-flat tires, which will help in easy portability. In addition, the wheels can move smoothly over rough terrains without causing any deterioration. Undoubtedly, this generator is CARB compliant and has met all the industrial standards. Moreover, the noise level is less than 69 decibels, and you can cut down the noise using noise mufflers. 

Highlights of Champion 4000W generator

  1. Champion 4000W generator offers a running watt of 4000W and a starting watt of 5000W that is enough to run a wide range of appliances in parallel
  2. The smart eco-mode in this generator will control the engine speed based on the load connected to it
  3. A powerful 224cc OHV engine will offer a runtime of 14 hours at an applied 50% load
  4. Since this generator is parallel compatible, you can connect two similar generators in parallel to gain additional power
  5. The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) will provide information about parameters like voltage and temperature. The safety features like low oil shut off system will stop the engine operation when a low oil level is detected. In a similar way, the low fuel shut off system will automatically bring the engine to a halt after utilizing the fuel remaining in the carburetor
  6. The circuit breakers on the control panel will cut off the power supply in case of overloading. In addition, the power outlets are covered by rubber caps to prevent dust entry

Specifications of Champion 4000W generator

Manufacturer Champion Power Equipment
Running watts and peak watts 4000W and 5000W
Engine displacement 224cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 4.7 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 14
Item weight in pounds 105
Noise level in decibels Less than 69 decibels

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Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt RV Ready Open Frame Inverter, Yellow Garden & Outdoor

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  • Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time: 64 dBA is great for RVs, tailgating, your next project or home backup, with 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts for up to 17 hours run time on gasoline
  • Clean electricity for sensitive electronics: RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household... Read More

 Five important factors to consider before buying a generator

Fuel tank capacity

Before shortlisting the generator, you must check whether the generator is fuel efficient or not. It is a waste of money if the generator fails to produce the expected power outage for the fuel consumed. So, you must look for features like a smart eco-mode in the generator. It will reduce the engine RPM based on the load connected to it. So, you can increase the runtime and conserve fuel.

Power requirement

Decide the power demands of your appliances before choosing the generator. If the total power demand during power cuts is 4000W, look for a generator that produces a running wattage of 4000W. e.g., Sportsman 4000W generator

Fuel type

For a generator, gasoline and propane are the major fuels used to run the generator. So, you can switch between two options based on fuel availability. Since gasoline has a shorter lifespan, most of them prefer using propane.


Prefer placing the generator in an open space. On the other hand, there is CO built-up around the generator While using gasoline. So, ensure whether the generator room is provided with proper ventilation.


Generally, warranty varies based on the manufacturers as well as generator type. Check what is the defect coverage within the warranty duration.


We hope that you have got an idea about the 4000W generator specifications and features. In addition, the buying guide will help you to buy the best generator for the invested money. For best offers, you can place your orders on eCommerce sites. 

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