Ryobi 1000W inverter generator

Are you looking for an entry-level Ryobi model? You have landed at the right site. If you are a travel freak, then your best on-road companion is the Ryobi 1000W inverter generator. With this generator, you can run the essential devices for outdoor activities. Since this generator is powered by inverter technology, pure sine is produced with the least harmonic distortion.

Ryobi generators have high customer ratings in terms of power output, efficiency, and performance. This brand focuses on customer convenience and comes up with a Bluetooth setup. Plus, some advanced models have apps by which you can monitor the generator’s working. This app will alert the user when the engine runs out of fuel or oil. You have much more interesting features and specifications of Ryobi 1000W inverter generators. Keep reading the article without skipping. 

Why do we prefer Ryobi generators?

Ryobi has been a top manufacturer of power equipment since 1943. In the early stage, they were manufacturing electrical components. Years later, they started to focus on generators. Ryobi reached the pinnacle in the generators field with its high-quality generators. Generators were a luxury till Ryobi came into existence. They started to sell generators with basic features at an affordable price. But there is no compromise in the warranty. One of the best inventions of Ryobi is their inverter generators. These portable generators are mainly for outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and fishing. On the other hand, it is also suitable to run small power tools at job sites. Ryobi 1000W inverter generators produce clean power without any power fluctuations. So, you can use this stable power to run sensitive devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

Ryobi 1000W inverter generator -An Overview

The Ryobi 1000W inverter generator offers a running watt of 900W and a starting watt of 1000W. This average power can charge your laptops, smartphones, and laptops. This generator is equipped with inverter technology that produces clean power to run delicate devices. It is lightweight, compact, and comes with a fuel tank of 0.6 gallons. 

These generators operate at a low decibel rating in the range of 67 to 72 dBA. With a 0.6gallon fuel tank, you can obtain a runtime of about 8 hours at a rated 50% load. You can put the engine on eco-mode to save fuel. In addition, this smart eco-mode will reduce the engine’s RPM based on the load. Therefore, you will get extended runtime. It is lightweight, compact, and perfect for car dwellers and RV enthusiasts. 

The control panel consists of an engine ON/OFF switch, eco-mode, circuit breaker, and power outlets. In addition, there are three LED indicators for power, overload, and low oil. The safety features like a low oil shutoff system will protect the engine from overheating. On the other hand, the circuit breaker will cut off the power supply at times of overloading. There is a 120V outlet to charge electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. Moreover, this generator comes with a warranty of three years. 

Highlights of Ryobi 1000W inverter generator

  1. A 53.5cc engine will provide a peak wattage of 1000W and a running wattage of 900W to run the essential devices 
  2. A 0.6-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 8 hours at an applied 50% load. A smart eco-mode will extend the runtime when minimum loads are connected to the unit
  3. The engine operates at a noise level of 65 dBA. You can cut down the standard noise level to low decibel ratings using noise mufflers
  4. You can start the generator using a recoil system. To your surprise, the engine will ignite with a single pull
  5. This generator comes with an engine lubricant and oil funnel
  6. It is CARB compliant and comes with a warranty of three years 
  7. The low oil shutoff system will stop the engine operation when the oil level is low
  8. The power outlet like 120V 20A AC outlet comes with rubber caps for extra protection
  9. It is EPA approved and has met all the industrial standards 
  10. It is lightweight, compact, and is suitable for outdoor activities like camping

Specification of Ryobi 1000W inverter generator

Manufacturer Ryobi
Running watts and peak watts 900W and 1000W
Item dimensions in inches (LXWXH) 12X12X19.375
Engine displacement 53.5cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 0.6 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 8
Noise level 65 decibels
Warranty (residential use) three years

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Other similar watt generator Brand


Honda is one of the most sought-after brands in the field of power equipment. With experience over a half-century, Honda is still ahead of other top-notch models like Westinghouse, DuroMax, etc. Honda puts everything straight forward with simple operational methods. So, it is easy to operate and comes with user-friendly features. 

Honda EU1000i Vs Ryobi 1000W inverter generator

Yes! The main aim behind creating these generators is to provide sufficient power to those who need minimum power output. These two generators produce an average power of 1000W sufficient to keep the emergency devices active during a power outage. Each model is powered by a four-stroke, powerful engine. 

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Ryobi generators are more efficient than Honda generators. For example, a Ryobi generator allows only 450W power for eight hours. In contrast, Honda generators will draw the same power in about five hours. 

In Honda EU1000i, there is a pair of 125V outlets, whereas the Ryobi 1000W generator consists of a single 120V outlet. One of the major differences between the two generators is the noise level. Honda is silent compared to the Ryobi generator. A standard noise level of the Honda generator is about 42 decibels, but Ryobi’s engine operates at 68dBA at an applied 25% load. But, you can reduce the noise using noise mufflers. Therefore, both generators will not disturb your peace of mind. 

As Honda EU1000i and Ryobi 1000W generators are inverters, they are lightweight. So, it is easy to carry using the in-built handlebar. Price is the ultimate deciding factor. The Ryobi 1000W inverter generator costs around $470, whereas Honda EU1000i is costly, exceeding $850. 

Comparison table: Ryobi Vs Honda

Manufacturer Ryobi Honda
Running watts and peak watts 900W and 1000W 900W and 1000W
Engine displacement 54cc 49.4cc
Engine type 4 OHV 4 OHV
Tank capacity 0.6 gallons 0.6 gallons
Dimensions 12X12X19.375 17.7x9.4x15
Item weight in pounds 35 28.7
Noise level in decibels 68 decibels 42-50dBA


Apart from entry-level models, Ryobi also provides generators that offer plenty of power. Try out the Ryobi 6500W generator for keeping whole house devices active at times of power outage. In short, this generator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Ryobi 6500W gas-powered generator


The Ryobi 6500W generator provides starting wattage of 8125W and a running wattage of 6500W.  The output power is sufficient to run all whole-house appliances and to power tools at job sites. It comes with robust steel construction to withstand the rough coastal climate.

It is bulky and weighs about 205 pounds. But you can move the generator with ease using the attached wheels and handlebars.

A power 420cc engine delivers stellar performance and is covered by a cast iron sleeve. A 6-gallon gas tank provides a continuous power supply for about 10 hours at a rated half load condition. In addition, the smart eco-mode will control the engine speed based on the loads connected to the unit.

The Ryobi 6500W generator comes in an open frame and produces a noise level of 72 decibels. You can minimize the noise level by installing noise mufflers. Very importantly, you can access everything from the control panel. It consists of an engine ON/OFF switch, eco-mode, circuit breaker, and power outlets. Plus, the digital display screen will fetch information about the voltage, frequency, and hours of operation. The power outlets like one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet and four 120V 20A GFCI outlets are sufficient to run multiple devices at a time.

The Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR) provides stable voltage without any fluctuations. So, you can protect the electronic appliances from damage. The circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply during overloading conditions. Apart from this, the low oil shutoff system will bring the engine to a halt when the oil level is low. However, this generator is CARB compliant, and EPA approved.


Specification of Ryobi 6500W generator 

Manufacturer Ryobi
Running watts and peak watts 6500W and 8125W
Item dimensions in inches 35x29x24.5
Engine displacement 420cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 6 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 10
Item weight in pounds 205
Warranty (residential use) three years

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Final words

The Ryobi 1000W inverter generator is a perfect choice that meets your basic expectations. However, there are many entry-level models from Honda, Yamaha, Ryobi available at a reasonable price. The highlight of this generator is its versatile performance. Apart from this, you also try other Ryobi generators to enjoy everything at cheap rates. You can place your orders at ecommerce sites.

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