Pulsar 5250 Generator – Overall Review

Today, there are several brand generators available on the market. What brand generator do you use? I want to recommend you use one of the best generators called Pulsar. Do you eager to know about pulsar generators? If yes! You are in the right place. We are here to explain to you the best pulsar portable generator. Pulsar 5250 generator is the fastest-growing model of pulsar since it is compatible with easy transportation. Moreover, it is a dual fuel generator, and it lets you operate the generator on any option. This can be a perfect option for your home, job sites, recreational, tailgating, camping, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Portable Generator

When it comes to the generator, there are many things to be considered for the best options. Since pulsar itself has several options, you'll need to compare from one another before selecting it. Here are some lists of important factors.


The first and foremost thing to be considered is features, which makes the pulsar worldwide popular. When it comes to the features, it includes design, power ranges, low noise production, control panel, etc. Here we will discuss one by one.


Design is the highlighting factor of the pulsar generator. It looks simple but includes all essential controls. It lets you run the generator effortlessly. You don't have to search for controls on various sides since it includes a single spot. Pulsar generator is available in black and white color. If you don't like the dark colors of generators, then this can be a perfect choice. Most pulsar generators have never-flat tires and folding handles for easy transportations. With this feature, you can transfer this anywhere, even in the hard terrain.

Power Range 

This should be another consideration since it fulfills your power needs. The pulsar generators are available in various power ranges, which let you choose the one that is suitable for you. Therefore, you need to finalize the power needs before buying the generator. One of the best and middle power range generators is the pulsar 5250W dual fuel portable generator. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This can be used for residentials, job sites, recreational, tailgating, etc. It generates 5250W peak power and 4250W rated power on gasoline and 4750W peak power, and 3850W rated power on propane. It is sufficient enough to run several major appliances in your home, including refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, and more.

Noise Level

It is another crucial factor you need to pay attention to while choosing the pulsar generator. If you are inconvenient to huge noise, we suggest you go with a low noise generator. Most portable generators are quieter generators since they are made with quiet inverter technology. You don't have to worry about noise levels when buying a portable generator. However, the noise level of the generator would vary from one another generator. You can buy the generator that is suitable for you! When it comes to the Pulsar 5250 generator, it noises around 78dB, which is a normal conversation of a few people. So, you can prefer the generator without any hesitations.

Dual Fuel Technology 

Dual fuel technology is another important factor when it comes to portable generators. The dual-fuel option lets you run the generator on gasoline and propane. Another advantage is you can able to switch between the fuels while running. If you live in an area where fuels are in demand, it is better to go with a dual fuel portable generator to have fuel easily in any area. The best thing about propane is it can be stored for a longer period, whereas gasoline lasts only for a short period. Hence, propane is the best option for the places where natural disorders occur often.

Highlights Of Pulsar 5250-watt Generator

The Pulsar 5250 generator holds a lot of benefits. Here we've listed some of the best aspects of the pulsar dual fuel generator 5250.

Easy To Transport 

The first and foremost aspect of the Pulsar 5250-watt generator is it is easy to transport anywhere since it features never-flat tires and folding handles. Plus, it is compact design and lightweight, making the user feel light while transporting the unit. You can take this anywhere along, making it a great option for outdoor events like camping, tailgating, job sites, and more.

Lower Noise Level

Another highlighting feature of the pulsar 5250 watts generator is its noise level. Most probably, everyone looks for a generator with a low noise level. But most generators, even portable, are noisy, so it is very important to consider their noise level. However, you don't have to worry about the Pulsar generator since they are made with inverter technology. They are capable of generating power and running devices at lower noise. The Pulsar dual fuel portable generator is no exception. This unit is eco-friendly since it doesn't make a huge noise and pollute the environment. We are sure that this model of pulsar generator will never disappoint you.

Produces Clean Power

The power generated by the generators is very crucial when choosing the generator. If you make any wrong decision, it cost your devices. Therefore, you should be mindful when selecting a portable generator. Some generators are on the market don't produce reliable power, which means they may harm your electrical devices. When it comes to the pulsar generators, it generates stable and constant power, which is safe for the electrical power tools. As a result, these generators pamper your devices while making them run. Hence, selecting the pulsar 5250 dual fuel generator is a good option.

Safety Features

Safety is of the utmost importance for the generators. But you don't have to worry about them if you select Pulsar generators since they have many protective features, including low oil indicator, low oil shutoff, overcurrent protection, and many. The pulsar 5250 peak watt dual-fuel gasoline and propane generator comes with the above-mentioned features. The low oil indicator indicates when it reaches low oil. However, if you forgot to add fuel, you don't have to worry as it automatically shut down the engine with its low oil shut-off feature. The overload protection, on the other hand, automatically serves the engine based on the load. It doesn't let it run on a high load, so it will be maintained at an optimal level.


Price is almost crucial, and everyone considers it. But it's not the case in the pulsar dual fuel 5250-watt generator since it is more affordable than others on the market. Price is one of the best aspects of pulsar generators. Most generators of Pulsar are available at a low-price tag with all essential features. This is because customers who are aware of Pulsar and its features and price choose to buy Pulsar's various generators. Pulsar generators could be the best option for someone who is looking for low-price tag generators.

Warranty and Certifications

When talking about the warranty and certification, the Pulsar generators are satisfied all customer needs. They are EPA approved and CARB compliant II, which means it is environmentally friendly and can be used in 50 countries, including California. Usually, the warranty period determines the quality of the generator. Since you are investing huge money in the generator, going with a high warranty period generator is always wiser. The warranty helps you make any decisions strongly without any worries. In this case, the Pulsar PG5250B dual fuel generator comes with a warranty of two years, which means the company will take care of any problems that occur in the generator after purchase. Moreover, Pulsar provides the best customer service and support.


  • 4750 W peak 3850 W rated LPG
  • Switch and go allows you to switch from LPG to gas or gas to LPG while running
  • 212cc OHV engine
  • Two 120 V receptacles
  • One 30 Amp RV receptacle
  • One 120/240 V twist-lock receptacle
  • 3n1 digital meter
  • Noise level: 78 dB
  • 5250 W peak 4250 W rated gas
Features Values
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 Yr Consumer Limited
Peak watts 5250
Rated watts 4250
Start Type Recoil
Engine Pulsar
Engine Displacement 212
Run Time 12 hrs. @ 1/2 load
Noise Level (db) 78
Fuel Type Gasoline and Liquid Propane


According to the report, the Pulsar 5250 generator has a good customer review. So, you don't have any hesitation in buying the generator. Since this unit features a dual fuel option, you can switch over any option while running with its switch and go options. This is EPA approved and CARB compliant. Place your order now for the best deals.

Bestseller (lists)

Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch and Go Technology, PG5250B Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • 5,250W peak 4,250W rated (GAS)/ 4,750W peak 3,850W rated (LPG)
  • The powerful 224cc, 4-Stroke, OHV, Air Cooled Engine is protected by a durable Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Tank gives you up to 12 Hours of Continuous Operation at half load when running on gasoline
  • Switch & Go Technology allow for seamless transitioning between LPG and Gasoline fuel sources while still in operation
  • (2) 120V AC Outlets, (1) 30Amp RV Port, & (1) 120/240V ... Read More

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