Honda EU3000is Review & Buyers Guide

Honda is one of the most popular brands on the market, especially for its generators. They are great at both performance and quality. This is because we have reviewed one of its popular models of Honda EU3000is.

The Honda EU2200i is one of the customer's favorite, but it can power only a few appliances. So, Honda has launched the model with improved power output, which is Honda EU3000is.

This is one of the quiet models yet, making it ideal for various uses, including for camping, RVs, residential, job site, and more. It holds a reliable, solid power output in a compact design and is easy to start and operate.

It comes with a CARB-compliant, allowing you to use this anywhere. Are you looking for a stronger and larger inverter generator? Then, choosing the Honda EU3000is would be the best option.

Does it perform well? Is it worthier for its price? These are the common questions that may arise in your mind about the Honda EU3000is. Let's take a look at the Honda inverter EU3000is. We have gone into huge research to review this product. We hope this guide will help you to know about it.

About the Honda EU3000is

Honda is a well-known brand for delivering high-end performance and reliable power. It is also popular for its high-quality products, so the Honda EU3000is is not exceptional.

This can be a good option for sensitive devices like mobiles, laptops, television, etc. It is lightweight, versatile, and safe to use. This is one of the best budget inverter generators.

This has a parallel connection to connect with the same or other model Honda generators to double the power when you need it. Unlike older models of Honda, the EU3003is comes with an electrical starter to make the startup process easier. It is a more user-friendly and portable inverter generator.

This is packed with 3000 watts of starting power and 2800 watts of running power, which can run more electrical appliances in your home or RVs.

It is powered by a 196 cc Honda gx200 engine that runs on gasoline for up to 20 hours at a ¼ load and 7.1 hours at a rated load on a full fuel tank. Its fuel capacity is 3.4 gallons, which is bigger than its previous models. Its long-running time makes the generator one of the best options for an overnight generator. So that you no need to worry about the refueling process. Instead, you can enjoy your work or can have a peaceful sleep at night during the power outage.

Honda EU3000iS Key Features

It features a 12-volt 12 amps DC outlet, one 120 volts 30 amps locking outlet, and two 120 volts 20 amps outlets. This can be used for an RV air conditioner (up to 13500 BTU), microwave, refrigerator, computer, coffee maker, stove, etc. However, it can only run few appliances that are mentioned above at the same time. There is an overload alarm, so there is no need to worry about overloading.

In addition, there are some safety features such as low oil alert, circuit protector, output indicator, fuel valve, engine switch, and more for preventing the generator from getting damaged. You can find all these features on a control panel, which is very intuitive and comes with an electrical start, making the generator user-friendly.

This is an exceptionally quiet portable inverter generator than other Honda smaller inverter generators with less power. It noises only 50 decibels at a quarter load and 57 decibels at the rated load, which is similar to the sound of an average conversation.

The eco throttle, on the other hand, helps adjust the engine speed automatically when it detects overload, ensuring the safety of the engine. It also works as a noise-canceling casing.

It is a compact design but is a bit hard to carry due to its weighing 131 pounds. But you can attach a wheel kit to the generator, which have to buy separately, making the portability easier.

It is relatively easy when it comes to maintenance, including oil changing, switching air filters, and changing of battery.

The Honda EU3000iS is versatile and fuel-efficient, delivers the best running time with its average fuel tank capacity. It can run most of the electrical appliances in your home with one fuel tank, including lights, air conditioners, and more.

At the same time, it doesn't make a huge noise, making it one of the best inverter generators across the world, which is less than any of its competitor models.

Electric Start

As discussed, the Honda EU3000iS is packed with an electrical start and features a recoil starter as well for backup. Some require a remote starter to install the generator.

Relatively Quiet

The Honda EU3000iS is relatively quiet and comes under one of the super quiet generators on the market. With its 58dB noise, you cannot even find whether it is running, making it ideal for camping. So, this could be the best option if you are looking for a quiet generator with all the following features.

Reliable Power Source

One of the interesting facts about the model is it is capable of multiple appliances simultaneously. It is reliable power output full enough to operate some essential appliances like laptops, television, lights, air conditioner, etc during a power outage.

Fuel Efficiency

The Honda EU3000iS features an Eco-Throttle to help you avail of its improved fuel efficiency. It holds 3.4 gallons fuel capacity, which delivers continuous power output for up to 7-20 hours, depending on the load.

In other words, the Honda EU3000iS can be used day and night without stopping. So, there is no need to worry about a power break at night. It is a CARB-compliant inverter generator, which makes it use anywhere freely.

Inverter Technology

The Honda EU3000iS is designed with advanced inverter technology, making you have clean and constant power every time it is used. The interesting fact about inverter technology is how it sources such reliable and steady power. It makes the generator one of the best options for sensitive devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, television, etc.

Parallel Inverter Generator

As discussed, it can be compatible with the same model. It comes with a parallel cable; you can use it when your need more power than 3000 watts to operate many devices. You can have a totally double power of 6000watts, which is probably complete enough to run multiple appliances with high wattages simultaneously.

However, you cannot connect this with other different models from Honda, only possible with another EU3000iS. Keep in mind that before buying it.

Easy Maintenance

One of the great features of this model is it holds up well. According to the customers' review, the Honda EU3000iS is working like new for more than five years, requiring only basic maintenance and periodical oil changes.

In addition, the engine in the generator itself does general maintenance by allowing the user to run the generator dry of fuel.

12V – 12.0A DC Output Power

It also comes with a 12-volt DC outlet, 125-volt household outlets, and 30-amp locking plug. It also allows you to charge automotive batteries easily, thanks to its DC output. This also can pump out 12V.

One of the drawbacks is it doesn't include USB outlets. However, it isn't a big problem if you have household outlets or a power strip to charge electrical devices.

3 Year Warranty

This is another amazing aspect. It comes with both a residential and commercial warranty. So, your generator can be protected for three years.

It is a bit more expensive than its competitors with the same features, so you'll pay a slightly huge amount from your pocket. However, its simple GX200 Honda engine justifies the price. So, it would be better if they offer a premium warranty of 5 years.

Safety Features

The Honda EU3000iS takes the safety features seriously. Even the design itself couldn't handle this; the model can protect itself automatically. There are some safety features to protect the generator from various damages.

One of such features is alert light to indicate you when running on overload to minimize the load and prevent the engine damage for longer.

The engine shut off, on the other hand, can shut down the generator when running on low fuel. Also, it features a low oil indicator light to indicate reaches low oil level. If you run the engine without considering it, it will turn off the engine automatically. It meets all USDA standards, meant to safe and environmentally friendly. You can use this generator for an RV, camping, or adventure trips.


  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • Ideal for camping, RV, residential, and job site
  • Powerful, reliable, and durable


  • Excludes remote starter and USB cable
  • Slightly heavier than its competitor models


The Honda EU3000is is a reliable inverter generator that comes with more power. It delivers an excellent power output for longer without stopping. Thus, going with Honda EU3000is is a wise decision.

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