Predator 2000W super-quiet inverter generator


Inverter generators have their own advantages compared to standard generators. Apart from being quiet, these generators are safe and compact for improved portability. Very importantly, you can connect two similar models to double the output power.

If you are a wanderlust or RV enthusiast, then you must definitely come across this product in your lifetime. These inverter generators play a vital role in charging all the emergency devices like mobile phones, laptops, rechargeable lamps, etc. Basically, inverter generators are powered by inverter technology that ensures whether clean power is produced to run delicate electronics like laptops, TV or mobile phones.

Harbor Freight is the manufacturer of Predator generators. With over 40 years of experience, they have carved a niche in the field of power tools. They aimed at producing excellent generators at an affordable price. The Predator series is the best-known innovation so far. From the name, you can guess the output wattage. For example, the Predator 4000W inverter generator can deliver output power wattage of 4000W.

In this article, we will give a brief description of the most sought-after Predator generator. Yes! Predator 2000W inverter generator is an entry-level model that comes with a complete package of features that you expect from a generator. Many of them might not know about these generators. Most of the people eye towards the top-end models like Honda, Westinghouse, and Champion. But, Predator has equal space in the market for its excellence in performance, reliability, and durability. In simple words, it is an underrated gem in the generator field. A predator generator offers you all the essential features at half the price of expensive models.


Predator 2000W inverter generator- Product Overview

At a glance, you will be impressed with its lightweight and compact nature. Thus, it paves the way for easy portability, and it occupies less space in a compact apartment. Compared to other conventional models, Predator is still ahead with many user-friendly features. Although it has a small fuel tank, its runtime is enough to power emergency electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. In addition, there are multiple outlets to connect multiple devices. Therefore, you can charge all the delicate devices in parallel.

Highlights of Predator 2000W inverter generator


The powerful 79.9cc engine can deliver a starting watt of 2000W and a running watt of 1600W. The inverter technology employed in this generator will produce clean and stable energy that is safe for running sensitive electronic devices. A standard generator will build up Carbon monoxide around the unit and keep the generator room messy. But, this generator is eco-friendly and delivers efficient performance. Since these generators are parallel compatible, you can hook up two similar generators to double the output power. Thus, you will never run out of power during emergency situations.


Design and safety features

This generator has a durable design that can withstand bad weather conditions. The durable enclosure will protect the internal parts from any damages. Without fuel, it weighs only about 47 pounds. On the front side, the control panel is made of quality material to prevent any deterioration due to bad climate. At the top of the generator, there is a sticker with instructions about starting the generator. Aside, you will see a fuel gauge and a fuel cap.

The handlebar and the fuel cap are made of hard plastic. Under the fuel cap, there is a filter that traps the fuel debris. It is very easy to access the internal working just by removing a few screws.


Tank capacity and Run time

A compact fuel tank can offer a runtime of about 6 hours at 50% of the applied load. There are circuit breakers to prevent the overloading of the engine. The control panels consist of power outlets, an ON/OFF button, two 120V AC outlets, a 12V DC outlet, and a rest button.

Noise level and portability

Most of the generators are super-quiet during the working operation. In fact, the noise level can certainly disturb the people who seek pin drop silence inside the house. To your surprise, the Predator 2000W inverter generator will operate at a noise level of 65 decibels. So, it will not disturb a casual conversation between two individuals.

One of the highlight features of the Predator 2000W inverter generator is its portability. It is absolutely space-saving with standard dimensions of 22.6x12.6x18.5 inches. Since it is lightweight, it is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, etc. This generator perfectly fits in any hamper for its compact size.


Maintenance, warranty, and Certification

This Predator generator is easy to maintain and requires low maintenance costs. The safety features like an automatic shut-off system will bring the generator to a halt after utilizing the fuel remaining in the carburetor. In addition, the low oil alert system will indicate low oil levels. Thus, the generator will never run out of oil. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of two years.

Very importantly, it is CARB compliant, and EPA approved. Therefore, this generator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Easy to use

Predator 2000W generator has 4.5 ratings out of 5. Many customer reviews say that this generator is user-friendly and comes with simple operational methods. Since all the outlets are available on the control panel, you can control the generator from a single spot. With many safety features, you can proceed with your daily work with inner peace. These generators can be connected in parallel with another similar model to gain additional power. So, you can manage if the power cut extends for a longer time.


 Specifications of Predator 2000W super-quiet inverter generator

Brand Harbor Freight
Item weight 47 pounds
Engine 79.7cc
Running watts & Peak watts 1600 watts and 2000 watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 6
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 22.6x12.61x18.5
Noise level 65 decibels
Fuel Type gasoline
Engine type 4 stroke
Warranty 2



Predator 2000W inverter generator is a wise investment. The working process is very simple; even a beginner feels comfortable. The noise level is very less thereby giving peace of mind. You can place your order at an e-commerce site and battle against power cuts with the Predator 200W inverter generator.

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