Best portable solar generator

For home and traveling. 

Portable generators are a great way to carry power backup for your traveling and can be used for your apartments during blackouts too. And want to know the latest sensation in the portable generator industry? It's the portable solar generators that are more efficient and environmentally friendly than gas generators. They are becoming more affordable day by day and they are quite useful around the house and serve good as travel companions too. Solar generators usually capture energy from solar panels and transform them into electrical energy ready for use. Some of the portable solar generators can be charged via wall outlets and carports too. 

And as we have learned about portable solar generators, next comes the question ‘What is the best portable solar generator for me?” This is based on your power supply needs and the budget you are willing to spend on your generator. If you are a traveling person and have high-power electrical appliances at your home that need to be used during an emergency, then you have to go for generators that have high wattage. And then there are also generator features you should look into. Some generators have the latest features like LED screens and multiple USB ports. But if you need a simple one with less wattage, you can explore those options too. In this article, we have included portable solar generators that are efficient and liked by a lot of customers and have high ratings too. 

Best portable solar generator:

  1. BALDR Portable Power Station 330W
  2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240
  3. 200W Portable Power Station, FlashFish 40800mAh Solar Generator 

1. BALDR Portable Power Station 330W 

Brand Product dimension Product weight Wattage
BALDR 11.6 x 8.27 x 7.68 inches 7.1 Pounds 330 watts

A Baldr portable power station can work well on your camping, picnic, and trekking. You can take them anywhere outside and you don't have to worry about the power supply anymore. It has 330wattage power that can charge your phones, laptop, tablet, and CPAP machines multiple times. It does not come with a solar panel so you have to purchase one separately. Any solar panel with 100W will be compatible with this generator. You can also charge them with a wall socket charger and a 12V socket at the car. 

It has multiple output ports like one Ac power socket, three quick charge USBs, one C type, one vehicle port, and two DC ports. This generator is equipped with BMS (battery management system) which improves your battery utilization and improves your generator’s battery life. It protects your battery from short circuits, overload, and high voltages, etc. There are no toxic gas fumes and they are completely environmentally friendly to use. 

Why we like BALDR Portable Power Station 330W:

  1. It is compact and easy to carry.
  2. This generator is very affordable. 

Bestseller (lists)

BALDR Portable Power Station 330W, Portable Solar Generators for home use, Emergency Lithium Battery with QC3.0 & Type C, 110V AC Outlet for Outdoor RV Camping Travel Electronics

  • ⚡【 -】: BALDR power station has 1 * AC outlet; 3 * QC 3.0 USB; 1 * type C; 1 * Cigarette lighter; 2 * DC ports; 1 * wireless charging, . Can satisfy home emergency/travel/camping, Charging for phones, tablet computers, GPS, laptop, walki... Read More

2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Brand Product dimension Product weight Wattage
Jackery 5.19 x 9.05 x 7.67 inches 3.1 Kilograms 200 watts

Jackery portable generator is equipped with multiple outlets, namely 1 Ac outlet, 2 USB A outlets, and 1 DC carport, which you can use for mobile charging, light, mini cooler fan, etc. It is 240 watt with 1608 Ah. This is a lithium-ion battery pack that is content for outdoor charging and trips. It has a solid handle and lightweight, making it a perfect companion during your camping and trekking. It can power your mobiles, laptops, and camping light on the go and makes your trip even more fun and secure. 

This portable generator has a built-in MTTP controller, which efficiently recharges with the right solar panel. We recommend using Solar Saga 60W for efficient results. You have to buy them separately as they do not come with the generator. There are few shortcomings like they cannot support an ice shaver, blender, and electric grill. But given the price tag, you couldn't ask for anything more, and it works effectively on charging your personal belongings.

Why we love Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240:

  1. Best portable generator for camping and trekking. 
  2. It has a 12V carport and two USB outlets.

Bestseller (lists)

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery, 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Not Included) for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency Garden & Outdoor

  • 【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】The Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station has been featured as the "Best Portable Power Station for use in the outdoors" by Digital Trends. A classic choice for your pick.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY】This entry-level portable power station is equipped with a 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack, weighing only at 6.6 pounds. The solid handle makes it easy to carry around for outdoor adventures such as Tent Camping, Road Trip, Backyard Camping, etc.
  • �... Read More

3. 200W Portable Power Station, FlashFish 40800mAh Solar Generator 

Brand Product dimension Product weight Wattage
FF FLASHFISH 15.43 x 10.55 x 7.13 inches 5.5 pounds 200 watts

FF Flashfish 40800 mAH portable power station has multiple charging outlets that let you enjoy power on the go. It has 110 Ac output, two DC outputs, two quick-charge USB ports, and one 2.4A USB port. It can charge your laptop, smartphones, tablets, drone, and in-car appliances. You should note that you can't set and use the power station at the same time. The design is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal traveling companion.

It weighs less than 6 pounds, so it is easy to carry around. The LCD shows you the generator status as the remaining charge. The LCD is so bright, and you can see the status even in a no-light campaign. It has a triple rechargeable mode which means you can charge them through a 15-24 volt solar panel, car charger, and AC wall adapter. It would help if you got a solar panel separately for outdoor charging. 

Why we love 200W Portable Power Station, FlashFish 40800mAh:

  1. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. 
  2. This generator has triple rechargeable modes. 

Bestseller (lists)

200W Portable Power Station, FlashFish 40800mAh Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet/2 DC Ports/3 USB Ports, Backup Battery Pack Power Supply for CPAP Outdoor Advanture Load Trip Camping Emergency. Garden & Outdoor

  • Multiple Charging Outputs Provide More Options: Features with AC/ DC/ USB OUTPUTS: 110 AC output (200W), 2 DC output, 2 QC 3.0 quick charge USB port and 1 USB ports (2.4A auto). Power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more at anytime.KINDLY NOTE THAT THE POWER STATION CAN NOT BE CHARGE AND USE AT THE SAME TIME.
  • High Performance And Handy Power Source: 151Wh (40800mAh) compact station is powerful enough to meet different k... Read More


Hope ur article has helped you in selecting the best portable solar generator for your needs. You can also check our best portable generator article to see more products that might be useful for you. Because portable solar generators are the trend in power backup and they help in emergencies. They are the best investment with long-term benefits. 

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