Honda 6500W generator

 Are you in a dilemma about choosing the best generator? Generators are lifesavers during power cuts. If you live in a disaster-prone area, it is always a wise decision to buy a generator in advance. Here comes Honda to deliver a stellar performance that surpasses your expectations.

Honda never fails to satisfy in terms of reliability, durability and warranty. Average power of 3000W is enough to keep the essential activities active during power cuts. But an extra is always best. In this article, we will have a look at Honda 6500W generator. This 6500W output is sufficient to run whole house appliances. In addition, you can utilize the additional power to run heavy ampere appliances. Honda will offer the same output wattage with different series. For example, the EU series represents super-quiet generators.

On the other hand, the Honda EM series features an electric start, clean power generation, extended runtime and a wheel kit. Are you curious to know more about different Honda series? Keep reading without skipping a line. 

The Honda- Company Overview

Honda generators are the most common generator in any government or private sector. During power cuts, people are the main sufferers. There is a huge demand for power to keep the essential devices active. At that time, you need a generator that produces plenty of power. Honda has high customer ratings and has sustained the same for years. 

These generators put everything straightforward. So, you don’t need any special training to operate the generator. During the installation, you can look into the user manual with photo illustrations for a better understating. 

Table of contents

  1. Honda EM6500SX generator
  2. Honda EB6500W generator

Honda EM6500SX generator - An Overview

 Honda EM6500SX generator delivers a starting watt of 7000W for about 10sec to start heavy ampere appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators etc. You will get an average runtime of 9.8hours at an applied 50% load. You can start the generator using an electric starter. The highlight of this generator is, you can monitor the generator’s working using the Honda My Generator app. In addition, there is a CO-MINDER to detect CO levels in the air and turn off the engine when the CO level goes high.

During a blackout day, it is essential to provide stable power for the essential appliances. Honda EM and EB series come with an exclusive iVAR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) that boosts engine performance and power output. The iVAR technology will reduce the 50% of voltage spikes and provide stable power. So, the appliances will run without any damages. In addition, an iVAR engine provides extra starting power for 10 sec to start heavy ampere appliances. 

A 6.2-gallon fuel tank offers impressive runtime to keep the essential devices active. This generator has GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) outlets. The main purpose of GFCI is to detect the power supply and shut off the system if the returning current takes an alternative path. So, GFCI outlets eliminate electrocution. 

This Honda generator features a powerful iGX engine for automated operation. This engine consists of a digital CDI ignition system to give better ignition timing. In addition, there is an integrated electronic unit (ECU) to share information about engine ignition with the Self Tuning Regulator (STR). Furthermore, there is an electronic governor to boost the output power by reducing the governor droop.

Highlights of Honda EM6500SX generator

  1. A 389cc engine offers a starting watt of 7000W and a running watt of 6500W 
  2. This generator is powered by an iGX390 engine to control the engine RPM 
  3. With iGX engines, you will get high starting power with minimum fuel consumption
  4. A 6.2-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 9.8hoursat an applied half load condition
  5. You can start the generator either by using an electric starter or a manual recoil system. 
  6. It is easy to move the generator anywhere using attached wheels and handlebars
  7. The noise level is about 64dBA at an applied 50% load
  8. It comes with a warranty of three years
  9. The unit comes with the accessories like a hanger kit, transfer switch and Storage Cover
  10. There is a pair of duplex GPCI protection outlets. Therefore, there is zero risk for electrocution
  11. You can read the fuel levels using a fuel gauge
  12. The CO-MINDER sensor will detect the CO levels and stop the engine when the CO levels exceed the limit

Specifications of Honda EM6500SX generator

Manufacturer  Honda
Running and Peak watts 6500W and 7000W
Item dimensions in inches 41.4 x 27.8 x 28.3
Engine displacement 389cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) 9.8hours  
Tank capacity 6.2gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% applied load 66
Item weight in pounds 231.7
Warranty in years 3


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Honda EB6500W generator

 What are the benefits of using the Honda EB series?

Honda EB series is exclusively designed for using in construction sites. These generators are certified with OSHA compliance and have outlets with GFCI protection. So, there is no chance for electrocution. Very importantly, it features a Cycloconverter technology to produce clean power without any voltage spikes. 

Like the EM series, Honda EB will provide an extra starting power for the first 10s to start the heavy load appliances. When it comes to the exterior, these generators have robust construction and will come for long years. The CO-MINDER will sense the CO levels and stop the engine operation when the CO level exceeds the limit. The iGX series engine is faster, quieter and delivers the required power. These generators have an extended warranty. 

Honda EB6500 Generator - Product Overview

If you are looking for a construction-based generator? Honda EB6500 generator is a good choice. You can utilize this plenty of power to run tools like wall cutters, drilling machines etc. 

The iVAR technology equipped with this generator will produce clean energy without any fluctuations. So, the output power is stable and is safe for running sensitive devices. Plus, an additional power supply for about 10s will start large equipment without any delay. A major highlight of this generator is CO-MINDER. This CO (Carbon monoxide) sensor will detect the CO level and stop the engine operation if the CO level goes high. 

This generator uses an iGX engine to deliver stellar performance. Unlike traditional generators, this generator’s engine will utilize the fuel efficiently but delivers the expected power output. In addition, this engine series is faster and quieter. There is a voltage selector to select between 120V and 240V. 

Apart from this, there are basic safety features low oil shutoff system, fuel gauge etc. The low oil shutoff system will stop the engine operation when the low level is low. On the other hand, the fuel gauge reads the fuel levels. So, you can store fuel in advance. 

Highlights of Honda EB6500W generator 

  1. This generator is exclusively for industrial purposes. It comes with a durable design to withstand bad weather conditions
  2. Fuel tank with 6.2gallon capacity offers a runtime of about 9.8hours at an applied half load condition. Since this runtime exceeds your sleeping time, you can enjoy a good sleep
  3. A 389cc iGX engine delivers a continuous watt of 6500W and a peak watt of 7000W
  4. The iVAR technology in this generator manages to provide clean power without any fluctuations. So, it is safe to run sensitive devices without causing any damages
  5. The starting mechanism comes with two options. You can either use an electric starter or a manual recoil system. 
  6. The CO-MINER will sense the CO levels and stop the engine when the CO level goes high
  7. You can switch between 120V and 240V using a voltage regulator
  8. It is OSHA compliant and eco-friendly 
  9. It comes with a warranty of three years
  10. The standard noise level of this generator is about 64dBA. Furthermore, you can reduce the noise level by installing noise mufflers
  11. A fuel gauge gives the fuel ratings. In addition, the low oil shutoff system will stop the engine when the oil level is low 

Specifications of Honda EB6500W generator

Manufacturer Honda
Output wattage 6500W
Item dimensions in inches 41.4X27.8X30.4
Engine displacement 389cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) 9.8hours  
Tank capacity 6.2gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 64
Item weight in pounds 215
Warranty in years 3


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Final words

To summarize, Honda EB and EM series are wise choices since it comes with impressive features. With iVAR technology, Honda guarantees clen power without any voltage spikes. In addition, these generators are powered by an iGX series engine to deliver outstanding performance. Obviously, Honda cares for its loyal customers. These generators come with basic safety features like CO-MINDER to stop the engine when the CO level goes high. Apart from this, you can utilize the extra power to start large equipment. Anyway, 6500W power is sufficient to run all your favorite appliances during emergencies. In short, Honda generators are user-friendly and eco-friendly. An extended runtime will not ruin your sleep, and eco-mode will utilize the fuel efficiently. Plus, the maintenance is easy. For best offers, approach ecommerce sites. 

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