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Generac is one of the most trustable generator brands that came into existence in 1959. Their generators are quite common in many countries. With each model, Generac models come with advanced features and impressive features. The frontline generators from Generac are the portable generators that have helped a lot to manage a power outage. These generators have top ratings in terms of durability, warranty and performance. In this article, we will look into the most sought-after portable generator. Yes, your guess is right. Let us quickly jump into the information library about the Generac gp6500 portable generator.


Why do we prefer Generac Portable generators?

It is very important to know about the specifications and features of the generator that you are dependent on during a blackout day. On the other hand, you must be very clear whether the features are really helpful for you. Generac generators come with simpler operational methods. So, it is easy to operate the generator without any technical assistance. Let us look into the benefits in detail.

 Easy to port 

Portability is the key benefit of using Generac generators. Some generator brands demand a separate wheel kit for their generators. In that case, you must pay extra from your pocket. But in Generac generators, a pair of never-flat tires and durable handlebars ensure maneuverability. So, you can port the generator anywhere with ease.

 Easy to use

The power panel is the single point where all the important switches and power outlets are available. So, it is easy to access everything from the control panel. Very importantly, all the power outlets come with proper labels for easy identification. So, it will be more convenient to work on the generator.


Generac puts customer safety as their priority. Undoubtedly, all the Generac generators come with basic safety features like low oil shut off system to check whether the engine is running with sufficient oil. If not, this system will automatically stop the engine when the oil level is low. All the outlets come with rubber caps to prevent any damage to the internal circuit. In addition, the circuit breaker will protect the whole unit by disconnecting the power supply during overloading conditions.


Generac gp6500 portable generator- An overview 

Generally, Generators are kept in open space to prevent CO (Carbon monoxide) built-up around the generator. Generac gp6500 features a CO sensor that stops the engine operation when the CO level goes high. So, you can protect the environment from harmful CO emissions. In addition, the power rush technology provides an extra 40% starting power to starting appliances that demand more peak watts.

Generac's powerful air-cooled OHV engine comes with splash lubrication. So, you get an extended engine lifespan. Very importantly, there is an hour meter to track the voltage, frequency and hours of operation. Therefore, it is easy to monitor the generator's internal working and schedule proper maintenance.

When it comes to construction, the steel-made fuel tank is equipped with a fuel gauge. So, you can read the fuel levels and refill the tank before it empties. Plus, you can extend the runtime by switching the generator to a smart eco-mode.

A low oil shutoff system will stop the engine operation when the oil level is low. Hence, you can prevent the whole unit from overheating. All the power outlets have rubber cap protection to prevent any damages due to bad weather conditions. This generator comes with a pair of heavy-duty wheels and foldable handlebars for easy transportation.

 Highlights of Generac gp6500 portable generator

  1. An air-cooled 389cc OHV engine delivers a running watt of 6500W and a starting watt of 8125W
  2. It features a CO sensor to detect the CO levels in the air. This sensor will stop the engine operation when the CO level is high. Thus, this generator is eco-friendly
  3. This generator is incorporated with PowerRush technology to deliver 40% more peak watts
  4. You can track the internal workings of the generator using an hour meter
  5. Generac gp6500 generator is easy to start with a manual recoil system
  6. An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) will provide stable voltage. So, you can run the devices without causing any damage
  7. The low oil shut-off system will stop the engine operation when low oil level.
  8. A steel made fuel tank offers a runtime of about 16.5 hours at an applied 25% load. On the other hand, the runtime is about 11.5 hours at rated half load condition.
  9. This unit comes with a 20ft generator cord, oil funnel, engine oil, wheel kit and a user guide
  10. It is simple to assemble. You can refer to the user manual for a better understanding
  11. It comes with a warranty of three years
  12. It is easy to transport this bulky generator using attached wheels and handlebars

 Specification of Generac gp6500 portable generator

Manufacturer Generac
Running watts and peak watts 6500W and 8125W
Item dimensions in inches (LXWXH) 27.2X27X26.5
Engine displacement 389cc
Engine type OHV
Tank capacity 7.9 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 16.5
Noise level at 20 feet away (idle conditions) 76 decibels
Warranty (residential use) three years

A detailed review of Generac gp6500W generator

The Generac GP6500 generator is known for its versatile performance. You can do a lot with an output wattage of 6500W. Unlike other traditional generators, this generator comes with a CO sensor to protect the unit from excessive CO built-up.

 Power Output

Generac GP6500 is equipped with a powerful 389cc OHV engine. It can deliver a continuous wattage of 6500W and a peak wattage of 8125W. Very importantly, this generator comes with a PowerRush Advanced Technology to boost the peak wattage by 40%.

The biggest question that arises in your mind is the necessity of additional power. With an output power of 6500W, you can run all the essential devices like TV, refrigerator, lights and fans. Plus, you can make use of the leftover power for powering heavy amperage appliances like air conditioners. But if you plan to run whole house appliances, you will run out of power. At that time, you can utilize this extra starting power of 8125W

 Runtime and tank capacity 

Although the tank capacity remains the same, there are ups and downs in the runtime. Runtime decreases with an increase in connected loads. You might wonder why that happens. Yes, runtime truly depends on the applied loads. At an applied 25% load, the runtime is about 16.5 hours. But, the runtime decreases up to 5 hours (11.5) at 50% applied loads.

Very importantly, this generator comes with a smart eco-mode. You can utilize the fuel efficiently, thereby extending the runtime.

 Noise ratings 

So far, there is no standard test for estimating the noise level. Till date, the noise level is calculated based on the load connected to the unit. At 3feet, the noise level is about 90 decibels at idle conditions. With an increase in distance, the noise level is up to 76 decibels at no load.

In fact, the noise level increases with an increase in applied loads. At 50% applied load, the noise level is about 81 decibels at 20ft. In a similar way, the noise level is about 89 decibels at full load conditions. Although it is an open frame generator, you can install noise mufflers to reduce noise.

 Power panel and connections

On the side of the generator, you can see a control panel. It consists of an ON/OFF switch, circuit breaker, hour meter and a CO sensor. The power outlets like 2x120V 20A 5-20R GFCI duplex outlets and one 120/240V 30A Twist lock are sufficient to connect multiple devices simultaneously. In addition, these outlets come with rubber caps to protect the outlets from freezing during the winter season.

There is an hour meter to track the important parameters like voltage, frequency and hours of operation. So, you can monitor the generator's working mechanism and schedule proper maintenance. There is a fuel gauge to indicate the fuel levels. Therefore, you can read out the fuel levels and store the fuel in advance. Apart from this, a low oil shutoff system stops the engine operation when the oil level is low. So, you can protect the engine from overheating.


This generator comes with a separate wheel kit. So, you can attach the 9 ½-inch heavy-duty wheels and foldable handlebars for easy transportations. These durable wheels will not deteriorate when dragged on rugged surfaces.


With many advanced features, this generator's price is around $799. It is quite reasonably priced because it features a CO sensor. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of three years. In short, it is a bang for your buck.


Final words 

Generac gp6500 generator can be the lifesaver during emergencies. A full tank offers incredible runtime. So, you can manage without power for more than two days. Plus, the PowerRush technology will provide additional starting watts to run electrical appliances. The highlight of this generator is the CO sensor. So, this generator is eco-friendly and user-friendly.


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  • Hour Meter / Low-oil level shutdown / Covered, circuit breaker outlets for added protection
  • 7.2 gallons fuel tank provides up to 10 hours of run time at 50% load
  • Fold-down, locking handle provides compact storage while heavy-duty, never flat wheels offers reliable portability
  • Hardened 1 1/4" steel tube cradle for added strength and durability... Read More









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