Best Whole House Generators – Reviews & Buyers Guide

The whole house generators are powerful and the safest option to keep all your belongings active during a power outage. It is a hassle-free operation.

This might be the best option if you live in an area where power failures or natural disorders are common. The whole house generators are also known as standby generators.

Are you looking for the best dependable generator to run multiple appliances in your home? Then, going with the home standby generators is a perfect and worthier investment.

One interesting fact is that they are running on natural fuel, which is the more reliable fuel source. Apart from, some generators can run on gasoline, diesel, etc.

However, there are a lot of brands that come with whole house generators, so choosing the best one among them can be a challenging task. We are here to help you with the top best whole house generators on the market today. We've made this list based on customer ratings, expert reviews, and a comparison of their specifications.

1. Generac 7043 Guardian Series

Generac 7043 Guardian Series is one of the most popular and high-rated whole house generators across the world. It is achieved this popularity for its greater performance and good reason.

The Generac whole house generators are powerful, durable, and more reliable. It comes with five years warranty and 24/7 customer service.

The highlighting factor of the model is it can run on both liquid propane and natural gas. It delivers impressive power of 22,000 running watts on liquid propane and 19500 watts on natural gas.

This is sufficient enough to run all electrical appliances in your home at once. There is a multilingual LCD display to help you monitor the generator's status, such as oil level, power output, next maintenance schedule, etc.

Surprisingly! All these mentioned above details can monitor from anywhere by installing a simple Mobile Link Remote Monitory System app on your mobile. Hence, you can prevent your generator system and connected electrical appliances from getting damaged from various issues.

This is a sturdy and straightforward design, powered by a G-Force engine. It features RhinoCoat powder-coated finish to withstand any weather condition. So, this could be a perfect option where natural disorders are common to grab the power during power failure.

Luckily! There is an automatic self-test for self-start. The generator can start the engine and power your appliances within 10 seconds, right after the power cut. So, there is no need for manual operation. You can enjoy your work without stepping out anywhere.

Overall, the Generac 7043 whole house generators are more powerful and reliable generators that can last for a long. It is good value for money. You can go with this option if you are looking for a generator with high power outputs.

Features Value
Power Output 22,000 (LP) / 19,500 (NG)
Fuel Type Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG)
Rated Voltage 240 Volts
Transfer Switch NEMA 3 indoor/outdoor rated
Harmonic Distortion Less than 5%
Noise Level 67 dB
Warranty 5 years limited


  • Can run on both fuel types, including liquid propane and natural gas
  • Incredible power output
  • Mobile link remote monitoring system for easy monitorization
  • THD is low
  • Runs on two types of fuel
  • Can withstand any weather conditions with its enclosed aluminum
  • Simple and elegant design
  • LCD for monitoring generator status
  • User friendly
  • Quiet self-test mode


  • There is no battery
  • Warranty doesn't include spare parts

Bestseller (lists)

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator 22kW/19.5kW Air Cooled with Whole House 200 Amp Transfer Switch, Aluminum Garden & Outdoor

  • True power technology delivers best-in class power quality (less than 5% thd) for Smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances
  • Includes a 200 amp NEMA 3 (indoor/ outdoor rated) whole house Smart transfer switch
  • Generac evolution controller features LED indicators for generator status, utility power presence or maintenance required
  • Tough, durable all-weather aluminum enclosure offers 3 removable sides for easy access for installation, service and mainten... Read More

2. Champion Power Equipment 100294 14KW – Fuel Efficient

Another pick is Power Equipment 100294 14KW by Champion. This is one of the best options for fuel consumption.

Are you looking for a whole house generator with fuel-efficient? Then, the Champion Power Equipment 100294 14KW would be the best option.

Why do customers prefer this generator? It must be because of its powerful watts. It uses 14000 powers as running watts on liquid propane and 12500 watts on natural gas.

Its fuel consumption would be 2 .6 gallons per hour at a rated load and 1.6 gallons per hour at ½ load. Most generator users would prefer standby generators for their fuel type. You can operate the generator on liquid propane or natural gas either.

If you go with natural gas, you can cut out the need for refueling. And natural gas (NG) is also more affordable compared to liquid propane (LP). There is a need to stock it like liquid propane. But the LP delivers a high rate of running power and hours than natural gas.

Hence, you can choose the option based on your convenience and preference. This can be ideal for small or medium-sized homes.

What's more, this can monitor the loading status closely. When it reaches a limited or high load, you'll get a notification. If you are forgetful or haven't responded to the alert, it automatically turns off the engine or stops the power supply to the non-essential circuits. However, it runs vital appliances continuously. By doing so, it protects the generator from damages.

Another cool feature is it is resistant to a range of temperatures. This can run between -22° F – 104° temperature, making it ideal for areas with extreme temperatures.

Features Value
Power Output 14,000 (LP) / 12,500 (NG)
Fuel Type Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG)
Rated Voltage 120/240 Volts
Transfer Switch Ats200
Harmonic Distortion Less than 5%
Noise Level 63.5 dB
Warranty 10 years limited


  • No need for a warming kit
  • Delivers reliable start
  • Impressive warrant period
  • Fuel efficient
  • Low THD
  • Includes mounting pad
  • Enclosure with gull-wing style for easy operation


  • Some have experienced automatic start issue

Bestseller (lists)

Champion Power Equipment 100294 Home Standby Generator Garden & Outdoor

  • Whole house 24/7 power - the Ats200 whole house transfer switch with demand control Provides seamless, managed power to your entire home during an outage
  • Quietest-in-class - thanks to advanced sound dampening and a specially designed low-tone muffler, This generator operates at a residential-friendly 63 dba noise level
  • Reliable - 24-volt starting system operates in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22 Degree F and 104 Degree F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the genera... Read More

3. Kohler 20RESCL w. Commercial Grade Engine

Kohler is one of the trusted brands that has been on the market for years. It is popular for whole house generators and portable inverter generators. So, the Kohler 20RESCL is on this list.

It is powered by a commercial-grade engine, which withstands any harsh weather conditions as this is specifically designed for long operation hours.

The generator can run for days without stopping, making it ideal for areas where power issue is frequent. It is one of the dependable whole house generators.

The highlighting fact about the generator is it can automatically supply power within seconds to the electrical appliances. So, if you have this model in your workstation, you won't lose any data. It provides clean and stable power with less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion, making it a perfect option for sensitive devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

This is entirely safe for all electrical devices. It is a simple design with a corrosion-proof casing that can run for longer. This is designed with a polymer base, so you don't have to use a concrete pad as a base while installing the generator.

Like the Generac models, it allows you to monitor generator-related things online with its online monitoring system. It also sends alerts or notification texts when the maintenance date is on close.

Overall, the Kohler 20RESCL standby generators are high capacity and energy-efficient. It is an excellent option for commercial use. It is one of the best options for large homes.

Features Value
Power Output 20,000 (LP) / 18,000 (NG)
Fuel Type Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG)
Rated Voltage 120/240 Volts
Transfer Switch RXT
Harmonic Distortion Less than 5%
Noise Level 69 dB
Warranty 5 years limited


  • Ideal for long operation
  • Response within seconds
  • Automatically supplies power to electrical appliances
  • Comes with an online monitoring system
  • Corrosion-proof


  • Subpar customer service

Bestseller (lists)

Kohler 20RESCL-100LC16 Air-Cooled Standby Generator with 100 Amp Transfer Switch Single Phase, 20,000-Watt Garden & Outdoor

  • 20,000-watt air-cooled generator automatically starts up when the power goes out
  • Includes 100 amp 16-circuit automatic transfer switch
  • Fast response--power to your home in 10 seconds; premium power quality; quiet operation
  • 100% corrosion-proof enclosure offers protection from even the harshest seaside conditions
  • Measures 48 by 26.2 by 29 inches; 5-year/2000-hour limited warranty, Battery type needed - Group 51
  • Warranty Coverage- Five (5) years f... Read More

 Things to Remember while Buying a Whole House Generator 

1. Power Output

This is the first and forest factor you need to consider before choosing the generator since each one has various power outputs. What electrical devices do you want to operate during a power failure? How much power is required for this?

Based on the factor, you have to choose the generator. For large and mid-sized homes, go with high power output models and average levels for small to medium-sized homes.

2. Fuel Type

Of course! The fuel type of the generator is also essential. Usually, the whole house generators have included both fuel types of liquid propane and natural gas, but some only run either. This is why it is essential to pay attention to their fuel type before buying it.

3. Noise and Fumes

How would the noise and fumes level be? This should be another consideration if you are concerned about it. Mostly, the whole house generators noise would be higher than inverter or portable generators, but not too much level.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the whole house generators or home standby generators are a worthier investment if you live in an area with frequent power failures. They are more reliable and durable can withstand any weather conditions. Its power can last several days right after a power outage. This is also an affordable and safer option.

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