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Are you looking for a generator for long-term use but at an affordable price? Generally, people think that generators are expensive and it demands a lot of investment. To your surprise, some generator manufacturers gives high-quality generators at a low cost. One such generator that remains close to the customer's heart is WEN generators.

There is a wide range of Wen generators that vary based on the features like output wattage, price, fuel type, warranty, etc. The real challenge is to find out which Wen generator is suitable for your house or workplace. Is it really confusing to choose the best Wen generator? Actually, comparing two different brand generators is easy. Selecting the best WEN generator model requires a lot of groundwork and deep research. Don't worry, we have saved your time and made your job easy.

In this article, we have included the top 6 Wen generators available in the market. You will get an idea about the features and specifications of each generator model.

Moreover, you will be ending up in ordering of the best Wen generator on e-commerce sites. In addition to this, you can also learn about the factors to consider while purchasing the generators.

Table of contents

  1. Wen 56200i 2000-WATT Inverter Generator
  2. WEN 56380i 3800W inverter Generator
  3. WEN DF475T portable generator
  4. WEN 56352 portable generator
  5. WEN DF110T dual fuel generator
  6. WEN 56180 1800W portable generator



1.Wen 56200i 2000W Inverter Generator



 If you live in a congested area and search for a quiet generator, WEN 56200i is your answer. The powerful engine delivers the required power to run all the essential appliances without creating noise. It can operate at a noise level below 55 decibels. This generator has met the standard of EPA (Environmental protection Agency) and CARB compliant. So, you can run this generator at job sites.

The 79.7cc OHV engine delivers a maximum output power of 2000 watts and a running watts of 1600 watts. In addition to this, the 1-gallon capacity fuel tank gives a run time of 6 hours at an applied load of 50%. The notable feature of this generator is the eco-mode. You can conserve the fuel by switching the generator to eco-mode.  Your engine will slow down automatically based on the loads plugged into the generator.

Since  Wen 56200i 2000W generator is parallel compatible, you can connect two similar generator models to double the output power. For attaining this, you need a parallel connection kit.  The engine generates clean sine waves with distortion of less than 1.2%THD. So, you can power sensitive electronics like mobile phones, PCs, etc. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is the current and voltage distortion rate occurring in the signal generated.

The control panels consist of power outlets, eco-mode switches, power switches, etc. So, you can access any switch from one spot. Coming to the power outlets, the panel has two 120V AC outlets, one 5V USB port, and a 12V 8.3A DC outlet. These power outlets are enough to run all your household appliances. Additionally, you have indicators to detect low oil, fuel levels, overload, and output power. For example, the overload indicator will alert you when the engine is overloaded. So, you can take necessary precautions to avoid overheating of the motor.


Brand Wen
48 48 pounds
Engine 79.7cc
Running watts & Peak watts 1600 watts and 2000 watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 6
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 18x11x18
Tank volume 1 Gallons
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Warranty in years 2

 Highlights of Wen 56200i 2000W Inverter Generator


  1. The eco- throttle mode controls the engine's RPM speed depending on the applied loads. So, you can minimize the fuel consumption, thereby avoiding frequent refueling
  2. The 56200i generator model is extremely lightweight and easy to transport to any place. It comes with a warranty period of 2-years
  3. The automatic features like a low oil shutoff system and overloading indicator will protect the generator from malfunction
  4. Using a parallel kit, you can connect two Wen 56200i generators for extra power
  5. All the switches, indicators, and outlets is easy to access from a single spot


2. WEN 56380i 3800W inverter Generator

The WEN 56380i model is one of the WEN generators that is available at an affordable price. Generally, a power cut makes a place very quiet. Even your normal conversation pierces through your neighbor's ears. The same way, this generator is very quiet in its operation and delivers a maximum output wattage of 3800 watts and running watts of 3400 watts.

The safety features of the generator gives a peace of mind to the users. For example, the engine will automatically come to a halt after utilizing the carburetor's fuel, thereby increasing the engine's durability. In a similar way, the spark arrestor will prevent the spark expelled during the internal combustion.

The 212cc engine is very powerful and delivers a stellar performance. Plus, a 2.2 Gallon capacity fuel tank can supply the power continuously for 8.5hours at half load. Very significantly, you can conserve fuel with an eco-throttle mechanism. Along with this, the inverter technology generates clean and stable power that is necessary for running delicate electronics.

Although it weighs about 99.2 pounds, you can drag the generator with the help of an attached wheel and handlebars. These generators are parallel compatible so that you can connect two similar generators to get additional power.

The electric start button and an LCD to monitor the generator status make your work easy. The control panel consists of multiple outlets that are enough to plug the essential electrical devices.

Brand Wen
48 99.2 pounds
Engine 212
Running watts & Peak watts 3400 watts and 3800 watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 8.5
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 23.2x18x20.1
Tank volume 2.2Gallons
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Warranty in years 2

Highlights of  WEN 56380i 3800W inverter Generator


  1. You can easily transport the generator with wheels and handlebars
  2. The engine so quiet in operation but delivers enough power to run all the essential appliances
  3. The automatic features like spark arrester, automatic oil shutoff system will ensure the safety of the engine
  4. The fuel shut off mechanism will prevent the engine malfunction, thereby lowers the maintenance cost
  5. The generator must undergo a maintenance service periodically to increase the engine's lifespan


3. WEN DF475T portable generator


 Since the WEN DF475T portable generator has dual fuel options, it has high ratings compared to the other WEN generator models. You can switch between propane and gasoline based on the fuel availability. The 224cc engine gives an output power of 4750W on gasoline and 4350W with propane filled fuel tank. The power output varies based on the type of fuel used. A transfer switch allows the user to switch between the fuels without shutting off the engine.

A 4-gallon gas fuel tank provides a runtime of 11 hours at a rated 50% load, but you will get 7-hours of runtime with propane. Notably, the control panel consists of two 120V GFCI AC outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and a 120/240V AC twist-lock outlet. Along with this, an electric start button and the circuit breaker is also available on the power panel.

The Automatic Voltage Regulator will maintain a constant voltage, thereby safeguarding the motor from overloading. Moreover, the generator weighs heavy and is supported with durable wheels and handlebars for easy transportation.

Brand Wen
Item weight 105.8pounds
Engine 224cc
Peak watts with propane and gasoline Running watts with propane and gasoline 4750 watts and 3800 watts respectively 4350 watts and 3500 watts respectively
Run time in hours at 50% load 11(gasoline) 7(propane)
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 23.5x17.5x18.5
Tank volume  4 Gallons
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Warranty in years 2

Highlights of WEN DF475T portable generator


  1. The generator runs quietly at a noise level of 68 decibels which is acceptable.
  2. WEN DF475T is CARB compliant, and EPA approved
  3. Although the generator weighs about 105.8 pounds, it is easy to port with supported wheels and handlebars
  4. There is a wide range of safety features that protect the generator from hazards. For example, the circuit breakers will protect the overloading of the generator
  5. You can switch between propane and gasoline without stopping the engine. Therefore, the operator can save time by avoiding a restart
  6. The voltage level remains constant with the help of an AVR. Plus, you can monitor the voltage, frequency, and hours of operation using a digital meter of the generator

4.WEN 56352 portable  generator

 If you are looking for a budget-friendly generator, WEN 56352 is the perfect one for you. This workhorse generator can produce enough power to run most of the devices. The control panel consists of a light indicator. If it turns green, you must assume that sufficient mechanical energy is sent to the generator to produce electricity. One drawback of this generator is, there is no voltmeter. So, you can't get the exact voltage ratings. In such cases, you can buy a wattage meter separately to monitor the parameters.

The 212cc engine can deliver a peak watts of 3500W and a running watts of 3000W. At 5% of applied load, a 4-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of 11 hours. It is very important to use fresh gasoline and avoid mixing the gas and the oil. Filter the debris from the fuel to increase fuel efficiency. In addition to this, the fuel gauge notifies you about the fuel levels so you can fix the schedule for refueling.


Brand Wen
Item weight 103pounds
Engine 212cc
Running watts & Peak watts 3000watts and 3500watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 11
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 23x17x17
Tank volume  4Gallons
Engine Type 4Stroke
Warranty in years 2

Highlights of WEN 56352 portable generator


  1. The generator is a bit louder compared to other WEN models, but it won't disturb the normal conversation between two people
  2. The low oil shutdown ensures generator safety by shutting down automatically when a low oil level is detected
  3. This generator weight about 103 pounds but the durable wheels and the foldable handlebars helps in easy portability
  4. The power light indicates the status of the receptacles. If the light blinks, the generator is on

5. WEN DF110T dual fuel generator

 With the WEN DF110T dual fuel generator, you can produce power either from propane or gasoline. Selecting the fuel is ultimately a user-choice. You can fill the fuel tank either with propane or gasoline and start the generator with an electric push-button. The engine can provide a starting watt of 11000W and running watts of 8300W using gasoline as fuel. On the other hand, you can attain a starting watt of 9500W and running watts of 7500W with propane.

Although the power production depends on the fuel type, it is enough to run large equipment like refrigerators, sump pumps, etc. A 47-inch long LPG hose is used for connecting the propane tanks. In addition to this, a 6.6gallon capacity fuel tank offers a run time of 8.5 hours.

Since it is certified by the EPA, you can use this generator to run the power tools at the construction sites.


Brand Wen
Item weight 214pounds
Engine 457cc
Running watts & Peak watts(gasoline) Running watts & Peak watts(propane) 8300 watts and 11000 watts respectively 7500 watts and 9500 watts respectively
Run time in hours at 50% load (gasoline) Run time in hours at 50% load (propane) 8.5 11
Tank volume  6.6Gallons
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Warranty in years 2

Highlights of WEN DF110T dual fuel generator


  1. You can switch between propane and gasoline based on fuel availability. After a natural disaster, there will be a hike in gasoline fuel. In such conditions, you can prefer propane to run the generator
  2. The control panel consists of an electrical push-button, multi-meter, fuel switch, etc. The available power outlets are enough to run multiple electrical devices
  3. You can move the generator anywhere with wheels and handlebars


6. WEN 56180 1800W portable generator






Wen products are usually preferred for rough sites because of their durable construction. The WEN 56180 generator is capable of producing a starting watts of 1800W and a running watts of 1500W. The 98cc engine is very powerful and can deliver high performance. A perfect air cooling system provides ventilation throughout the system, thereby preventing the motor from overheating. Importantly, the highlight of this generator is its compact size and lightweight. Although the generator weighs just 50 pounds, handlebars are provided at the side of the generator for easy portability.

The engine is perfectly fixed beneath the structure. Therefore, the generator's vibration is maintained at a minimum level so that the engine operation is very quiet. Plus, a noise muffler is used to reduce the noise level at a rate of 65 decibels.

The fuel tank capacity is about 1.45gallons, so that it can provide a sufficient run time for about 7.5 hours at 50% of the applied load. Very importantly, the engine can shut off automatically when low oil levels are detected with an automatic oil shutoff mechanism. Therefore, the engine is protected from damage. In a similar way, the spark arrestor will prevent the spark from getting outside during internal combustion.

The power panel is placed at the side of the generator for easy accessibility. The plenty of power outlets available on the control panel is enough to run the essential electrical appliances. The generator comes with a 2-year warranty.

Brand Wen
Item weight 50 pounds
Engine 98cc
Running watts & Peak watts 1500 watts and 1800 watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 50% load 7.5
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 19.9x15.9x17.1
Tank volume  1.45 Gallons
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Warranty in years 2

Highlights of WEN 56180 1800W portable generator


  1. WEN 56180 generator is CARB compliant and approved by EPA.
  2. The engine is lightweight but made of durable material. So, it is preferred for construction sites
  3. Since the generator is equipped with a spark arrestor, it is very safe to use in forest areas
  4. A solid runtime of 7.5 hours is enough to run all the electrical appliances without any fluctuations
  5. The compact size of the engine occupies less space, and the handlebars helps for easy transportation

Buying guide

Output power

Firstly, you must calculate the number of electrical appliances you need to run during a blackout day. Then, calculate the starting and running watts of each device. The total watts obtained is the required watts from a generator. For example, if the total required starting watts is 8600W and the running watts is 5200W, then you must look for a generator that can supply the demanded watts. 

Fuel type

WEN generators have single and dual fuel options. If your place is often affected by bad weather conditions, you can use a dual fuel generator because it is challenging to get gasoline. At that time, you can utilize the stored propane to run the generator. Moreover, gas has a short shelf life, so it must be utilized within ten months after buying. On the other hand, propane comes with extra two years of shelf life compared to gasoline, and the exhaust is very clean. 

Runtime and Fuel tank

A generator's runtime is directly proportional to the fuel tank size, and the load applied. If you want an extended period of runtime, you can go for generators with large fuel tanks. Prefer using an inverter generator since it gives a long-run period and increased fuel efficiency despite its compact size. 

However, you can get high runtime at 50% of the applied load. 

Control panel

When new WEN models are introduced, the control panels also get upgraded. Check out whether the available power outlets are enough to power on all your electrical appliances. You can get 120V, 240V, and 12V DC power outlets. The number of outlets differs from model to model. You can buy a generator with a control panel having the features you expect.

Safety features  

Since you will keep the generator a few meters away from the workstation, it is essential to look out for safety features. It shouldn't cause damage to humans or the environment. For example, the spark arrestor will prevent the escaping sparks during internal combustion. So, we can avoid the risk of fire accidents.

Eco-throttle mechanism

Fuel conservation is very important since we face fuel scarcity. An eco-throttle mechanism will control the engine speed based on the applied loads. This helps in low fuel consumption. In simple words, the generator will produce only the required output based on the loads plugged into the generator.


According to the features and facilities implemented in the generators, the price may vary. So, you must check whether the features of the generator are beneficial before buying the generator. If you need only basic features like low oil shutoff, fuel gauge, and digital meter, you can get a WEN generator at an affordable price. In contrast, if you need premium specifications, you must get an expensive one. 

Noise level

Usually, WEN generators are quiet in operation. But, conventional generators are a bit louder. If you are about to buy a conventional WEN generator, you must install noise mufflers additionally to minimize noise or keep the generator within an enclosure. 

Warranty and Certification

The WEN generator comes with a 2-year warranty. Before purchasing the generator, check whether it is CARB compliant and EPA approved. Moreover, WEN offers excellent customer service available 24/7 to attend your calls regarding generator queries. 


To summarize, if budget is your significant concern, then WEN generators are the one you must try. These generators have simple features that are necessary for running appliances. This is the reason behind its low cost. There is no use in investing too much in generators that have complicated features. WEN generators are trustworthy in terms of quality and performance. All the parts are firmly welded, thereby recommended for long-term use. Mostly, WEN generators have wheels and handlebars for easy portability. If you want very much quiet operation from the generator, you can purchase noise muffler separately from e-commerce sites.

Finally, it is entirely the buyer's choice to decide the type of generator model they want to place in the house or workstation. 

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