WEN 3500 Generator – Review

Are you here for more information about WEN generators? Then, this is the page for you! On this page, we've reviewed the most top-rated WEN 3500-watt portable generator. This can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is simple and has an elegant design of orange-black or yellow-black color combination, which distinguishes this unit from other portable generators.

The WEN comes with efficient power outputs, which are sufficient enough to most of all the basic electrical appliances in your home. Not just that, it can also be a perfect option for camping, RVs, job sites, etc.

It comes in handy with its attached wheel and folding handles. Another exciting factor is its open frame model, making it one of the lightweight, portable generators across the world. Even if you don't have a wheel kit from the retailer, you can purchase it separately.

This is EPA and CARB compliant so that you can use it anywhere. It is designed with high-quality power tools, which ensures the longevity of the unit.

The WEN 3500 portable generator is one of the models sought by many people due to the brand's trustworthiness and good customer support and service. All the generators by WEN have been designed to fulfill the customer's basic needs and requirements.

And they never failed to impress us with their latest technologies in generators. We have reviewed this generator after going through detailed research, so please take a look at this article for more information.

Features Of the WEN 56352 Generator Review

WEN Engine Wattage

The Engine wattage is one of the important factors for the generator. In this case, the WEN 56352 3500W holds an amazing power output. It comes with the impressive power of 3000 running watts and 3500 starting watts, making it ideal for home, camping, RVs, and more. This is capable of running multiple electrical appliances at once. This is a powerful and energy-efficient WEN 3500 portable generator. If you are looking for a generator to run basic appliances with great portability? Then, this could be the best choice. For instance, if you run a 2000 watts refrigerator to cover the surge, left-over watts can be operated by a few lights and television.

WEN Control Panel

The WEN 3500 generator comes with three AC electrical outlets, including one 120/240V 30A turn-lock outlet for bigger machines and two 120V 20A 3-prong repositories for hardware/standard apparatuses.

Besides AC, it can also power DC current, which controls small battery fuelled devices or charging small hardware. However, it doesn't include a voltmeter.

You can find the power pointer light on the control panel to help you know about the generator's various statuses, including oil level, overload status, etc. When it sparkles green, you can have the required electrical energy for running appliances.

Noise Level

The noise level of the generator is also a significant factor. Most of all prefer a quieter generator. In that case, the WEN 3500 generator makes a noise at67 decibels at the half, which is equal to a conversation of a few people. However, it noises at 74 decibels at full load. So, if you are concerned about the noise level, you can go with this unit. In order to reduce the noise level, try to avoid overloading.


Portability is another aspect of the WEN 3500 generator liked by many customers. Its open and straightforward frame removes its actual weight, making it lightweight and portability easier. The two flip-up handles, on the other side, are decent than some portability units as they only have one handle.

There is a wheel pack and devices, which helps you move around the generator anywhere. It weighs around 100 pounds. And dimensions are 24.4 inches by 17.7 inches by 18.5 inches ((L x W x H). This can be a perfect option for job sites to move on rough terrain. Not just that, it is also suitable for residential, camping, and much more.

7HP Engine

The WEN 3500 portable generator is powered by a rugged 212cc OHV engine that delivers a maximum of 3500 surge watts and 3000 running watts. This is a super-efficient and powerful unit, capable of running multiple appliances simultaneously, making the generator one of the most popular on the market. This can be an excellent option for both residential and commercial use.

4 Gallon Gas Tank – 11 hrs @ 1/2 load

The WEN 3500-watt generator is a portable gas-powered generator that can be operated by natural gas. It comes with a 4-gallon fuel tank capacity, which can run for up to 11 hours at half load without stopping.

There is no need for oil mix requirements for the gas, and its oil is managed by the fill at the crankcase. You can find the starting temperature of the generator, which will affect oil consumption if it goes above 40 degrees, so it is essential to check this factor often.

As discussed, it delivers an excellent running time, which is enough to keep all your essential electrical devices up and to run. According to the customer reviews, you can run more than 15 hours overnight on very light duty. It noises at 67dB half load and 74dB at rated load, making it quieter than expected.


The Wen3500 is a portable generator and is designed to be a low-cost maintenance power unit. It features cast-iron cylinder sleeves and sturdy steel bearings to protect it from unexpected damage during operation.

The sturdy design ensures that you don't run into unexpected damage at any cost! The built-in low oil warning system is one of the notable features as it protects the engine from damage. There is a low oil shutoff, switching the engine to halt when detecting low oil levels. By doing so, it saves a lot of money from spending on engine repairs. It also increases the longevity of the engine.

The safety features like voltmeter and voltage regulators ensure the engine runs within the set limits. It reduces the normal wear of engine parts and keeps the machine's maintenance costs at the bare minimum.

Typical Uses and Needs

This WEN 3500 is a portable generator and can be a perfect option for general emergencies. You can able to keep most basic electrical appliances active by adjusting the power and load. This can be ideal for Jobsite, where can only be a few more tools at half to three-quarter loads.


There is a recoil rope (pull rope) to start the generator however it doesn't include an electric start. Here are the steps for starting the WEN 3000/3500W generator.

The important thing is you need to connect all the electrical appliances only after you started. So, make sure you disconnected all devices.

  • Ensure the generator is properly grounded
  • Check fluid levels and turn the fuel valve on
  • Move choke lever to closed
  • Set engine switch to on position (pushed in)
  • Pull recoil starter
  • As the engine starts and begins warm-up, slowly slide the choke lever back to open.
  • Allow generator to run for several minutes before adding devices

Shut Down

  • Turn off all electric devices and unplug them
  • switch off fuel cock off (let the engine run dry if going to storage)
  • Turn engine switch to off position (extended)

Additional Features

  • This unit is basic and doesn't have any fancy features, but it has some good features.
  • The hour meter is nice for monitoring your usage and maintenance.
  • The voltage regulator maintains consistent voltage to the appliances. One user indicated that it might not be as stable as expected but within acceptable limits with a 6V voltage spike.
  • NEMA compliant 240V outlet
  • Fuel Gauge for easy checking of gas level
  • Wheel Kit (about a 10 to 15 minute assemble process)
  • Automatic low oil shutdown to protect the engine
  • It does include a couple of tools for the spark plug and a flathead screwdriver.


  • Double Voltage Capability 120/240V.
  • Low Oil Shutdown.
  • Advanced Run Time Meter.
  • DC capacity – cigarette lighter sort.
  • Wheel Kit included.
  • Simple site new parts.
  • Fuel channel.
  • Oil change.
  • 2 Year Warranty.


  • Not CARB Compliant.
  • No Voltage Meter.
  • DC is not for charging the auto battery.
  • Higher Decibel rating.
  • Oil excluded


The WEN is one of the top sellers on the market, and its Wen 3500-Watt Portable Generator is highly rated by the customers. It delivers 3500 for starting power and 3000 watts of continuous power. It will run multiple appliances at the same time.

This can be a good option for job sites and residential use as well. This is completely eco-friendly and doesn't make noise much like other portable generators. It is good value for the money.

This is considered one of the best backup or emergency generators. If you are looking for the best generator for a job site or your home to run the majority of basic electrical devices, then the WEN 3500 generator could be the right choice.

Bestseller (lists)

WEN 56352, 3000 Running Watts/3500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator Garden & Outdoor

  • Digital readout helps manage oil changes and maintenance schedule
  • Low-oil shutdown and overload protection
  • 11-hour runtime at half load
  • Includes wheel kit and foldable handles for easy transport
  • 212cc engine provides 3500 surge watts and 3000 rated watts. ... Read More

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