Patriot Solar Generator – Overall Review

In general, solar power generators are highly efficient to operate basic household appliances during a power outage. It is perfect for a backup power source, which keeps a lot of electronic devices active.

Do you live in an area where bad weather prevails? Then, the solar generators are more effective for a daily power backup. Are you struggle with a frequent power failure? Having the best generator is important.

Solar power generators are massive with decent power outputs, which can run multiple electrical appliances in parallel. Choosing the right generator can be a daunting task since there are a lot of models to choose from. Before buying the generator, make sure for what purpose you're going to buy as the generators are a lifetime investment. You cannot afford to change it frequently.

When it comes to the solar power generator, you can have high-end features, which runs on solar energy. So, you don't have to worry about the fuel. The Patriot solar generator is one of the best solar generators and is highly preferred by people.

This is why we've decided to review this generator. On this page, you can have more information about the solar generator. So, read the entire article to figure out the functional features of the Patriot solar generator.

About Patriot Solar Generator

The Patriot is aimed to keep the day normal during power outages with its efficient solar generators. This can be a power for various electrical appliances at the same time. With this, you can run multi appliances.

As discussed, solar generators don't need fuel for operation. The patriot generator can be charged through solar panels or AC outlets either. This generator takes only three hours on the AC outlet for a complete charge while it consumes nearly 10 hours on a solar panel.

So, you can choose the source according to your preference. It comes with 240-watt input, and its maximum output is 1800W, which is sufficient enough to run all the essential appliances in parallel.

It is lightweight and user friendly, easy to install and access. The advanced-engineered battery technology incorporated in this generator ensures performance and reliability.

The Patriot allows you to use a stable power of 768Wh with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. There are a number of power outlets to connect a number of electrical appliances in parallel. In that case, it has eight different power outlets, including a DC outlet, two AC outlets and four USB outlets. Its lifetime is stronger than other solar generators.

Patriot Power Generator Overview

Patriot is one of the leading and well-known brands for solar generators. In general, solar generators are far better than gas-powered or oil-powered generators since the emission is clean.

The Patriot solar generator has a lithium-iron-phosphate battery to deliver clean and stable power. It can deliver starting watt of 3048W and a running watt of 1800W.

This high-power output is sufficient enough to operate all the necessary electrical appliances during power intermediate power failure.

The Patriot solar generator comes with a solar panel kit, which helps you charge the battery wherever you want to. So, you don't have to depend on the electricity all time. In general, the solar generator batteries may discharge within six months, but the Patriot battery is an exception as it can hold the charge for a year. Thus, you can charge it once a year. In addition to this, this generator comes with 2500 life cycles. You can keep this generator active every single day for a solid seven years. However, it isn't quiet, but the generator performance justifies it. If you are looking for a solar power generator, going with Patriot solar generator would be the best choice.

Highlighting features of Patriot Power generator

Patriot Shelf Life & Battery Size

When it comes to the shelf life of the patriot power generator's battery, it has a decent shelf life of 6 to 12 months, which means you can use a patriot solar generator for up to 12 months. After six months, it starts to lose its power. However, it is slightly low when compared to other solar generators.

The battery capacity of the solar generator is crucial as it determines how efficient the generators are. A solar generator can be the best option for operating various electrical appliances during emergencies or power outages. The battery capacity also determines the price of the solar generator.

Obviously! The solar generator with a highly efficient battery is quite pricier than a low-level battery. The Patriot 1800 model's battery can store 28% more charge than the predecessor, making it run more appliances for longer.

For instance, it can run a refrigerator for about 4 to 7 hours. The durable lithium-iron-phosphate battery has an average watt-hour of 650Wh. One of the best aspects of the units is it is more affordable than its competitors. So, the patriot power generator is good value for the money.

Power Generator Lifecycles & Charging Rates

The battery of the patriot solar generator can last for about 2500 cycles, making it one of the best options for residential use. With seven years of warranty and no compromise in performance, it can be the best solar generator on the market right now.

Patriot Solar Panels

Solar panels are very important when it comes to solar generator. So the Patriot solar generators are not an exception. The more the solar panels, the more they efficient are. They help absorb the energy from the sunlight. In terms of Patriot solar panel, it produces an average power of 300Wh in a day. The power output varies according to the capacity they absorb energy from the sunlight. The Patriot solar panel delivers the power wattage of 100Wh, and the unit gets fully charged within 7 hours. Practically, this unit can produce an average power of 75Wh per day. It takes up to 10 hours for a complete charge.

Power Output

There are many power outlets in the Patriot solar generator, letting you operate multiple appliances at the same time during a power outage. By using the unit, you can keep a number of electrical appliances active. The more they have power outlets, the more devices can be operated. The number of power outlets decides how many devices can be connected in parallel. In such a case, the Patriot solar generator has two 120V wall outlet plugs. However, you can charge your essential electrical devices like laptops, mobile phones during the power shortage.

Charging Capability

When it comes to Patriot generators, they can charge quickly than other solar generators. This is the best thing making the generator one of the best-selling units on the market. There are a lot of customers prefer Patriot solar generator for both residential and commercial use. It also generates constant and stable power, ensuring the safety of the appliances. With this unit, you can charge various electrical devices like mobile phones laptops and more quickly.

Accessories included in the Patriots Solar Generator Kit

  • Generator unit
  • Sun Kettle Water Heater
  • HaloXT Flashlight
  • 72-Hour Survival Food Kit
  • USB Battery Kit
  • Patriot Power Cell
  • Solar Air Lantern
  • Solar Panel Extension Cord
  • Blackout-Survival Library
  • Shipping & Handling
  • 25-foot solar panel cable
  • 100-watt solar panel

Pros & Cons of The Patriot Power Generator

Patriot Power Generator Pros

  • Good Shelf Life
  • High Life Cycle Count
  • Large Inverter
  • High Output
  • Fast AC Charge Time

Patriot Power Generator Cons

  • Low Battery Capacity
  • Limited Output Options
  • No DC Input
  • Weight

Patriot Power Generator Specs

  • 1,800 watts continuous power, 3,048 peak power
  • Included MPPT charging technology
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • AC charge time: About 3 hours
  • Included 12-volt, 100w foldable solar panel
  • Dimension: 17" L x 7.5" W x 10.5" H
  • Solar panel: 42.5" L x 26.5" H
  • Solar charge time: Average 10 hours, depends on sunlight & location

Alternatives of Patriots Solar generators

EcoFlow Delta 1800

The EcoFlow Delta 1800 is one of the best alternatives to the Patriot Solar generator. One of the best things is its battery capacity, which is doubler than the Patriot Solar generator. The maximum solar power input of this unit is about 400W.

It comes with four 400W solar panels, PV extension capable, EMP bag, and low watt LED string lights. However, it is slightly difficult to port since it has solar panels with Delta Base Camp Kit. When it comes to the Patriot solar generators, you can have extra features and options for future use.

Another best thing about the unit is that you can charge the unit's battery within two hours through AC walls, whereas Patriot solar generator takes around three hours for a complete charge.

Specifications of Eco Flow Delta 1800

  • Battery capacity: 1300Wh
  • Shelf life before recharge: One year
  • Inverter surge: 3300W
  • Maximum solar power input (with single battery): 400W
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years


Patriot Solar Generators are the best options for running major electrical appliances without any cost during a power outage. They will impress you with their high-power output. Moreover, you don't have to spend your money on fuel costs. This is relatively quiet and can be a perfect option for people who lives in a congested area.

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