Kodiak solar generator

Kodiak solar generator is a portable generator to use in an RV or car camper. The highlight of these generators is, they don't emit any fumes. Since you will always be traveling, you definitely need an eco-friendly solar generator. Kodiak generators are lightweight and occupy very limited space in your vehicle.

Although it weighs only about 20 pounds, you will get sufficient power to run the essential electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones, cameras, etc. You can also double the output wattage using many other options. Connect Inergy solar panels with Kodiak generators for a quick recharge. On the other hand, you can either plug the Kodiak into a 110V power outlet or directly plug the generator into the 12V power outlet of the RV. With these many wide ranges of options, you will never go out of power in the middle of the way.

Why do we prefer the Kodiak Solar generator?

Though Kodiak remains the perfect solar generator for travel freaks, you cannot rely on that reason alone. You must also consider the basic options of the generator like Battery capability, power outlets, size, charging hours, durability, etc. A generator that perfectly balances between the price and the features is a wise choice. In that way, Inergy’s Kodiak solar generator is a good choice. It is people’s favorite since it delivers sufficient power to run your electronic appliances during the road trip.

Although the Kodiak generator is expensive, it holds a wide range of charging options. In case of emergencies, you have alternative ways to charge sensitive electronic appliances. You have three ways (solar panel, DC, and AC) to recharge the generator. In addition to this, there are 6 AC ports, 2 DC outlets, an RV plug, 4 USB outlets, and a long-lasting battery. You get an additional number of ports to connect extra batteries. Very importantly, the highest output of 1100W is more than enough to brighten your outdoor activities. With a weight of just 20 pounds, you can put the generator into the car chamber. In simple words, if you are looking for a solar generator that will not disappoint at any cost, then choose the Kodiak Solar generator.

Highlights of Kodiak Solar generator

  1. It features an AC inverter that can deliver a surge watt of 3000W and a running watt of 1500W.
  2. The internal battery offers an output power of 1100W, and the average lifespan of the battery is ten years.
  3. The battery will charge quickly and efficiently with the MPPT Charge Controller. Plus, you can also expand the battery for obtaining more power
  4. There is a three-position power switch that helps the user charge the electronic devices through a USB port, USB-C port, and 12V power outlets in the absence of the inverter. In addition to this, there are USB-C charging ports and USB Qualcomm 3.0 charging ports.
  5. The EC8 input plug is a user-friendly feature that avoids shorting and reverse polarity

Kodiak Solar generator- Product Overview

It is a versatile solar generator that offers the highest output of 1100W. Kodiak solar generators are the best companion for boaters, RV enthusiasts, van dwellers, etc. Since they are not dependent on fuel, you don't have to bother about fuel scarcity. In addition to this, the generator will not emit any fumes. Coming to the noise level, it doesn't contain any movable parts thereby produce minimum noise.

The generator comes with an AC charger, a strap for carrying the generator, and a user guide. You can refer to the user guide if you have any doubts related to the generator operation. The generator is highly portable and operates at a temperature of -15° F to 150° F. When you turn on the generator, the Blue LCD screen indicates watt-hours (Wh), wattage peaks (Wp), amperage peak (Ap), and Voltage minimum (Vm). The power consumption is displayed in amps, battery voltage in watts. With this data, you can figure out how efficiently the generator works.

What we like in Kodiak Solar generator

Output level

The Kodiak solar generator can generate an output of 1100W, which is incredible. The generated output is less when compared to other competitors like Goal Zero Yeti 1400. For its size, it has considerably good output wattage. With 1100W, you can charge all the emergency devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. Plus, you can also connect heavy load applications like cooking ovens, refrigerators, TV, etc.

This generator is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. During a blackout day, the Kodiak generator serves as a whole backup energy source. On the other hand, you can use this generator to plug in your valuable devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. However, you will never run out of power.

Batter type and performance 

Generally, most generators use lithium-acid batteries. Kodiak generators make use of lithium-ion batteries that have high durability. It can function efficiently for 2000 cycles and has an average shelf life of 20 years. The remarkable highlight is that the Kodiak generator tops the table with four times more battery cycles than its counterparts. It is the most reliable battery with a high battery capacity in the town. Kodiak solar generator delivers high performance without any frequency replacement of batteries.

 Power outlets and Inputs

As we mentioned earlier, Kodiak generators come with different charging options. Unlike many generators, it has three options for charging. You can recharge the generator using solar, DC, or AC. A low-current charging port is used for plugging the generator into a solar panel or AC wall outlet, and the input capacity is about 270W. On the other hand, there is a high-current charging port for connecting the generator to solar, wind, or car charging, and the input capacity is about 600W. So, you have multiple options to recharge the generator, and you can do that from the house, car, or at a camping site by using solar or wind energy.

If you are not satisfied with the output power, you can make use of external batteries to increase the runtime and output. Connect the external batteries to the input port available on the generator. You will have extra power even after charging all essential appliances. So, you can utilize the power for running large-sized appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, etc.

There is a wide range of output options in the Kodiak generator. Six AC output offers a running watt of 1000W and a starting watt of 3000W. So, this generated output is enough to meet the power demands of the essential electrical appliances. For emergency lighting, you get two Basecamp LED ports with a maximum output of 50W from each port. There are enough ports to charge emergency electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Size and Weight

The notable feature of this generator is its weight. Since it weighs about 20 pounds, these generators are highly portable. It is the only reason why travelers prefer Kodiak solar generators. The generator comes with a shoulder strap for carrying the generators like a musical instrument. This shows that Kodiak generators are extremely safe to handle and do not create any accidents while engaging in outdoor activities. With these generators, you can spend more time in your car or boat without fearing power shortage.

Specifications of Kodiak solar generator 

Battery capacity 1100Wh
Battery type Lithium NMC
Weight 20 pounds
Running watts & Peak watts of inverter 1500watts and 3000watts respectively  
Maximum solar power input (with single battery) 600W
Warranty 1 year

Limitations of Kodiak Solar generator

Inergy Kodiak solar generators are more expensive than other solar generators available in the market. In fact, customers prefer this generator for its high power output and versatile performance. Although there are many cheap solar generators, none is equivalent to Kodiak solar generators in terms of performance, battery capacity, and durability.

It doesn't contain a battery management system like the Zero Yeti generator. But, Kodiak generators are ahead of many expensive generators with their user-friendly features. Since you use Kodiak generators most outdoors, it is designed with utmost safety.

Points to remember

  1. Consider the battery capacity of the generators and check whether it satisfies the power requirements of your electronic devices
  2. Look for solar generators that can give additional power when more solar panels are connected to the generator
  3. Check out the number of input and output ports available to run multiple appliances in parallel. You must at least need two USB ports to charge emergency electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  4. Last but not least, one of the most important factors to consider is the “fast charging ability.” With this feature, you can spend more time in your favorite outdoor spot


Kodiak generator is a complete package of features that you expect from a solar generator. Inergy puts safety as the first priority. Kodiak generators are designed exclusively for outdoor activities like camping and fishing with high-end specifications. Solar generators do not require fuel and will operate at minimum noise. As a whole, they met all the required standards for a generator to operate in an open space. This means that it creates low noise and contributes much to the environment by providing zero emissions.

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