Durostar 10000-watt Generator – Overview 

Are you looking for the best high-power output generator? The Durostar DS10000EH is for you. It comes with high power of 10000 watts to run high ampere electrical appliances at once. This is generally a portable gas-powered generator, which guarantees a good runtime since dual fuel-powered generators are ideal for delivering great runtime. It lets you switch between gasoline and liquid propane based on your needs.

The Duromax generators are popular for their reliability and affordability and are marketed by Max Tools. It serves best as a home backup generator to operate multiple power tools at the same. Not just for home, but also job sites machineries as well. This is an excellent option for people who don’t want to get interrupted by a power outage. It helps keep your home warm during a power cut. It has a strong construction to withstand any weather condition, ensuring the unit’s durability.

The Durostar DS10000EH is specially designed for significant power needs. It comes with built-in wheels and strong handles, making transport easier. The generator comes in handy, which means you can move around it anywhere. Plus, the gasoline fuel is readily available and helps you set back your power during emergencies. The unit can deliver a continuous output of 8000 watts, making it ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. This is one of the high-power portable generators on the market, so that we’ve decided to review this generator. Let’s have a close at this model for more information.

Product Overview

Suppose you want to preserve the food in your refrigerator or freezer during a power failure, and it is possible with a generator. However, not all generators are capable of running refrigerators, but only a few can do it. In this case, choosing the high-power generator is vital, so we got you one of the most popular generators on the market, namely the Durostar 10000-watt hybrid dual fuel portable gas propane generator. This is pretty powerful and sufficient enough to run refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, and more power tools simultaneously. If need be, ultimately, having the Durostar 10000-watt portable generator into the house is crucial.

On this page, we will talk about many features, and one of the most important features is power output and generation.

Power Output and Generation

Do you remember? We’ve mentioned before the Durostar generators are powered by Max Tools, which means Duromax tools. The Durostar 10000-watt dual fuel portable gas propane generator is powered by a 419cc Duromax OHV air-cooled engine, which generates the starting power of 10000 watts and running power of 8000 watts to likely power your entire home equipment in times of power outages. All Durostar generators are EPA approved and CARB III complaint. The Dual fuel Durostar 10000-watt generator is no exception.

When it comes to the power outlets, it has multi connections, including 120V or 120V/240V configuration, and the receptacles are two 5-20R, a 14-50R (straight blade), and L5-30 (twist lock), and an L14-30R (twist lock), which helps operate many more electrical devices in parallel.

It uses two different power circuits, which supply both 1/2 of the L14-30R and the 5-20R outlets. Other powers are L14-30R and L5-30. Each circuit can draw power up to 32.5A for a total draw of 65A. In addition, it comes with a 12V DC 10 amp (120W) for charging batteries. These outlets are beneficial and efficient and come in handy during breakouts.

Control panel

Another essential feature is its control panel, and it lets access to all controls in a single spot. You’ve got AC circuit protection at the control panel to protect the entire unit from unwanted damages. It features an idle control that helps draw power from the unit and safer run the various electrical devices. It lowers the RPMs when not in use, thus conserving the fuel and reducing the noise level, making it ideal for job sites where power is used intermittently.

The circuit breaker, on the other hand, protects the engine from overloading. Make sure its switch is off when you start the engine since you don’t want to have an underload during startup.

You’ve got a convoltmeter that helps you track generating power output in your generator. You can find labels outside, which include EPC certified, and use outdoor tags for your reference. With its 30 pounds, you can move around the unit anywhere that you want for. Plus, the never-flat tires and folding handles make the portability easier. The 10000-watt portable gasoline generator by Durostar can be a perfect option for camping, outdoor events, job sites, residential and more.

The Engine and Runtime

The Durostar DS10000EH 10000-watt generator is powered by reliable 439cc 4 stroke air-cooled OHV with 16 horsepower engines. It is more powerful and can generate 10000 starting watts and 8000 running watts on gasoline and 9500 starting watts, and 7600 running watts on liquid propane. This can run more appliances simultaneously ranges from small to high ampere tools, including air conditioner, refrigerator, television, and more devices.

With its 8.2-gallon fuel capacity, it delivers a runtime of 10.4 hours and 8.6 hours at 50% load on gasoline and propane, respectively. It comes with recoil and an electric starter, letting you start the engine at your convenience. The electric starter is flexible and easy to use. You can start and run the machine with ease with the help of an electric starter. There is no problem with recoil start as well. You’re advised to switch on the generator with a manual option right after installing for better and efficient performance.

When it comes to the noise level, it noises at 72 dB, which is decent decibels among portable generators. It is slightly higher than a vacuum cleaner. But the drawback is its THD is less than 12% which is unsuitable for sensitive electric tools like television, mobile phones, laptops, etc. But it still manages to deliver clean power with its reliable engine. Therefore, it doesn’t damage your sensitive devices. So you can go with an option without any hesitation.

Safety Features

Durostar DS10000EH 10000-watt portable generator is very safe, and it’s proven with its incorporated features. The generator is safety conscious and has some safety features like an automatic spark arrestor to prevent the emission of flammable debris, which is harmful to the generator. In general, sparks are common among high power tools, and it helps avoid and protect your equipment from fire damages.

It features a spark arresting muffler with approved US Forest fire safety traps or destroys hot exhaust particles from a combustion engine. There is a low oil shut-off to shut down the engine before the engine drains without oil. It will alert you when it reaches a low oil level, if you are forgetful, no fears, it will automatically turn off the system. The voltage regulator, on the other hand, notifies you of the voltage use.


Durostar 10000-watt dual fuel portable generator is easy to maintain and doesn’t let you spend huge money on maintenance. This is why it is one of the most welcomed high-power portable generators among the people. Unlike its competitors, its maintenance is easy since it has a reliable and durable engine. The construction is made using cast iron cylinder sleeves and sturdy steel bearings, making the generator stronger and withstand any harsh weather conditions. It also protects the engine from unexpected damages and saves the whole unit from repairs. As discussed, the incorporated protective features like a built-in low oil warning system help prevent various damages and save your valuable money. They help functions your generator for the long run with low-cost maintenance.

What we like in the Durostar 10000-watt Generator 

  • Durostar DS10000EH Dual fuel generator offers high power for operating heavy electric appliances.
  • It is a dual fuel generator that can be operated on either gasoline and liquid propane, allowing you to run the generator with your choice. It delivers a good runtime in both fuel types.
  • There are wide ranges of outlets, including1 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, two 120V household GFCI outlets, one 240V 30A outlet, and one 240V 50A outlet. Plus, voltmeter and 12V DC charging ports for charging external batteries.
  • The never-flat tires and handlebars guarantee easy portability.
  • Durostar Generators are approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board).
  • It features a control panel, digital multimeter, and push start button for easy operation.
  • The power panel is compatible with many applications.


Durostar 10000-watt Generator has improved technologies with many features. It is well tested and well-engineered, ensuring quality and durability. It allows you to start the engine with either an electric or recoil starter. Both are easy to use and handle. The digital multimeter lets you track or monitor running time, voltage, or frequency. You can schedule the maintenance based on the data. In addition, there is a CO alert technology that shuts the unit automatically when it detects any unsafe level of power. Overall, the Durostar 10000-watt Generator is the best value for money with many advanced features.

Bestseller (lists)

Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator-10000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Red/Black Garden & Outdoor

  • Plenty of Power – With 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts, this unit can handle heavy loads, from lights and a refrigerator to a home air conditioner and high amperage power tools
  • Dual Fuel Technology – This generator runs on gasoline or propane, giving you the freedom and flexibility of fuel choice
  • Powerful Engine – The DuroStar 439cc OHV engine is a workhorse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs, from powering high voltage appl... Read More

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