Ryobi is one of the finest and recognized generators that offers efficient performance for its users. This brand provides various watts for various usage in domestic and industrial requirements. Ryobi generator is designed with an Automated voltage regulator that helps sensitive electronic equipment via effective power supply. The company highly focus on electronic and automotive parts. Their brand also called Ryobi power tools and Ryobi outdoor power equipment. It's a trusted brand all over the world, especially with its generator brands.

Ryobi generators compete with major brands like Yamaha and Honda. Generators are less expensive compared to other company's product. Most company brands offer one year of warranty, but Ryobi generator provides two years of the contract. The company also targets to bring new technologies for their customers. One of the known technologies with their product is a portable generator, and that can use with a Bluetooth tracking system. The most highly used Ryobi generator based on Watt is listed below.

Ryobi 2200-Watt Digital Inverter Generator:

It is a portable generator built for emergency purposes and job sites. Ryobi brand offers it with a low cost and high efficiency. Handle for various appliances in households. The design is capable to handle equipment with less fuel consumption and clean output. Ryobi 2200-Watt offers less maintenance engine with a dual connectivity option, its nothing but the user can connect a dual generator parallel to it. It can withstand up to 4400-Watt. For parallel hook, need to purchase separately. The engine sound level is made to produce 60 decibels; hence its one of the finest and quietest generator variants of Ryobi.

 Major Key Points to Be Noted:
  1. Highly safe for electronic usages and easy to maintain.
  2. It was built with fuel-saving technology to operate as an excellent inverter generator.
Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Generator:

It's quite popular in Ryobi brand as its light in weight and more powerful. The small wheels of the generator help to move one place to another seamlessly. It comes with a recoil system and that is much apt for small machines. Ryobi generator can connect with parallel connection and can increase up to 3600 Watt. Fuel capacity is 1.2 gallons of tank and starts with 2300 watts, runs with 1800 watts. With 25% of load capacity, it can run more than 10 hours. For 50% load capacity, it withstands more than 7 hours.

Major Key Points to Be Noted:
  1. Ability for parallel connection and also helps to track via smartphone for generator updates.
  2. Highly approachable for its fuel-efficient.
Ryobi 6500-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator: 

It's highly approachable for the outdoor and rough environment. It comes up with a three-step starting system, and that helps to start immediately. Its complete design is capable of long time usages. Ryobi 6500-Watt generator offers a dedicated control panel with suitable frequency and voltage. It also provides with carbon monoxide sensor with the level of usage. If the level of carbon monoxide increases, the generator automatically gets off. This generator can also be used for forest areas as it includes with spark arrestor.

Major Key Points to Be Noted:
  1. Designed with Carbon monoxide sensor
  2. Less expensive
  3. It's a 5-standard outlet.
Ryobi 1800/2200-Watt generator:

Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is a famous brand in Ryobi generator model. It's known for its durability. The product material is well structured and serves for a portable electric power approach. The cost is less expensive and highly productive. Ryobi generator is known as Ryobi power tools and it is one of the largest manufacturers in Techtronic industries. It serves in various requirements such as for home improvement, construction industries, etc. It's a brand choice by millions of people and industries. Ryobi RYi2200 generator provided 1800w for a continuous inverter grade. The brand sells for a reasonable price.

Power Output and Generation:

Ryobi RYi2200 generator can make a surge level up to 2200 watts, and its continuous watt level is 1800 watts. The generator offers the best power with safe output, even for sensitive electronic equipment. The inverter generator is equipped with 106cc SOHC (Single Overhead Cam) and 4 cycles gas-powered engine. The design is focused on avoiding noises; hence the user can be hassle-free from generator sound. Generator has oil alert with auto shut down option as it helps it get off when the oil level is low. This brand is the oil service team that comes up with initial purchase and is 13.05 oz a little under a pint of oil.

Electrical Output:

The generator is designed with a duplex receptacle and it provides two 3-prong 120V outlets. It includes with cover plate for protection and has a set of circuit breaker. The circuit breaker rates at 20A hence 120V*20A = 2400W. It clearly makes that its surge level is 2200W and continuous is at 1800W. The circuit provides 7.5 amps of power or 90W for charging batteries. It's a 10-amp breaker greater than the declared output. The breaker trips only if something seriously occurs in the circuit. The design is portable and can also be parallelly connected with a suitable generator for the extra power.

Fuel Type and Noise Levels:

Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is most known generator in gasoline fuel. It can use E10 as its designed with a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon. The generator functions for about 4 to 5 hours on one tank of gas at 50% load capacity. For full load is about 2.5 hours. Its effective for machinery but not for more units even though reasonable for most parties. The generator comes with an idle down system that in turn offers less fuel consumption. The drawback is that it doesn't have a fuel gauge; hence need to monitor the usage.

Note: The design from Ryobi completely offers the silent function to reduce noise. Even helps to allow conversation while its running. The company says that the generator produces 60db of noises while running. It clearly indicates that the noise is highly reduced for the user. Its known as the quietest generator in the inverter generator market.

Dimensions and Weight:

Ryobi's generator is well designed, but officially, the measures were not published by the manufacturer. Measured approximately and it as 24 *13*18 (H*W*H) inches. The machine weighs in at only 51 lbs and the quantity of gas is 6 lbs per gal, its about 57 lbs. It clearly states that the weight is light and portable too. This generator can handle with two handles. One on the top of minor movement and lifting and another one is pull-out bottom handle. The bottom handle provides easy balance points for the user to pull the generator like a suitcase.

Typical Uses and Needs:

The Ryobi generator produces best and clean electricity. The design is capable to operate in safe mode hence it avoids damages. Its applicable for sensitive electronic equipment. The generator is light in weight and portable that leads to move it around effortlessly.

It's a quiet generator with continuous output of around 1800Watt. Surge output is 2200 watts. It makes ideal to take along with camping to power appliances seamlessly. This generator is also applicable for job sites and construction sites. The high standard of this generator is optimistic to handle sensitive electronic applications. It is also applicable for being linked with a parallel kit to another similar generator. That later helps to twice the power at home during power outages to run equipments.

Display & Control Panel, Start-up:

Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is one of the most reputed brands with its high performance as output. The control panel is designed with advanced features to avoid malfunctions and errors. Its easy to control and easy to follow. The 20 amps circuit breaker is under the two parallel terminals that connects 2 generators for additional power. Below the terminal, ground terminal is produced to which the ground wire is attached.

Next to the circuit breaker, at the top of the machine will have two 120V and 20 amps receptacles. Below the receptacles, there will be a reset button and next to it have 3 lights. The one is at the top, and it's a power indicator light, and below it will be an overload indicator. The machine also has a low oil indicator. Circuit breaker is on the right of 120V receptable, controls 12Volt DC outlet and this helps to control by the receptables. Auto idle switch is present below the DC outlet and it is engaged to increase the fuel efficiency. This helps to allow the generator to run at appropriate speed all the time.


The Ryobi RYi2200 inverter generator is designed to handle sensitive electronic equipment, and it uses a recoil pull rope system to start the engine easily. To start the generator, steps given below.

  1. Generator has to be on a flat surface before it starts; hence make sure for it.
  2. Before starting unplug the load from the generator.
  3. To prime the fuel system, pull the recoil rope five times.
  4. Make sure the turn off the auto-idle switch position in off-mode.
  5. Hold the start grip then pull it till the engine starts.
  6. Make sure to move the choke lever to start position.
  7. Let the machine run for 15 to 30 seconds, then move the choke to the position of run.
  8. To get quieter noise while running, make sure to turn the auto-idle switch to the on position. It makes the operation more efficient and highly improved.
Shut Down: 
  1. All the loads from the generator should be disconnected
  2. Make sure to move the choke lever to the off position.
Additional Features:
Ryobi RYI2200 Inverter Generator:
  1. Its applicable for sensitive electronic equipment with safe output.
  2. Monitoring system is amazing to track
  3. For portable usage, it has wheels and extending handles, this makes it more convenient to move from one place to another.
  4. Its very quiet in running as it operates at 60db and some additional data indicates that it goes up to 63db. This level is gathered by the users and some of the comments. It's likely to close range of DB.
  5. For fuel-saving, an auto-idle feature is designed and given for the generator, it helps to run the machine with high fuel-efficient efficiency.
  6. To start quickly, the machine is given with 3 steps start system.
  7. It is capable of producing more watts by connecting parallel with another generator, this avoids the demand of power.
Care and Maintenance and Use:

Ryobi generator is one of the finest brands offers complete supports for their users. Their generator is highly capable to operate for long life. Every generator needs to take care with following its manual and periodic service. By going through its manual words, users can come to an idea to operate and take care of it. Always make sure to have the generator to keep away from the building and placing it in the open place. Try to make sure to check the cooling air slots are clean and not clogged with dirt. Follow the maintenance schedule ad per the recommended Ryobi power tools.

Check Before Each Use:
  1. Make sure to check the engine oil level
  2. Try to assure with the air filter dirt
  3. Always check the fuel level before operating
  4. Check the connection of hose
  5. Also try to check the fuel filter
  6. Inspect the fuel tank vapor vent for safety
  7. Check the carbon canister too.
Periods to take Care:
  1. Engine oil has to change after first month of usage or after 20 hours
  2. Clean the air filter for every 3 months or after 50 hours
  3. For every 6 months or after 100 hours changing the engine oil is good and
  4. Also adjust the spark plug if necessary after 300 hours of usage.
  5. For every 6 months clean the fuel tank the filter.
  6. For every year or 300 hours, check the air filter, adjust the spark plug
  7. Check and adjust the idle speed if necessary, after 300 hours of usage.
  8. Make sure to check and adjust the valve clearances for after 30 hours of machine use
  9. After 300 hours of usage check the fuel hose, its connection and replace the fuel filter
  10. After 300 hours, inspect the fuel tank vapor vent and carbon canister.
Warranty & Repairs:

Most of the generator offers wide warranty option and the Ryobi generator offers a limited warranty by Techtronic industries.

The warranty period is for about 2 years and free from all defects in parts and workmanship. The period is for 90 days for commercial use.

Cost of the transportation has to taken charge by the customer.

For 3 years warranty, warranty covered period will help to free from all defects and workmanship for the private users and commercial users.

Consumer Reviews: 

On Amazon, the rating of Ryobi generator is 4.3 stars as well as other sites too. Most of the customer who were using this generator are happy with its performance. They also like its performance with its prices and lower with noise when it functions. From the research, this brand offers features as such Yamaha and Honda and that too in a lower price point.

The major advantage of using this generator as per reviews is that the noise level is low, pricing pint is less expensive compared to other well-known brands, and performances are much satisfied. Tool handle is easier as it is light in weight and portable to use (for example, lifting from the truck is easier).

Initial starting requires a number of tries, but after a couple or 3 times, the engine starts with ease and indicated with no hesitation.

Advantages and Disadvantages:
  1. Weight is lighter and compact
  2. It produces good electricity and safe for most of the electronic equipment.
  3. The noise level of the machine is low.
  4. Comparing the top brand like Yamaha and Honda, the price level is low.
  5. Machine constructive level is good and affordable to many users.
  6. Due to its handle strategy, the motion part of the machine is reliable and highly helpful.
  7. It can produce 1800 watts for continuous power and able to surge up to 2200 watts.
  8. To get double the output, the parallel connection can do.
  9. With one gallon of gas, it withstands 4 to 5 hours of 50 % loading capacity.
  10. To save fuel, the auto idle option of the machine is highly helpful.
  1. One gallon of gas allows the machine to run only for few hours.
  2. Machine's output 1800 Watts for continuous power will be not fulfilled to run few home appliances.

The Ryobi RYi2200 is comparatively less and can get from Amazon or at its home depot. Products can get from home depot, too, as they sell at reasonable price. Users can find more support from both online buying and home depot too.


The Ryobi generator's parts are easily found from the online market, and also the generator is also included with dust cover to keep it safe from the element when not in use.

The Ryobi generator can also get it as a parallel kit and use it by connecting 2 generators parallel to it. It later provides double the power. The brand is also available from IPI industries. Its extended run generator system consists of an additional fuel tank that can be connected to the generator as it results to extended its running time.

Other Watt Ryobi Generators:

Many varieties of watt generators are available from the popular brand Ryobi. In Ryobi 5500-watt generator, many advantages are available. It's a portable generator and easy to start that also meets efficiency. This generator delivers 5500 running watts as it carries engine of 420cc OHV. The surge and starting watts 6875. This generator is also one of the powerful generators, enough to be used on job sites or for an emergency backup system. Starting system of the generator is a 3-step starting system. It consists of 6 gallons. Due to its fuel tank capacity, it can run up to 9 hours at 50% load. The display of the generator is also capable give interactive information and necessary decision to take control. Display consists of voltage, hertz, and total hours used. The design of the generator, especially the handle allows the user to handle the generator easily. This generator takes compact storage with the help of flat-quick wheels. This makes the design to handle easily and easy to transport. It is equipped with automatic regulator provides consistent power. The control features with 120Volt 20 amps and also GFCI protected outlets. Especially this 5500 watt generator offers 3 years of warranty.

Ryobi Brings Clean Power: 

Ryobi has the best generators for their users, and that helps out in all sorts of power cut requirements. The user needs to make sure on CO2 emissions. It can exhaust and can cause a lot of harm. To cut down such danger, Ryobi offered a generator called RYi4022x, it's a 4000-watt generator, includes a safe mode for their users. It avoids CO2 emission from the generator and prevents the user from harmful issues.

The advantage of using this watt generator is that it is designed with CO detection and a shutdown feature too. It's good to have as it can increases the safety level because the gas engines generate carbon monoxide, its dangerous to human breathing. This generator has a sensor to avoid such carbon monoxide. The price tag is also an amazing factor to discuss. User can get it for $549 from home depot, and it runs for 3400 watts.

Final Words: 

Ryobi generator is the most used generator brand from the industry side and another domestic purpose too. The fuel efficiency of the generator is high due to its auto-idle technology. Still, many features are available for its users. Compared to top brands, Ryobi offers with less price and less weight hence performance part is efficient. This increases the overall results and reduces the effort to handle the generators.

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