Ryobi 2200 Portable Inverter Generator – Overall Review

There are a lot of options when it comes to the inverter generator. However, all are not the same and come in handy. So, it is important to choose the right one that is super-efficient and quite handy. Are you hunting for such an inverter generator? Then, the Ryobi 2200 generator is for you.

This is a lightweight and quieter inverter generator and so having good feedback among buyers. On this page, you can find more information about the Ryobi 2200 generator. We’ve done huge research to review this generator. Read the entire article for more information about it.

1. Size – Dimensions

Usually, the size and dimensions of the generator determine its weight and portability, which means it is quite an important thing to consider while choosing the generator.

The Ryobi 2200 generator weighs just 51 pounds to look slim and lightweight. The dimensions are 22” x 18” x 18” in inches, which is not bigger than the average inverter generator. Hence, you can keep this in your car trunk or back of the boat while traveling outside. It doesn’t take much place. Just one person can able to carry this model from Ryobi.

2. Power Source

The Ryobi 2200 RYI2200 portable inverter generator is run on gasoline, which is easy to avail anywhere. So, you don’t have to wander for this fuel type. When it comes to the power source, it supplies Ac current, which is safe for all electrical appliances. It creates AC power within the unit, which is later converted to DC and then inverter back to AC.

These steps are necessary to deliver clean and stable power. It doesn’t involve voltage fluctuations or drops and is free from spikes, making it ideal for sensitive electrical devices, including mobile phones, computers, television, etc. It ensures that your appliances are safe and efficient.

3. Power Output

Ryobi 2200 RYI2200 inverter generator uses 2200 watts as starting power and 1800 watts as running power, which can run all essential appliances in your home, including refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, fans, etc. You can operate all these devices in parallel with their attached multi outlets. The things at your home have different power watts, so connect things within the limit. However, you are advised to limit your load and make sure that you don’t exceed the optimal level for longer operation.

4. Run Time

How long will Ryobi 2200 power your devices? This is one of the common questions that may arise when you are deciding to buy.

The Ryobi 2200 portable generator is specially designed for longer operation, which means it will definitely provide a good running time. It uses gasoline as its energy source for high run time. Generally speaking, gasoline is better than another fuel type like liquid propane as it gives good running time.

In that case, the Ryobi 2200 delivers 8.67 hours of running time on a tank full of fuel. This is one of the best run times than its competitors, thus making the generator one of the best in the market.

5. Noise Level

The noise level would be another consideration when it comes to the generators. The inverter generators make low noise than other conventional generators. So, the Ryobi 2200 generator is no exception. It noises somewhat similar to the normal conversation of few people. It doesn’t disturb your neighborhood or your family member.

So, the Ryobi 2200 inverter generator is quieter than other typical models. It noises at 57 dBA. Remember, you are running the generator in the right place. Make sure you don’t keep the generator closed places, especially closed by two walls, for better operation. If you keep between closed walls, they will vibrate along with the unit, so it delivers louder than normal. Thus, you’ll need to avoid these things.

6. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, it is quite easy and doesn’t require much. If you maintain the unit with little things, you can extend the durability.

  • You are advised to keep the generator clean and dry always
  • Keep the unit free from air clogs
  • The clean air filter on a regular basis
  • Run the unit with the approved fuel
  • You’ll need to change the engine lubricant every six months or 100 hours, whichever comes first.

7. Applications

The portable inverter generators are ideal for camping, RVs, tailgating, outdoor events, etc. So, the Ryobi 2200 portable inverter generator is no exception.

So, the Ryobi 2200 can be a perfect option for the applications like camping and RVs. Remember, some states don’t accept it if they aren’t EPA approved and CARB compliant. Especially on job sites where many employees are present. Since the generators can pose a safety risk, make sure the unit meets all the terms and conditions by the state.

8. Engine 

The Ryobi 2200 generator is powered by 106cc 4 cycle engine with an OHV engine, which is reliable and durable. It is behind its portability. With this option, you can run more appliances in parallel, such as fans, lights, refrigerators, and more. It delivers 1800 running watts and 2200 starting watts. This reliable engine makes the process smoother and energy-efficient.

It helps deliver around 5 to 6 hours of running time even in the heavy load by adjusting the engine speed based on the load. It aids in reducing fuel consumption and longer running time. However, it can run for up to 9 hours at a 25% load.

9. Ease Of Use

This model comes with a pull start. A recoil starter makes the operating process harder since you’ll need to spend some energy to start the engine by pulling the rope. However, you don’t have to scary about this model since it has a pull rope. Even if it doesn’t include an electric start, it is quite easy to start and operate with its pull rope, making it easy to operate the unit effortlessly.

There are LED indicators for safer operations. It indicates various things in your generator, such as low oil and overload. It lets you know the generator status before it’s too late. With these options, you can prevent the engine from unnecessary damages.

Another best thing about the generator is its parallel compatibility. It lets you join two units together to double the power. You can use this option in case of emergencies that when you need more power.

When speaking about the power outlets, it comes with one 12 volt and two 120 volts, which lets you operate multi-devices in parallel. However, if you want to run more, you can use a surge protector to connect extra outlets.

Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, so many will prefer this model for sure. There are a number of options like automatic voltage regulation and auto-idle control to run the unit efficiently. It helps to burn less fuel and reduce the impact on the environment.

10. Warranty

The Ryobi 2200 inverter generator comes with a warranty of three years. Within that period, you can claim defective parts of the generator if they are damaged. Plus, you will get free consumer service. However, you’ll have to pay a registration fee for that before the service.


When comparing with other inverter generators, the price range of Ryobi 2200 sounds reasonable. It perfectly balances the price with its improved features. The best thing about the Ryobi 2200 is that it comes with a CO senor, but it sticks to an affordable price. Overall, the unit is more safety for the environment and the users as well.


  • Dimensions: 22” x 18” x 18”
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Fuel Type: Gas-powered
  • Engine: 106cc 4 cycle engine with OHC
  • Power output: 2200 starting watts and 1800 running watts
  • Run Time: 8.67 hours at 25% load
  • Easy Maintenance


  • It is a relatively quiet inverter generator
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Easy to carry and transfer
  • Safe for all electrical appliances, even sensitive appliances such as television, mobile phones, computer, laptops, etc.
  • It is EPA approved and CARB compliant
  • It is well-engineered and tested
  • User friendly and budget-friendly
  • It comes with a parallel kit
  • Auto Idle fuel-saving technology
  • Two 120-volt outlets and one 12 volt


  • It might not be suitable for a large home with more appliances


We hope you’ve gained a lot about the Ryobi 2200 RYI2200 portable inverter generator. These features and specifications make the unit one of the best in the market. It is good value for the money. You can consider buying this option for its versatility. If you purchase this on eCommerce sites like Amazon, you can grab some discounts. Make use of it and place your order today for the best deals.

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