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When you are set out to buy a generator for your home or apartment, you should research specifications, reliability, brand, and so on. But there is one thing that many should look into while buying. It is one of the important aspects every generator buyer should look into. It is the noise level of the generator. A traditional gas generator is noisy and might disturb your neighbors and yourself as well. So it is important to check the noise level before buying one. A 4000-watt quiet generator gives you more power and is suitable for household electricals and portable too. These generators do not produce high noise, so many urban people prefer them over traditional generators. 

4000 watts of quiet generators are becoming a trend over the years, and we have decided to check on them and know more about them. These generators are highly efficient and produce clean energy, and can run for a long time. And there are a lot of 4000 watts generators on the market, and not everything will be reliable. So it is important to select the best one for your home. And this article will help you to get the best one for your home. And after numerous testing hours, we came up with a list that will suit every power needs. These generators are very reliable, and the brands are very promising. Please check out our list of the best 4000 watt quiet generators.

Best 4000 watts quiet generator

  2. WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator
  3. DuroMax XP4000S Portable Generator

1. CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 4000-Watt Inverter with Quiet Technology

Brand Product weight Product dimension
Champion Power Equipment 81.6 Pounds 20.5 x 17.9 x 17.7 inches

Champion power equipment 4000-watt inverter generator is one of the best selling 4000 watts generators on the market. The quiet technology is 50% quieter than traditional generators, and the open frame design makes the generator 20% lighter. It has 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts, making it a reliable source for power during emergencies. It weighs around 82 pounds, so they are portable and fit right into your car's back seats and Rv'sRv's. The noise level of the generator is 64 dBA which is great for RV travels. It also has 17 hours of running time on gasoline.

There are other different variants in this champion generator. You have 4000 watts with electric start, 4000 watts with remote start, and a 4000-watt dual fuel generator. You can select one according to your budget and needs. Dual fuel generators are much more effective because they give you two fuel options, and propane is very budget-friendly. It has various other useful features like 120V 30A RV, two 120V outlets with less than 3% TDH ( total harmonic distortion) dual USB adapter, and a 12V DC outlet. This generator is parallel-ready so that you can connect with an ideal modal generator for extra power. 

Why we love CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 4000-Watt Inverter with Quiet Technology:

  1. It has 17 hours of runtime on gasoline. 
  2. This generator is parallel-ready. 

Bestseller (lists)

Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready DH Series Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology & Weather-Resistant Storage Cover for 3100-Watt or Higher Inverter Generators Garden & Outdoor

  • Product 1: Advanced Open Frame Inverter Design: 50% quieter and 20% lighter than a traditional Champion 3500-watt generator, plus our Economy Mode feature saves fuel and extends engine life
  • Product 1: Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time: 64 dBA is great for RVs, tailgating, your next project or home backup, with 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts for up to 17 hours run time on gasoline
  • Product 1: Clean electricity for sensitive electronics: RV Ready with a 120V 30... Read More

2. WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

Brand Product weight Product dimension
WEN 66.1 Pounds 19.8 x 13.8 x 18.9 inches

Weighing only 66 pounds, the Wen GN400i inverter generator is one of the best portable generators on the market. WEN brand inverter is on the list of the best inverter generators. WEN is one of the fantastic choices for camping and RV trips. If you want to connect the power for many appliances, the best choice is to choose the WEN inverter generator. This generator generates clean energy and is suitable for sensitive electrical devices such as TV and computers too. It has 4000 surging wattages and 3500 running wattages. This generator can run for about seven-hour on half load and has a fuel tank capacity of 1.85 gallons. 

This generator is parallel-ready, which means you can combine another ideal model generator with a parallel kit to extract more power. A 4000-watt generator can charge essential household items, but you can always parallel this generator with its ideal model if you need extra power for heavy electricals. It has a 212 cc four-stroke engine, which gives you clean power. It has two USB ports that can charge your smartphones and tablets. The best thing about the Wen generator is that it comes with an eco-mode feature. This feature helps your generator to adjust according to the fuel consumption and saves gasoline. 

Why we love WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator:

  1. It has an eco-mode feature. 
  2. The design is lightweight and portable. 

Bestseller (lists)

WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant, Black/orange Garden & Outdoor

  • Dimensions: 19.8" L x 13.8" W x 18.9" H | Weight: 66.1 lb
  • Generate clean power to safely operate sensitive electronics such as phones, tablets, televisions and computers
  • Parallel-ready panel allows you to connect any two WEN inverter generators for increased wattage output
  • 212cc 4-stroke CARB-compliant OHV engine produces 4000 surge watts and 3500 rated watts
  • Includes two 120V NEMA 5-20R receptacles, two 5V USB ports, one 120V RV-ready TT-3... Read More

3. DuroMax XP4000S Portable Generator

Brand Product weight Product dimension
DuroMax 90 Pounds 17.5 x 18 x 18 inches

With 4000peak watts and 3300 running watts, you get high clean power for your heavy electronics like a refrigerator and air conditioner, etc. It has a powerful Duromax 208cc OHV engine which gives the generator plenty of power to do multiple jobs and handle heavy power tools. When the generator is low on oil, it suits off automatically with the common oil shutoff feature. The power panel contains two 120V household outputs, one 120V 30A outlet, and a voltmeter. Moreover, this generator complies with all emission standards like EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board). It weighs 90 pounds, so that you can carry them in your RV and truck. 

Why we love DuroMax XP4000S Portable Generator:

  1. It has a low oil shutoff feature. 
  2. It is budget-friendly and worth the money. 

Bestseller (lists)

DuroMax XP4000S Portable Generator-4000 Watt Gas Powered Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Garden & Outdoor

  • Plenty of Power – With 4,000 peak watts and 3,300 running watts, this unit can handle heavy loads, from lights and a refrigerator to a home air conditioner and high amperage power tools
  • Powerful Engine – The DuroMax 208cc OHV engine is a workhorse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs, from powering high voltage appliances to heavy duty power tools
  • Low Oil Shutoff – Protects your investment by automatically shutting the generator off when it... Read More


While buying a quiet generator, check for its noise level and type of generator. Know your power needs and fix on the watt you might need. A4000 watt generator can juice up your household electronics, and if you think you need additional power, you can parallel them with the same model generator. Check out our quiet generator article for more quiet generators with different wattages. 

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