Predator 3500watt super quiet Inverter generator


 Generators are the main backup source of power that helps you to deal with a blackout day. At times of disaster like hurricanes and earthquakes, power cuts prevail for an extended time. Without generators, it is very hard to manage our day.

Likewise, an office team member must have committed to work, and he is near to reach the deadline. Unfortunately, an unexpected power cut puts his work to a halt. Can he convince the management? Practically it is impossible. Generators will help you to proceed with your daily work by supplying power to all the essential electrical devices like smartphones, laptops, and TVs. On the other hand, generators serve you as a great companion for camping. You can enjoy all the luxury electrical gadgets even at an outdoor station.

We guess you are willing to purchase Predator 3500 watt Super quiet Inverter generator but don't have any idea about the features and specifications. This article will have a deep analysis of the features and benefits of the Predator 3500 watt super quiet Inverter generator. You can decide whether buying a Predator 3500W inverter generator is worth it or useless at the end of the article.

Generally, Predator generators are manufactured by Harbor Freight and have a separate fanbase for their performance. As the name suggests, Predator 3500W generator is an inverter type generator. It produces DC power and converts it into AC using digital alternators.

Why we prefer Predator generators

Predator generators supply starting watts of 3500W and running watts of 3000W. The inverter technology employed in these generators ensures whether the power is clean without any distortion. So, you can run the sensitive electrical appliances without causing any damage. Although the engine is compact, it can supply continuous power for about 11hours at an applied 25% load. Therefore, the Predator 3500W inverter generator can power all the essential electrical appliances. Moreover, it serves as a good companion for camping and fishing.

You can connect two similar generators to double the output power if you need more power. These generators are not only suitable for indoor activities but also for construction sites. You can use the generated power for running power tools like drilling machines, chainsaws, etc.

While comparing the features, the Predator 3500W inverter generator and Honda E3000i are similar. Suppose you want to enjoy all the features of a Honda EU3000i with little investment. In that case, you can buy a Predator 3500W inverter generator. Although it is affordable, Predator generators never compromise in quality and performance.

Features of Predator 3500W inverter generator

The engine of the Predator 3500W inverter generator is small and delivers high output power. The inverter technology incorporated in the generator will produce a sine wave without any distortion. We recommend this clean power to run sensitive devices.

The low oil shut-off system will turn off the engine as soon as it detects low oil levels. Similarly, the other safety features like the overload indicator will protect the engine from overloading. In addition to this, the output indicator will display the power output, voltage, and hours of operation. The digital display of parameters helps the operator to analyze the condition of the generator.

At an applied 25% of laid, a 212cc OHV engine provides a runtime of 11 hours which is more than enough to run all the essential appliances during a blackout day. Very importantly, these generators are parallel compatible so that you can attain a total power of 7000W by connecting two similar generators using a parallel kit. The engine is started by using a recoil system and gives a quiet operation so that the noise level is 57 decibels.

Specifications of Predator 3500W inverter generator 

Item weight 99.2 pounds
Engine 212cc
Running watts & Peak watts 3000watts and 3500watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 25% load 11
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 22.75x17.3x20
Noise level 57decibels
Fuel Type Unleaded gasoline
Warranty 2

Benefits of Predator 3500W Inverter generator


Predator 3500W Inverter generator falls under the single fuel type category. Unleaded gasoline is used as a fuel to run this type of generator.


Although the generator weighs about 99.2 pounds, it attached wheels and handlebars for easy portability. A sticker pasted on the top of the inverter shows how to start the generator. Plus, it shows how to access the spark plug. A fuel gauge present beside the spark plug will indicate the fuel level inside the tank, helping the operator refuel the tank before it drains completely.

In addition to this, a fuel cap is present to close the generator, and it is made of hard plastic. A filter underneath the cap will filter out the debris and a rubber house will catch all the debris floating on the fuel.

Noise and Usability

The noise level is pretty good compared to the counterparts. You can hear the noise at a rate of 57 decibels.

The high output power and easy portability make Predator 3500W inverter generator one of the favorite generators among the buyers. The generator power is enough to powerup the essential electrical appliances.


In order to operate the generator at a construction site, it is very important to meet certain standards laid by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Predator 3500W inverter generator is one such generator that has EPA approval and is CAR Compliant.

Engine and Power

The powerful 212cc engine delivers an output wattage of 3500W and running watts of 3000W. Despite its compact size, the engine continuously provides a runtime of 11 hours at an applied 25% load.


As a whole, the Predator 3500W inverter generator is available at an affordable price. If you want a generator with specifications similar to a high brand generator but at a fractionated rate, you can prefer this generator. It can satisfy all your power requirements by running all essential appliances. We guess that you might have fixed your mind to buy a Predator inverter generator. It is totally with buying. You will not regret your investment in the brand Predator. Without any delay, place your order at e-commerce sites.

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