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Are you hunting for a Ryobi 6500W generator?

Please have a glance at our article to explore more about the Ryobi generator 6500. A detailed explanation about the Ryobi 6500 generator will help you to get better clarity on these generators. This generator is a gas-powered generator that generates an output wattage of 6500W to run the essential appliances like lights, fans, emergency lamps at times of power outages. This generator is eco-friendly since it comes with a CO sensor. So, you can clear poisonous CO built-up in the generator room. Keep reading to know more about the Ryobi 6500W generator.

Why do we prefer Ryobi generators?

Apart from hearing top generator brands like Honda, Champion and DuroMax, can you name a brand that delivers excellent performance equivalent to those high-end models? Yes, one of the top-notch generator brands that share equal shares with top generator brands is Ryobi. It is a famous manufacturer of power equipment as well as generators. Since 1943, it has been delivering quality electrical components that highly satisfy the customers. Very importantly, these generators are budget-friendly compared to high-end models.  

This brand is growing day by day by implementing more innovative features in each new model. Ryobi generators come with Bluetooth to monitor the generator working. In parallel, some Ryobi generator models have unique apps to track the oil and fuel levels. So, the operator can refill the tank before the engine runs out of fuel. With these many safety features, you can prevent any fire hazards. 

Ryobi 6500W generator- Product Overview

Actually, the Ryobi 6500W gas-powered generator is the best companion for both indoor and outdoor activities. Although it weighs about 205 pounds, the durable wheels and robust steel frame helps in easy transportation. In simple words, Ryobi always focuses on quality construction to protect the generator from any external attacks. 

The Ryobi generator will provide a starting wattage of 8125W and a running wattage of 6500W. The generated power is more than enough to run the essential appliances like AC, freezer, TV, refrigerators etc. The OHV engine is powerful and displaces at a rate of 420cc. A 6-gallon medium-sized tank offers a runtime of about 10 hours at an applied 50% load. Note, the fuel consumption at full load is about 0.93gallons per hour. 

You can start the generator using a manual recoil system. Since it is an open frame generator, the noise level is about 72 decibels, which is acceptable. Further, you can reduce the noise level using noise mufflers. When it comes to the control panel, you can easily access the generator’s working mechanism. It is the single spot where all the power outlets, ports and ON/OFF switch, reset buttons are available. In addition, there is a digital display screen that tracks the hours of operation, voltage and frequency. So, the operator can schedule the maintenance accordingly. A wide range of power outlets like four 120V 20A GFCI outlets and one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet is sufficient to run emergency appliances. 

Safety as a major goal

Very importantly, automatic features like the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) ensure a stable power supply without any fluctuations. In addition, the safety features like a low oil shut-off system will stop the engine operation when low oil levels are detected. Hence, the engine is protected from overheating. Along with this, a set of circuit breakers will cut off the power supply in case of overloading. Undoubtedly, this generator is EPA approved and comes with a warranty of three years.  

Specification of Ryobi 6500W generator

Manufacturer Ryobi
Running watts and peak watts 6500W and 8125W
Item dimensions in inches 35x29x24.5
Engine displacement 420cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 6 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 10
Item weight in pounds 205
Warranty (residential use) three years

Highlights of Ryobi 6500W generator

  1. Ryobi 6500W generator offers a running watt and starting watt of 6500W and 8125W, respectively
  2. This generator comes with a CO shutdown sensor. Hence, these generators are labelled as eco-friendly generators
  3. A powerful 420cc engine offers a runtime of 10 hours at an applied 50% load
  4. The generator consists of a 6-gallon fuel tank
  5. The engine consumes 0.93gallon fuel per hour at rated full load condition
  6. It consists of sufficient power outlets to connect essential devices 
  7. The operating noise level is 72.3 decibels. You can cut down the noise by installing noise mufflers
  8. As a safety measure, the generator is equipped with an overload protector
  9. An LCD panel will track the hours of operation, voltage and frequency. This information helps the operator to schedule the maintenance
  10. It comes with a warranty of three years
  11. You can start the generator using a recoil system
  12. This generator has met all the industrial standards and is EPA approved
  13. It is available at an affordable price

Detailed Review on Ryobi 6500W generator

Generally, you have to pay extra for high-end models. In Ryobi 6500w generator, you will get all the basic specifications and features at an affordable price. Apart from price, there are many minute things to note in a Ryobi generator. At the end of this section, you will know why these generators always stand away from the crowd.  

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Ryobi 6500W generator comes with a CO Detector Sensor. The actual purpose of this sensor is to measure the CO levels. If the CO level reaches its maximum limit, the engine will shut off automatically.  

In fact, CO is a poisonous gas that causes respiratory issues in humans. An extreme level of Co level results in human death. But you can escape from such risks with the help of a CO sensor. This sensor will shut off the engine and give a red-light indication to alert the operator. So, the operator will take the necessary steps to provide proper ventilation in the generator room. We advise not to reach the generator immediately since it might cause accidental inhalation. 

Starting mechanism

Most generators come with advanced starting options. You can start the generator in an instant using an electric push-button. Although an electric push-button is absent in the Ryobi 6500W generator, you can kick start the engine using a recoil mechanism. 

There are three start settings in this generator, namely Off, Cold Start and Run. When you turn the knob from off to a cold start, the fuel valve will open partially. On the other hand, the fuel valve will open fully when you turn the knob from cold start to run. 

One downside of this feature is that it is impossible to turn off the fuel valve to drain the gasoline from the carburetor. But you can unscrew the carburetor and drain the remaining fuel. Note, the ON/OFF switch is available near the CO sensor. 

Output wattage

With a starting watt of 8125W and a running watt of 6500W, the Ryobi generator is used for indoor and outdoor activities like camping and construction sites. The major highlight of this generator is, it delivers stable power without any voltage fluctuations. So, you can protect the sensitive power devices from damage. 

This generator is a rescuer at times of power shortages. It keeps the emergency devices like lights, fans and cooking appliances active. You can connect any devices using a 120V power outlet available on this generator. In addition, there are four GFCI outlets and a 240V twist-lock outlet for connecting multiple devices. 

Tank capacity and runtime

We know that a large fuel tank can provide an extended runtime. In the Ryobi 6500W generator, a 6gallon fuel tank can offer a run time of about 10 hours at an applied half laid condition. On average, the engine consumes 0.93gallon fuel each hour. 

The runtime is dependent on the load connected to the unit. For example, suppose if you are connecting a heavy ampere load like a heater or refrigerator. In that case, there will be a drop in runtime. In contrast, the runtime is longer in job sites since the generator is used only for running power tools.  

Easy transportation and Construction

Ryobi prefers using a hand truck style for the outer frame for improved durability. In addition, a pair of 10-inch wheels will ease transportation. You can move the generator using handlebars. The wheels are highly durable and roll over rough terrains without any deterioration. 

Additional features

The safety features like Low oil shut off system will protect the engine from damage. In addition, the power outlets come with rubber caps for ultra-protection against dirt and dust. Very importantly, an hour meter will track the voltage, frequency and hours of operation of the generator. So, you can schedule proper maintenance to extend the lifespan of the engine.


While comparing Ryobi with other generators, the price range sounds reasonable. It perfectly balances the features and the price. Unlike other generators, Ryobi 6500W generator comes with a CO sensor but sticks on to an affordable price. In simple words, it ensures more safety to the user and the environment without a price hike. 


We hope that you have got an idea about the features and specifications of the Ryobi 6500W generator. Without a second choice, you can invest in this generator for its versatility. Place your orders at e-commerce sites today for best deals. 

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