Onan p4500i Potable inverter generator

During a power outage, the first thing that you look for is an emergency device like a mobile or a torchlight. Beyond the battery capacity, you need an energy backup source to keep the devices active. Since we use delicate appliances like mobile phones, emergency lights, etc., you need to ensure whether the power generated is stable and free from power fluctuations.

Here comes an inverter to provide clean power without any voltage spikes. We guess that you are looking for a portable inverter generator to give life to your emergency appliances. You are on the right site. Many people always prefer top-notch brands like Honda, Champion, etc., for their satisfaction. But many other brands give shoulder-to-shoulder in terms of performance, warranty, and quality. One such unsung hero in the generator field is the Onan p4500i portable generator. In this article, we will study the Onan p4500i generator in detail. We are sure that the specifications of this generator will impress you as well as meet your expectations. 

Onan 4500 generator- An overview

Whenever you enquire about a generator, the first word that spills from your mouth is fuel efficiency. In the case of the Onan 4500i generator, fuel efficiency is the key factor that pulls the customer to its side. This portable inverter generator is double insulated to minimize the noise level. So, the generator will operate at a noise level of less than 52 decibels, thereby allowing you to carry on the daily work with a piece of mind. 

This generator is equipped with inverter technology that ensures whether the produced energy is clean with a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) less than 3%. You can either start the generator with an electric start button or a manual recoil system. This generator has the potential to produce a running watt of 3700W and a starting watt of 4500W. This output power is more than enough to run essential household appliances like TV, refrigerator, micro-ovens, and other emergency gadgets like mobile phones and torch lights. 

The control panel consists of two 5V USB ports for charging electrical gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. Very importantly, these generators are parallel compatible for additional power generation. So, you can connect two similar generators to obtain additional power. 

As we discussed, the fuel efficiency is excellent in this generator. The smart eco-throttle mechanism controls the engine speed based on the load applied to the unit. Apart from saving fuel, this eco-mode helps in increasing the lifespan of the engine. 

The manufacturer has implemented some automatic features to ensure the safety of the operator as well as the generator. For example, the automatic voltage shut-off system will halt the engine operation after utilizing the fuel remaining in the carburetor. Similarly, the smart oil indicator will detect the oil levels. 

The tank capacity is about 3.4gallons and can supply power for about 18 hours at 25% applied load. The hours of power supply are incredible for this tank capacity. This generator is CARB compliant, and EPA approved, thereby meeting the industrial standards. Aside from being used for household purposes, this generator is suitable for construction sites. On the front side, a handlebar is available, and the generator has attached wheels for easy transportation. Moreover, this generator comes with a warranty of three years. 

Specification of Onan 4500 generator

Manufacturer Cummins
Running watts and peak watts 4500W and 3700W
Item dimensions in inches 24.5x18.25 x 20.5
Engine displacement 224cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 3.4gallons
Noise level in decibels Below 52
Item weight in pounds 98
Warranty Three years


Detailed study about Onan p4500i generator

 In-built inverter

As far as inverter generators are concerned, only fossil fuel is used to run the engine. Ten years ago, Cummins invented an Onan generator that is efficient in terms of portability, noise level, and size. With many advanced features, these generators are one step ahead of other conventional generators. 

The main purpose of the inverter generator is to produce AC energy per engine rotation. Then this energy is converted to DC. Very importantly, the inverter technology employed in this generator will check whether the produced power is clean and free from power fluctuations. So, the generated power is safe to run sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Starting options

The starting mechanism comes with two options. You can either start the engine using an electric starter or a manual recoil system. For user convenience, this generator comes with a remote key fob. So, you can start or stop the generator option from 80 feet away from the unit. During the rainy season, if your generator is far away, the remote key fob helps you ON/OFF the generator without stepping out of the house. 

Design and construction

The generator is very sleek and fits perfectly in a small-sized room. In fact, this generator is ultra-quiet and lightweight. So, you can place it within your living room, and it occupies minimal space. The whole unit weighs about 90 pounds. With an attached handle and wheels, you can shift the generator to any place with ease. 

If you are a van dweller, the generator's small size is an advantage. This lightweight generator is a perfect companion for outdoor activities like fishing. You can enjoy all the luxury in places when you decide to stay. For example, the output wattage of 4500W is enough to run electrical appliances like a toaster, microwave oven, etc. 

Versatility and advanced features

The highlight of the Onan p4500i portable generator is its versatility. If you want to run power tools like drilling machines, lights, and steel cutters at construction sites, Ona p4500i is a perfect solution. Since this generator has met industrial standards, it is highly safe to use in public areas. Moreover, it does its job quietly without causing any disturbance to the public. 

Generally, open frame generators produce high noise levels. Unlike other open-frame generators, these generators are double insulated to cut down the noise level. So, the quiet operation of this generator will not disturb the normal conversation between two individuals. 

The generated power is safe and stable. So, it prevents any damages to sensitive electrical devices like mobile phones, laptops, gadgets, etc. The eco-made of this generator controls the rpm of the four-stroke OHV engine based on the load connected to the engine. So, the fuel consumption is less, thereby extending the lifespan of the engine. In many cases, generators with high-tech specifications come with a one-year warranty. But the Onan p4500i portable generator comes with a warranty of three years. Obviously, you don't have to think about the replacement for the whole three years. An excellent 24/7 customer support is available to assist you. Remember, proper maintenance might extend the estimated warranty period. 

Clean power and quiet operation

Onan p4500i inverter generator comes with two starting options. It is very easy to ON/OFF the generator either using the electric push button or a manual recoil system. Very importantly, cold start technology will start the engine in an instant during cold weather conditions. So, the engine will not undergo any starting troubles. 

The unit comes with attached wheels and handlebars to support portability. So, you can accompany the generator to any place. A 220cc engine provides a starting watt of 3700W and a running watt of 4500W. Since the generator is super-quiet, you can run the generator even outdoors without creating any public nuisance. Plus, the 3.4gallon fuel tank is more than enough to supply continuous power for 18 hours at an applied 25% load. With this power, you can keep the emergency devices active till the end of the day. So, you will not be left with a risk of fuel shortage. Importantly, alerting mechanisms like the low oil shut-off sensor, the unit will detect you about the low oil levels. So, you can buy gasoline from nearby gas stations. 

Connect multiple devices 

The powerful Onan p4500i generator generates a maximum starting watt of 4500W and supplies power to multiple devices connected to the unit. This generator can run small to heavy ampere appliances like refrigerator, AC, etc. Apart from this, the control panel consists of an ON/OFF switch, parallel ports, USM power outlets, reset buttons, and circuit buttons. So, you can access everything from a single spot. 

The control panel comes with sufficient power outlets, including two 120V household outlets, 120V 20A AC outlets, and 5V USB ports for connecting essential devices like mobile phones, laptops, emergency lights, etc. In addition, there is a voltmeter to measure the output voltage. Very importantly, the LCD on the unit will provide information about fuel levels and the output power. 

Parallel connectivity

An electronic inverter module turns the DC to standard AC power. The output AC comes in the purest sine form without any spikes. Hence, this clean power is safe for running sensitive electrical devices. Have you heard of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)? It is the distortion of current or voltage due to the signal harmonics. For all microprocessor electronics, the TDH must be less than 6%. This power inverter generator's output energy is very clean, and the THD remains less than 3%. So, it is extremely safe to run sensitive devices. Generally, the noise level and the fuel consumption are directly proportional to the number of loads connected to the unit. So, these generators minimize the noise and use the fuel efficiently based on the connected loads. Since the Onan p4500i generator is parallel compatible, you can connect two similar generators using a parallel kit to double the power. 

Highlights of using Onan p4500i portable generator

  1. Onan p4500 inverter generator can supply continuous power of about 18 hours at applied 25% load
  2. The unit is double insulated to cut down the noise level. Therefore, the unit remains quiet during the operation. 
  3. The control panel consists of an ON/OFF switch, reset button, parallel ports, and power outlets. So, it is easy to access the internal working
  4. The key fob help in operating the unit from 80feet away
  5. This generator has an inbuilt handle and attached wheels for easy transportation
  6. Rubber caps are used to cover outlets to prevent dust from entering inside the unit
  7. The available ports are sufficient for connecting multiple devices in parallel
  8. Start the generator using an electric start button or manual recoil system
  9. A 224cc OHV engine provides a running watt of 4500W and a starting watt of 3700W
  10. Connect two similar models in parallel to increase the output power

This product is currently unavailable in Amazon, so you can have a look on similar sized generators

Other similar sized generators

 Some of the merits of inverter generators are their size, fuel efficiency, lightweight, and portability. Moreover, the inverter technology employed in these generators produces pure sine waves with a harmonic distortion of less than 3%. Basically, an inverter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. An inverter is the only choice if you want to keep the essential devices active at times of emergency. Let us compare two inverter generators delivering an average output power of 4500W.

Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator


At times of power outages, Westinghouse iGen 4500 inverter generator is an excellent choice for RV enthusiasts and house owners who need to run essential devices like refrigerators, TV, mobiles, and torch. A 224-cc engine will provide an output power of 4500W, which is enough to run the household appliances.  A 3.4gallons capacity fuel tank will provide a continuous power supply for about 8 hours at a rated 50% load.

You can start the engine either using the electric push button or a manual recoil system. In addition, a key fob is available to start the generator remotely. Like the Onan p4500 inverter generator, this generator is super-quiet and operates at a noise level of 52 decibels. The generator comes with never-fat wheels and durable handles, thereby supporting easy portability. Although the generator weighs about 104.7 pounds, the attached wheels and handles help to move the generator with ease.

All the switches, ports, and power outlets are available on the control panel. So, it is easy to control the internal working from a single spot. For example, the LED data center available on the control panel fetches the generator's functioning data. In addition, there are LED lights to indicate the oil levels, power output, and overload. These LED lights will alert the operator if there is any internal malfunction.

As a safety measure, the circuit breakers on the control panel cut the power supply at times of overloading. In addition, a smart oil level indicator will detect the low oil level. So, you can prevent engine overheating. The whole unit comes with the accessories like a battery charger, oil funnel, spark plug, key fob, and a user manual.

Specifications of Westinghouse iGen4500 portable generator

Brand Westinghouse
Item weight 104.7 pounds
Engine 224cc
Running watts & Peak watts 3700 watts and 4500watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 25% load 18
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 18x10x15.5
Noise level 52 decibels
Fuel Type gasoline
Engine type 4 stroke
Warranty 3

Bestseller (lists)

Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 3700 Rated & 4500 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, Electric Start, RV Ready, CARB Compliant Garden & Outdoor

  • 3700 Rated Watts and 4500 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD – Telescoping Handle – Gas Powered – Remote Start With Included Key Fob, Electric and Recoil Start
  • Features a 5–20R 120V Duplex Household Outlet, an RV-Ready Tt-30R 30 Amp Outlet and Two USB Outlets – Great Choice for Travel Trailers or Home Use – Strong Enough to Run All Your Essentials
  • Led Data Center: Rotating Digital Display Shows Fuel Level, Power Output, Remaining Run Time, Vol... Read More

Westinghouse iGen4500 Vs Onan p4500i inverter generator

While comparing iGen4500 and p4500I inverter generators, most of the specifications are similar. These toe generators are ideal for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, or RVs. From the name, you can guess the output power. Both the generators provide a starting watt of 3700W and a running watt of 4500W. Since these generators are inverters, they generate clean power that is highly safe for running sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. When it comes to weight, both generators are more or less similar in weight. However, the attached handlebar and durable wheels help in easy maneuverability. 

These two generators are super-quiet and operate at a standard noise level of 52 decibels. So, the engine operation will not disturb the normal conversation between two persons. A full fuel tank will provide a runtime of about 18 hours at 25% applied load. The LED Datacenter helps to monitor the internal working of the generator. It fetches information about the parameters like hours of operation, runtime, fuel level, voltage, and output power. Apart from this, both Westinghouse iGen 4500 and Onan p4500I have similar safety features like automatic voltage shut-off system, low oil level indicator, eco mode, etc. 

Buying guide for an inverter generator

Before investing in a generator, you must consider important factors like tank capacity, fuel efficiency, runtime, output wattage, etc. In this section, we will check out the important factors in detail. 

Output wattage

You must calculate the total power demands of your house before shortlisting the generator. Definitely, you will have an idea about the appliances you need to run during a power outage. For example, suppose you want to run a TV, refrigerator, microwave oven. In that case, you must calculate the total power demands of the appliances. If 4500W is the total power demand, you must look for a generator that offers a power output of 4500W.

Fuel tank capacity and runtime

Generally, the runtime is directly proportional to the fuel tank capacity. You can go with large fuel tanks for increased runtime. Onan p4500i is a good choice since the tank capacity is about 3.4gallons and offers a runtime of 18 hours at applied 25% load.


Mostly, inverter generators come in smaller sizes. But, generators like the Onan P4500i inverter generator are exceptional. In such cases, you must check whether the generator comes with attached wheels and handlebars for easy transportation.

Warranty, Certification and customer support

The generator comes with at least a year warranty. But good customer support is always important to support you at difficult times. Cummins is always readily available with their 24/7 customer service to clear the generator-related doubts. Note, Cummins Onan p4500i inverter portable generator comes with a warranty of three years. It is really incredible in the history of generators. Check whether the generator is CARB certified and EPA approved.

Some safety tips

Once you unbox the generator, read the user manual to get clarity about the generator's working mechanism. Carefully follow the guideline to avoid any accidents. Apart from this, we have listed down some of the safety tips.

Ventilation and Carbon monoxide

Besides supplying power, the generator's continuous operation will built-up harmful gases like carbon monoxide. So, it is not safe to run the generator in closed areas. On the other hand, it is safe to run generators in open areas with sufficient ventilation. If you are planning to run the generator in your house, ensure proper ventilation is available. And also, check whether your house has CO detectors.

Burn Prevention

  1. We know that gasoline is explosive. So, you need to be careful while filling the tank. As a safety measure, we advise you not to overfill the tank. In case of overfilling, the fuel will overflow onto the hot engine and cause fire accidents
  2. You must avoid refueling when the generator is in a running state. Allow the engine to cool, and then add the fuel
  3. Avoid smoking near the generator
  4. Most of the generator parts remain hot during operation. So, you can stay certain feet away to prevent any burns

Generator operation

  1. Keep the children away from the generator
  2. Ensure proper space surrounding the generator
  3. We recommend regular inspection of the generator's working to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs
  4. Place the generator on an even surface
  5. Disconnect the spark plug and keep it away from the unit to avoid accidental starting

Final thoughts

To summarize, the Onan p4500i inverter generator is one of the fine choices for both indoor and outdoor activities. Although it is a perfect energy backup source, you must follow some safety tips to avoid fire accidents. The generated output wattage is enough to run essential electrical devices. With many automatic features, the manufacturer ensures the safety of the user, generator, and environment. Try out this generator once and become its regular customer. For best deals, check out Onan p4500i inverter generator at eCommerce sites.

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