Honda EM6500SX Portable Generator – Overview 

Are you looking for the Honda EM6500SX generator? Then, you are in the right place. Here you can find detailed information about the Honda EM6500SX portable generator. This is one of the most popular models across the world, so we have decided to review the EM6500SX series from Honda. This is capable of powering 5500 watts with 120/240V. It is one of the best models on the market today for average power output.  

This can be perfect to handle many situations with multiple electrical power tools. Though it is slightly heavier due to its dry weight of 243 pounds, its attached wheels and folding handles make the unit portable. Therefore, you can move around it wherever you go. The best thing is it has an electric system which is simple and easy to use with simple steps. You can start the engine within a few seconds effortlessly. We've done many research to gather more information about this. Let's have a close look at this for more information. 

What the Honda EM6500SX Can Power?

The Honda portable generator 6500W can operate multiple various electrical appliances simultaneously, including lights, television, air conditioner, blenders, etc. Since it has inverter technology, it runs quieter and is safe to run things. This is powered by a 389cc Honda iGX engine, which contributes delivering clean and stable power, making it suitable for sensitive devices like computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Importantly, you aren't going to spend huge money on a generator every time you use it. It is just a one-time investment. So, it is crucial to buy the best generator for long term use. So, buying Honda EM6500SX is a worthy investment. 

In addition, it can keep your freezer active at the time of power cut. Therefore, it could be the best option if you live in an area where power outage is common and frequent. The Honda 6500-watt generator can also operate window AC units and small furnaces and is ideal for residential, camping, RVs, tailgating, outdoor events, etc.

Best of all, the Honda EM6500SX generator can be paralleled with the same model to double the power as 13000 watts during emergencies. This can be useful for significant events, thanks to its parallel connectivity. You can parallel the two units together with the help of a parallel kit. It comes in a package; you don't have to purchase it separately. 

 Features Value
Engine Honda iGX engine
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.2 gal
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1.1"L x 27.8"W x 30.6"H
Starting System Electric & Recoil
Noise Level 73 dB at 50% load
Dry Weight 243 lbs
Displacement 389cc
Run Time 10.4 hours at 1/2 load
EPA Certified & CARB complaint Yes
Receptacle  20A 125V duplex receptacle, a 30A 125V locking plug, and a 30A 125/250V locking plug

What do we like in the Honda EM6500SX portable generator?

Clean and Powerful

The Honda 6500W is one of the best portable generators out there. In general, Honda is well known for its quality engine, so it delivers clean and stable power. In this case, the Honda EM6500SX portable generator is no exception. Plus, it provides outstanding performance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. 

The generator generates a starting power of 6500 watts and a continuous power of 5500 watts, which is sufficient to operate many appliances with high wattage and sensitive devices like mobiles, laptops, computers, etc. When we talk about conventional generators, they are prone to surges, and we aren't sure they will deliver stable power. Though you are paying a huge amount on portable generators, you can expect more reliable performance from them. 

There are several portable inverter generators out there, but only a few have high watts due to their price complexion. When it comes to Honda, it has many variants with high power output, and the Honda EM6500SX is one of them. Therefore, you can expect more power from it, which can operate more appliances simultaneously without a doubt. You can also double the power with its parallel kit if you need more power. With a Honda 6500-watt portable generator, you can run from a small fan in your home to a window air conditioner, refrigerators, etc.

Engine & Control Panel

With 6500 peak watts and 5500 running watts, the Honda EM6500SX portable generator is one of the most efficient and high-power suppliers in the portable gas-powered generator. In terms of the engine, it is powered by a 389cc Honda OHV iGX engine, which is reliable and powerful than other options. It supports the quieter operation and makes the unit compact and lightweight. This generates more reliable and clean power to operate any electrical power tools in your home, or camping, or job sites. 

There is an iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology, and it provides power up to 7000 watts per second. It comes with a 20A 125V duplex receptacle, a 30A 125/250V locking plug, and a 30A 125V locking plug. You can also avail a remote start key fob, 12V battery charger, etc. So, it is one of the best options for your homes and others. There is a control panel to let you operate various operations in a single place. 

Run-Time & Noise Level

The Honda EM6500SX portable gas-powered generator has a 389cc OHV Honda four-stroke engine that gives you 6500 starting watts and 5500 running watts. This can be started with either a manual recoil system or an electric starter. It lets you choose whichever you find very easy and convenient to use. When io comes to the run time, it operates for up to 10.4 hours at half load with its 6.2-gallon fuel capacity. 

In terms of the noise level, it operates at 73 decibels at rated load. It is a decent sound when it comes to portable generators. It sounds likely similar to the vacuum cleaner, and it doesn't disturb others while running. This makes it an excellent option for camping, tailgating, RVs, job sites, homes, and so on. The Honda 6500-watt generator is ideal for sensitive electronics like smartphones, laptops etc. 

Built-in Safety Features

The best thing about the Honda is its safety features. The Honda EM6500SX portable generator comes with a light alert, engine shut off, low oil indicator, etc. It features three different light indicators, which you can find on the control panel. The lights will come on only if something goes wrong in the operational process. Otherwise, they will be simply normal and don't react. Each light indicates various potential trouble. One is for indicating oil level, while another is for overload detection.

The third one is for power output. All you need to do is to minimize the light indication come to on position. It means you'll have to fill the fuel before reaching low since it indicates you only when reach the low level and the same thing for other cases as well. Therefore, keep track of three things to avoid lightings and prevent damages. However, it will get the job done automatically even if you aren't responding to the alert. With its low oil shutoff, it will automatically turn off the engine when it reaches a low oil level. The electronic circuit breaker, on the other hand, shuts the engine off when it detects overload. These safety features protect the generator from engine severe damages. Therefore, investing your money in Honda EM6500SX is worthier. 

Bestseller (lists)

Honda EM6500S Generator w/ Electric Start Patio, Lawn & Garden

  • 389cc engine
  • Electric start
  • 6,500 watts of output
  • Comes with wheel kit
  • 36 month warranty... Read More

Best Alternative to Honda EM6500SX

Honda EU7000iS Portable Generator

The Honda EU7000iS is one of the best alternatives to the Honda EM6500SX portable generator. IT features an electrical and recoil starter that lets you choose any option that you find convenient to operate the engine. The electric starter is simple and easy to use, but they give a manual recoil for backup. If you find any difficulty in the electric start, you can use recoil instead. 

It comes with an i-Monitor to track its various operations, including operation hours, battery life, and others. With this, you can monitor your generator's status and health to prevent it before they affect the generator's performance. 

When it comes to the run time, it delivers around 18 hours with its 5.1-gallon fuel capacity. If you run the generator at a rated load, you probably can have the power for 6 hours on a full fuel tank. This is a relatively quiet generator, it noises at 50-60 decibels, depending on the load. It is powered by a 389cc Honda GX OHV engine, making it ideal for camping, homes, outdoor events, job sites, etc.


Overall, the Honda EM6500SX is a powerful and energy-efficient generator on the market today. This open-frame model makes the unit simple, compact, and lightweight. However, its weight of 261 Ibs make it slightly heavier but thanks to its never-flat tires and handlebars for easy portability. Since it is quite pricier than its competitors, but it is good value for the money and worthier to buy. 

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  • Electric start
  • 7,000 watts of output
  • Eco Throttle
  • 36 month warranty... Read More

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