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Literally, a black-out day will halt your daily routine. But you can overcome power shortages using generators. When you plan to buy a generator, the first thing that pops into your mind is the “Brand.” If you have no clue about generators, you can have a try on Honda generators. These generators come with simple operational methods. Very importantly, Honda gives priority to user safety and comes with impressive features. So, these generators are easy to operate even by an inexperienced operator. In this article, we will discuss the Honda EM5000MX. Keep reading to explore more about this generator.

Honda has a wide range of generators, starting from an entry-level 1000W inverter to high output generators. Performance, quality, efficiency, and safety are the common factors seen in every Honda model. In the case of the EM5000MX, it is specially designed with a durable frame for industries. With an average output of 5000W, you can run the essential power tools like welding and drilling machines, etc.

Why do we prefer Honda EM5000SX?

It is one of the industrial generators that have high customer ratings. It is powered by an iGX engine that keeps the RPM constant during load variations. So, the power output is stable and safe to run sensitive devices. Apart from industrial use, you also use this generator to keep the whole house devices active at times of emergencies.

Generally, the Honda EM and EB series is equipped with iVAR technology to boost the power supply in an instant after the engine ignition. It is a reliable generator that comes with rugged construction to protect the engine from bad weather. In addition, it is powered by a powerful iGX series engine that is faster, quieter, and easy to use compared to traditional generator engines. Unlike other generators, it features a CO-MINDER that automatically shut-off the engine when the CO level is high.

Honda EM5000SX generator- Product Overview

The average output power of 5000W is enough to run the essential devices like TV, refrigerator, washing machines. And also, it is suitable for running power tools at job sites. Looking at its exterior, it comes in red and black color code with durable construction.

The tank capacity is about 6.6-gallon and can provide a runtime of about 14 hours at rated half load. Very importantly, it consists of a smart eco-mode that reduces the engine speed based on the connected loads. So, you can save fuel and extend the runtime.

This generator is quiet with a low decibel rating of about 63 dBA. Further, you can reduce the noise level using noise mufflers. One important point to note here is, it is equipped with iVAR technology. So, the voltage is stable despite load variations, and the power is safe to run sensitive devices. In addition, you will get an additional power of 7000W for 10 seconds after the engine ignition. So, you can use this power to start the heavy ampere appliances like refrigerators and air compressors.

A 398cc engine delivers a starting watt of 7000W and a running watt of 5000W. It is a computer-controlled engine that delivers a stellar performance. You can start the engine using an electric starter. Plus, the generator has a recoil backup. It is CARB compliant and comes with a warranty of three years.


 A detailed study of Honda EM5000SX generator


Tank capacity and Noise ratings

At full load condition, a 6.2-gallon gasoline tank offers a runtime of about 10.5 hours. On the other hand, you will get a continuous power supply for about 7.1 hours at an applied 50% load. The main highlight of this generator is the noise level. The powerful engine does its operation in a silent mode without disturbing the user and the surroundings. You can minimize the standard noise level of 63 decibels using noise mufflers.

Power output and engine

A powerful 389cc engine offers a starting watt of 7000W and 5000W. Very importantly, the iVAR technology in this generator will provide additional power to boost the heavy laid appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. So, there is no delay in powering the electrical devices. In addition, this technology will minimize the voltage fluctuation to about 50% during load variations. The generated power is clean without any power fluctuations. So, it is safe to run sensitive devices like TV, lights, fans, and valuable power tools.

Some of the benefits of iGX engine are given below

  1. After engine ignition, additional power is used for starting the heavy ampere loads
  2. The surge watts is high
  3. The engine’s autothrottle mechanism will conserve fuel
  4. The maintenance is easy
  5. It is perfect for homeowners and job sites


iGX features 

  1. The digital CDI ignition system will kick start the engine in an instant
  2. It consists of an electric governor to minimize the voltage loss. So, you can boost the output power
  3. The Electronic Control Unit sends information to the machine’s Self-Tuning Regulator about the engine ignition


Starting mechanism

This generator comes with two starting mechanisms. You can start the generator either using an electric push-button or a recoil system. But, you will face starting trouble if you put the generator idle for long hours. So, we advise you to start the engine frequently to distribute the oil evenly. In addition, you can extend the battery lifespan.

Control Panel and Safety features 

The control panel consists of essential switches like engine ON/OFF, autothrottle, circuit breaker, power outlets, CO-MINDER, and voltage regulator. The Power outlets like two 20A 125V duplex receptacles, a 30A 125/250V lock plug, and a 30A 125V locking plug are enough to run a wide range of appliances at a time.

Actually, generators emit dangerous CO (Carbon monoxide) into the air. So, traditional generators are kept in open space to avoid CO built-up. In the case of Honda EM5000SX, the CO-MINDER will detect the CO in the air and automatically shut off the engine when it exceeds the limit.

A notable feature of this generator is the voltage regulator. You can switch between 120V or 120V 240V based on the appliance’s power requirements. You can switch to 120V to supply the full output to start heavy ampere appliances like air conditioners. In addition, the eco-throttle mechanism will reduce the engine speed based on the connected loads. So, you can save fuel and extend the runtime. Apart from this, the power outlets come with rubber caps for ensuring safety.

Honda always cares for its customers. So, all the Honda models come with basic safety features like a low oil shut-off system that stops the engine operation when the oil level is low. Plus, the circuit breaker will cut off the power supply during overloading conditions.

Warranty, Weight, and Certification

Compared to EB6500w, this generator is heavy and weighs about 226.4 pounds. But, you can move the generator with ease using the attached wheels and foldable handlebars. This generator is CARB and OSHA compliant. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of three years.

Highlighting features of a Honda EM5000SX generator

  1. An air-cooled 389cc engine will provide a peak watt of 7000W and a continuous watt of 5000W. The output watt is enough to run multiple appliances in parallel
  2. This generator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities
  3. Durable construction will protect the engine and other key components from external damage
  4. This generator comes with two starting mechanisms. You can either use an electric start button or a recoil button to start the engine
  5. A 6.2-gallon gasoline tank will offer a runtime of about 10.5 hours at an applied 50% load. At full load condition, the runtime is about 7.1 hours at rated full load
  6. The CO-MINDER will detect the CO levels and shut off the engine when the CO level goes high
  7. You can switch between 120V and 120V 240V using a voltage regulator. So, you can use the 120V to utilize full output for starting the heavy load appliances
  8. The eco-throttle mechanism will control the engine speed based on the connected loads. So, you can save fuel and increase the runtime
  9. It is CARB compliant and comes with a warranty of three years
  10. Although the generator is heavy, the attached wheels and durable handlebars help in easy portability

Specifications of Honda EM5000SX generator

Manufacturer Honda
Output wattage 5000W
Item dimensions in inches 41.4X27.8X28.3
Engine displacement 389cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) 10.5hours  
Tank capacity 6.2gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 63
Item weight in pounds 226.4
Warranty in years 3

Bestseller (lists)

Honda 663640 EM5000SX 120V/240V 5000-Watt 389cc Portable Generator with Co-Minder Garden & Outdoor

  • 5,000-watt generator can power countless devices and appliances
  • Use to power your fridge, furnace, well pump, or other equipment around your home
  • Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation technology keeps voltage stable during operation for consistent power output
  • 7,000-watt starting power for high initial amp equipment
  • Runs for 11.2 hours at 50 percent power; full power lasts 8.1 hours ... Read More

Final words

To summarize, Honda EM and EB series come with durable construction to withstand the tough coastal climate. Honda EM5000SX is a complete package of high-tech specifications. And also, the safety features will protect the engine from any damage. Very importantly, the iVAR technology and iGX engine guarantee efficiency and performance. Apart from this, the CO-MINDER makes the generator environmentally friendly. In short, Honda EM5000SX will not break your bank.

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