Honda EG2800I Portable Inverter Generator – Overview

Honda has been the number one brand for generators over decades for its efficiency and affordability. It has many variants, including an inverter generator and a portable generator. They are great at producing the best moving inverter generators. In general, the inverter generators are the best comparatively regular generators. They generate clean and constant energy and are easily portable. The best thing is they can turn AC into DC with ease for more stability. This makes them suitable for sensitive devices as well. Besides, they are user-friendly and eco-friendly.

They run quieter and don't pollute the surroundings. So that you can operate this anywhere, including camping, outdoor events, tailgating, RVs, etc. It doesn't disturb you and your neighbors. On this page, we've reviewed one of the best inverter generators from Honda, namely the Honda eg2800i inverter generator. This is a lightweight, compact, and super quiet generator. These impressive features have gained attention among buyers, so we thought everyone should get to know this fabulous inverter generator manufactured by Honda. Continue to read the entire article for more information.

Honda eg2800i Generator – Product Review

The Honda 2800-watt generator tops on the table right now. There is no other inverter portable generator that can beat the performance and features of the Honda eg2800i gas inverter generator. So, we've decided to review the model. This is a perfect option for camping, RVs, tailgating, and more, thanks to its Eco throttle mechanism. This not just controls the engine speed but also reduces the noise level, thereby making it a super quiet generator. Since it adjusts the engine speed based on the load, it makes the unit fuel-efficient. The best thing is it comes with a Honda engine, thus ensuring the longevity of the generator. In terms of the noise level, it makes the noise at a rate of 67 decibels, so you don't even hear the noise.

There is Oil Alert technology to track the oil level in your generator, and it brings the engine off when the low level is low. By doing this, it protects the engine from getting damaged due to low oil. Since it is compact and lightweight, you can take it anywhere you go. Since it has a recoil starter, it helps you start the engine with simple steps. Unlike others, you don't have to put effort into starting and running the generator. The powerful 186cc Honda engine helps conserve the fuel and makes it fuel-efficient, and serves for a longer period. Another best thing is that it is parallel compatible, which means you can connect two units together for double the power during emergencies. It delivers a good run time and is easy to maintain. The Honda comes with a warranty of three years.

Specifications of Honda EG 2800i generator

Brand Honda EG 2800i
Item weight 67.5 Ibs
Engine 180cc OHV engine
Running watts & Peak watts 2500 watts and 2800 watts, respectively
Run time in hours at 50% load 5.2 hours
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.1 gallon
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine type 4 stroke engines

What we like in the Honda EG 2800i Inverter Generator 

  • The Honda EG2800i generator is lightweight, quiet, portable, and durable
  • It supplies a continuous power of 2500W and peak power of 2800W, which is enough to run essential appliances like TV, laptops, and mobiles.
  • This provides a long run time compared to other inverter generators
  • Since it is parallel compatible, you can pair two units together to twice the power
  • This is a very quiet generator, producing noise at 67 dBA
  • It is powered by a 186cc Honda OHHV engine
  • With a 2.1-gallon capacity, it supplies 11.9 hours run time at 1.4 load
  • It uses a recoil system to start the engine
  • Comes with a warranty of two years
  • This is ideal for camping, tailgating, RVs, homes, job sites, etc.


In The Box

In the package, you can have the Honda EG 2800i generator with a user manual. They don't include anything extra. It weighs just 67.5 pounds, and the dimensions are 16.9 x 17.6 x 18.9 inches. So, it is easy to carry and transfer wherever you go. The company Honda doesn't offer oil as some other companies do. But your investment is quite worthy and comes for longer. This is because everyone prefers Honda generators when thinking of buying the generator. Moreover, the Honda is popular for inverter generators, so that you can buy it without any hesitation. One best thing about the Honda is simple to maintain and doesn't cost too much that.

Generator Design 

The generator's design is a crucial factor and so remember to check the design before finalizing the model. It is because you need to change the oil frequently within hours. And it's not wrong to familiarize the design before buying the generator. Though it comes with the user manual, it is better to familiarize with its things. Plus, the maintenance is easy and simple.

In addition, it features a carbon monoxide detector to track the CO levels. It shuts the engine when the unit finds its level is too high. There is an eco-throttle mechanism that helps conserve the fuel and aids for quieter operation. Therefore, you can have the fuel-efficient generator for a longer period. The Bluetooth system helps you set and monitor the unit with ease.

The Honda EG2800i generator comes with several safety features, including low oil, shut off, hour meter, circuit breaker, and many more. This is pretty standard in Honda generators, so the Honda 2800-watt portable generator is no exception. When you run the unit, it'll drain the fuel out of the carburetor, making it excellent for long-term storage.

All you need to do is download "Honda My Generator," and you can monitor generator-related things and can operate the generator to your phone without leaving your comfort zone. It comes in handy and lets you take over the controls remotely. In general, Honda is well known for its performance and quality. Apart from that, it is user-friendly in nature and is easy to use and run. These impressive features make the unit much more manageable.

Noise Level

Without a doubt, its noise level is very crucial, so you should check before buying a generator. Most Honda generators are quieter. The Honda EG2800i is made with inverter technology, so it is a quiet generator as well. It produces a noise level of 67 dBA at rated load. This is an average level of portable inverter generators. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner, and it does not disturb your neighbors while running. Are you living in a city? Don't want to disturb your neighbors? Then, the Honda EG2800i generator is a perfect option for you. On the other hand, the Honda generator has an efficient and reliable engine that delivers clean and stable power, making it ideal for sensitive electrical appliances like television, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Things Honda EG2800i Can Run

The Honda EG 2800i has a commercial engine, which is strong enough to run household electronics, including lights, fans, and others. You can also charge your mobile, laptop, and other electronic devices. Since it doesn't include high power output, you cannot run heavy ampere appliances. If you are purchasing this just for temporary, this would be the right choice. Since it comes in handy, it is suitable for RVs, camping, etc. With the help of parallel compatibility, you can able to double the power in case of emergencies so that you can charge your devices like air conditioning and heaters. It is one of the best power backup inverter generators for your home.

In general, the Honda generators are higher than competitor models. Like other Honda generators, it also has a hefty price tag. Remember, it is costlier compared to other models, but nothing can beat this performance. You will have a durable generator that will last longer than others. Though the DuroMax and Champion generators come under the budget category, whereas Honda brands are premium brands, so they are more expensive. However, this is completely worthier for the money.

Things to Note

Though the Honda EG 2800i inverter generator is pretty good, it has some drawbacks like others. There is no electric starter, and rather it comes with a recoil system which is slightly hard to use than electric. However, we see so many reviews on faulty electrical push-starts, and according to experts, manual recoil starts are carelessly prone to faults. This might be the reason why the Honda EG series use a recoil system rather than an electrical starter. Therefore, we are sure that you'll have a better experience with this Honda EG2800i portable inverter gas generator.

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