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Unexpected Power Cuts will put your work upside down. But you can turn a black-out day to bright using generators. Average output power from a generator can save you from a miserable day. But the actual confusion is the brand. Generally, if you are buying some new product, you will prefer using top-level models. In that way, Honda has been the top-rated brand since ages. Honda offers a wide range of generators with no compromise in quality and performance. According to your power demands, you can choose the best Honda generator. In this article, we will look into the Honda EB6500W that delivers plenty of power.

 What is the speciality of Honda EB series?

Honda EB series from Honda is specifically designed for job sites. In total, there are seven EB generators in the line. Each of them carries similar features with slight differences like tank capacity, runtime, etc. The models like EB6500 and EB5000 are powered by an iGX390 engine. On the other hand, Honda EB4000 comes with an iGX270 engine. All the seven EB models come with two starting options. You can either start the generator using an electric starter or a recoil system. The noise level lies in the range of 70 decibels, and the warranty is about three years.

Unique features of Honda EB series

All the EB series are OSHA compliant and come with GFCI protection to protect fire accidents. So, it is quite safe to run at construction sites. These generators come with Cycloconverter technology that creates stable and clean power, unlike standard generators.

EB series will start supplying power within 10 seconds after pressing the electric starter. So, there is no delay in powering up the large equipment. Very importantly, all the generators have a sturdy design and are reliable.

Honda EB6500- Product Overview

As we said earlier, Honda EB6500 generators are for industrial purposes. So, the construction is durable and comes with an average output of 6500W to run the power tools like welding machines, wall cutters, small lights, etc. Generally, you will observe a power fluctuation when there is a variation in the connected loads. But Honda is equipped with iVAR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology to ensure a stable power supply. So, it is safe to run the delicate tools at the job sites. In addition, this technology will provide additional starting power for about 10 seconds. So, you can utilize this energy to start heavy ampere appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners.

A notable feature of this generator is CO-MIDER that monitors the CO (Carbon monoxide) levels around the generator unit. When there is a high CO level, CO-MINDER will automatically shut off the engine before the CO builds upon the surface of the generator. In that way, you can prevent any accidents.

Generally, we know that the iGX series is best known for its performance. These automatic engines are highly efficient and conserve fuel to a great extent. With automated technology, controlling the engine is easier. So, you will get exactly what you want from these high-speed engines. In addition, you can switch between 120V and 240V using a voltage selector.

When it comes to runtime, you will get a continuous power supply of about 9.8 hours at rated half load condition. At full load condition, the runtime is about 6.4 hours. For safety, all the outlets come with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Protection).

A detailed review on Honda EB6500W generator

Power wattage and Engine

Honda EB6500W generator provides an output wattage of 6500W that is enough to keep the power tools active. Since this generator is equipped with iVAR technology, it delivers a starting watt of 7000W. So, you can utilize the additional power to start the heavy load equipment for about 10 seconds.

All the EM and EB series of Honda generators are powered by iVAR technology to boost the performance and starting watts. This technology will cut down the power fluctuations by about 50% during the load variations. So, the power is stable and safe to run the electrical appliances. In the case of conventional generators, the Engine’s RPM slows down when loads are applied. It might affect the generator’s frequency and voltage. In contrast, iVAR generators eliminate voltage fluctuation. These generators are equipped with an iGX engine that maintains consistent RPM despite the load variation.

Apart from this, you can get multiple benefits by using iGX engines.

  1. There is no delay in power supply after the ignition
  2. You will obtain high output
  3. These engines are fuel-efficient
  4. Easy to use
  5. Suitable for job sites
  6. Maintenance is easy

 Features of an iGX engine

  1. The Engine consists of a digital CDI ignition system to boost the ignition process
  2. The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will communicate with (STR) Self-tuning regulator to give information about the engine ignition to the machine.
  3. An electronic governor will reduce the voltage loss to increase the output wattage

Control panel

The control panel is the main operating section of the generator. So, you can access everything from a single spot. It consists of an ON/OFF engine switch, CO-MINDER, circuit breaker, voltage regulator, auto throttle switch, and power outlets.

The CO-MINDER will detect the CO levels and automatically shut off the Engine before the CO gas nears the generator. So, you can protect the unit from accidents. In addition, the circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply between the generator and the appliances at times of overloading.

Very importantly, you can switch to 120V or use 240V and 120V. Using 120V, you can supply total generator output to a high amperage appliance like refrigerators and air conditioners. Apart from this, the auto throttle stem will control the engine speed based on the loads connected to the unit. So, you can conserve fuel and increase the runtime. All the power outlets come with rubber caps for extra protection during the winter season.

Like other generators, it consists of basic features like a low oil shut-off system to stop the engine operation when the oil level is low. Plus, an air-cooled engine and proper ventilation inside the unit protect the Engine and key components from damage.

Tank capacity and Noise level

A 6.2gallon fuel tank can offer a runtime of about 9.8 hours at a rated half load condition. On the other hand, the runtime is about 6.4 hours at an applied 100% load. This generator is quiet and operates at a noise level in the range of 64-67 dBA. Further, you can cut down the noise level using a noise muffler.

Starting mechanism

You can start the generator using an electric starter or a manual recoil system. At times of push-button failure, you can ignite the Engine in an instant using a recoil system. We recommend frequent engine ignition for about 10 minutes to distribute the oil levels. So, you will not find any issue in starting the Engine even after two months. In addition, you can extend the battery life.

Weight and Warranty

The Honda EB6500 generator is heavy and weighs about 215 pounds. But, the attached wheels and foldable handlebars support easy transportation. Since it is an industrial generator, the never-flat tires move smoothly over rough terrain. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of three years.

Highlights of Honda EB6500W generator

  1. A powerful 389cc engine delivers an output power of 6500W that is sufficient to run power tools
  2. Honda EB6500 is specially designed for industrial purpose
  3. A 6.2-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 9.8 hours at an applied 50% load. Runtime might reduce when the laid increases
  4. At half load condition, the noise level is about 64 dBA. You can minimize the noise level using a noise muffler
  5. You can either use an electric push-button or recoil system to start the Engine
  6. The auto-throttle mechanism will control the engine RPM based on the connected load. So, you can conserve the fuel
  7. You can switch between a single 120V or 120V 240V using a voltage regulator. It helps to supply the full power to start heavy load appliances
  8. It is OSHA compliant and comes with a three-year warranty
  9. This iVAR generator is powered by an iGX engine to maintain the engine RPM despite load variation
  10. The CO-MINDER will shut off the Engine when the CO level goes high
  11. Cycloconverter technology provides stable power. So, it is safe to run valuable power tools without causing any damages

Specifications of Honda EB6500W generator  

Manufacturer Honda
Output wattage 6500W
Item dimensions in inches 41.4X27.8X30.4
Engine displacement 389cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) 9.8hours  
Tank capacity 6.2gallon
Noise level in decibels at 50% load 64
Item weight in pounds 215
Warranty in years 3


As a whole, Honda EB6500 stands away from the crowd with its unique features and specifications. This iVAR generator is reliable and available at a reasonable price. In addition, you will not find a minute fault in iGX engine performance. Apart from this, additional power to boost heavy load appliances is an added advantage. In short, it is a wise investment.

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