Honda 5000 Generator Overview

Are you looking for an inverter generator with average power output? Then, the Honda 5000 Generator would be the best choice.

It has 5000 watts, which is not too high or low, a capable of running basic and essential appliances in your home, camping, job site, etc. It is a simple design, compact model inverter generator, easy to transfer than high watts models.

With 5000 watts, you can run multiple electrical devices for around 11 hours, depending on the load. There are so many improved features included than its previous models. So, we have reviewed this Honda generator to know more about it.

On this page, you can find information like features, pros, cons, price, and more about it. Let's take a close look at this for more details.

What can the EM5000S power?

The Honda EM5000S can power for up to 5000 watts to run the electrical appliances. With this, you can operate multiple devices at the same time.

It uses 5300 watts as starting power and 5000 watts as running power. Using high power all time may damage or decrease the longer run. So, it is essential to run at an optional load. Try not to extend the limit that is good for the generator.

For instance, you can use electrical appliances like five lights, a refrigerator, a television, a small furnace, and a microwave at once. For your home appliances, you can operate garage door openers, air conditioners, and furnace fans.

One of the interesting facts about the model is this one can power most electrical devices with its incredible power, making it ideal for residential, camping, outdoor events, tailgating, etc. So, there is no requirement for a parallel connection.

Specifications Value
Engine Honda iGX390
AC Output 120/240V 5000W max. (41.2/20.8A) / 4500W rated (37.5/18.6A)
DC Output 12V, 100W (8.3A)
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.2 Gallons
Starting System Electric & Recoil
Dimensions (L x W x H) 41.1″ x 27.8″ x 28.3″
Dry Weight 232 lbs
Noise Level 66 dB at rated load; 63 dB at 50% load
Receptacle 20A 125V GFCI Duplex (2), 30A 125V Locking Plug, 30A 125/250V Locking Plug
Displacement 389cc

What we liked

1. Starter

The starter is the primary concern when it comes to the generator. The Honda is well known for the concern and comes with an electrical starter.

Usually, there are three types of starters, including recoil, electric, and remote starter. Recoil is like a pull start; you want to start the engine by pulling it. You may lose the energy if you do like this.

In the electric starter, there is no need to pull rather, you can do it easily with the push of a button. Just turn on the key to start the engine. Anyone can do it quickly, even children too.

However, the Honda 5000 generator (EM5000S) comes with both the starter. In case of emergency, like if the electric start fails to start the machine, you can go with recoil. It is better to use the recoil start while installing the generator.

2. Multiple Plug-Ins

As discussed, the Honda 5000 inverter generator has a lot of power. In order to use all the power to operate the appliances at the same time, you need multiple plugs in.

There are power strips and extension cords out there to increase the number of outlets. However, you don't want to buy them separately as it comes with a lot of plug-ins. You know what appliances you will be powering for, so use the plug-ins accordingly.

However, it is safer for your appliances when directly plugging into the generator than using other strips or cords.

The Honda EM5000S comes with four plug outlets and spots to hook various wires up to. If you want to operate a single large appliance, any model is acceptable. But to run multiple large devices at once, most inverter generators won't have the ability but the Honda EM5000S will.

3. Consistency and Stability

There is an iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology, making you avail of clear and stable power, allowing you to run even sensitive electrical appliances like mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.

When you are planned to buy the inverter generator, you probably know for what purposes you'll use them. However, when it comes to the Honda EM5000S, it can be used for any purpose in any situation. So, there is no need to explore it more.

It is capable of serving multiple electrical appliances at the same time with powerful constant power. You don't have to worry about the damages of the appliances. It ensures the safety of the generator with its warranty period.

When you look for cheaper generators with less features, they are not sure about handling electronic devices well. They may damage your devices due to their short circuit. This is why it is better to choose a generator with clean and stable power, which ensures the safety of the appliances.

You'll also need to consider the brand of the generator before buying it. Compared to all inverter generators, the Honda EM5000S delivers a superior combination of power.

What we didn't like

1. Voltage Selector

A voltage selector is one of the drawbacks of the Honda 5000 generator. It allows you to use the limit output to 120 volts or full 240 volts either. However, it is not a big deal as, in many ways, it helps you increase efficiency.

You are advised only to use full volts when it's necessary means in case of emergency. Use it when your appliances are critical and require power for running.

You have to be aware of it before doing something; if you are not mindful or forgetful, it could lead you to some troubles or confusion.

2. Size

Size is one of the concerns when it comes to the generator. Most inverter generators are portable, but some with high power may be difficult to transfer.

The Honda 5000 generator is one among them. It is hard to move around or carry due to its high power and design. Its dimension is 41.1″ x 27.8″ x 28.3″ and weight is 232 lbs, so it is hard to transfer. It is a powerful inverter generator made with a sturdy metal frame, making the generator heavier.

Along with the frame, the components of the generator add some bulkiness to the generator. This is why it is slightly heavier than other small power inverter generators.

However, the Honda EM5000S can be compatible with wheels and folding handles, making the Honda 5000 inverter generator move around anywhere. In order to keep the generator in your car storage, two can lift and place the generator in your car for the transport process.

Is this the generator for you?

The Honda 5000 generator can be the perfect choice if you live in a remote location or power failure is expected or for camping and outdoor events.

It powers multiple electrical appliances at the same time. This could be a perfect option for sensitive devices too. With this model, you can enjoy clean and stable power, so it doesn't damage your devices at any cost.

If you want to run one or a few large appliances at once, you can go with the option. However, you'll need to buy a more powerful inverter generator to operate a lot of large appliances simultaneously.

Another consideration should be maintained. Usually, the maintenance will cost extra every single time to do. It is better to choose the generator that requires low and periodic maintenance, such as oil changing, battery charging, etc.

In this case, the Honda 5000 generator is literally a perfect choice. There is no need for frequent maintenance so that you don't have to spend money on that. Buying the Honda EM5000S is a one-time investment for the long run!


  • With the inclusion of wheels and folding handles, the portability of the generator is easier. They will come up with the package; if you don't get it, you can buy it separately.
  • We know that Honda is popular for quality and performance, so the Honda 5000 generator is not exceptional. It makes this model significantly superior than its competitor models.
  • Engine efficiency is good with its eco throttle.
  • Lightweight, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, and user friendly
  • Relatively quiet inverter generator than some competitive models out there
  • Includes iAVR Technology to track the consistent flow of voltage


  • It is slightly expensive, but its improved features, performance, and quality justify it.
  • There is no CARB-compliant, so you can only use this for some states.
  • It doesn't include a digital display that helps you to track generator status easily, such as fuel level, load, power output, etc.


Overall, the Honda EM5000S is a powerful, durable, and reliable inverter generator. Honda is one of the popular brands that has been on the market for years and is well known for superior quality products and high-end performance. The Honda 5000 generator doesn't need any justification for quality and reliability. So go ahead, try it, we are sure that you won't be disappointed by investing your money in this model!

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  • Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation technology keeps voltage stable during operation for consistent power output
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