Honda 3000 generator

Review and user guide.

When people hear the name "Honda," the first thing that comes to their mind is trust and reliability. That is the kind of impact Honda has made on their customers with their products. Be it cars, bikes, or generators, they have made the best in the market, and this Japanese company has earned the trust of millions worldwide. There are many types of generators Honda makes that are useful for both household and outdoor usages. In this article, we wanted to review the Honda 3000is generator- one of the best moving 3000 watts generators on the market. Though Honda EU 2000i is one of the best-selling portable generators by Honda, Honda 3000is is mainly for people who want some extra power during their RV travel and camping. Is this generator worth its price? Can I upgrade my old generator with this 3000 watts generator? Let's find out. 

Honda 3000is generator:


  • Brand: Honda
  • Wattage: 2800 watts
  • Item Weight: 144 Pounds
  • Color: EU3000iS - 3000 Watts Gas Powered - Portable Inverter
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Engine Type: Gas
  • Output Wattage: 3000 Watts
  • Tank Volume: 3.4 Gallons

Product overview:

This generator produces running watts of 3000W and starring watts of 2800W. A 3.4-gallon fuel tank can have power for 20hrs at a rate of 25% of the applied load. Notably, the inverter technology incorporated in the generator will produce clean energy and safe running sensitive devices. First of all, the exterior is made of a durable steel frame. So, the generator can withstand bad weather conditions without any damage. Since the generator is shielded with solid steel, it weighs heavily. So, you need to purchase a separate wheel kit for easy transportation. Although it is heavy, the steel frame gives increased durability to the generator. 

Honda EU3000IS1A is one of the heaviest Honda generators weighing about 131 pounds. But, people can move quickly with the help of two handlebars. If you want a different wheel kit, you can purchase it from e-commerce sites. This generator can promptly start with an electric starter and produces a noise level of 57 decibels at a rated load. The circuit breaker will protect the engine from overheating. The eco-throttle mechanism will control the engine speed based on the electrical loads plugged into the generator. The oil alert shutoff system will turn off the engine when the oil level drops below the minimum. You can run a wide range of electrical appliances like refrigerators, computers, laptops, and air conditioners using a 12V 12A DC outlet, two 120V 20A, and 120V 30A outlets.

Why we like Honda 3000is generator:

  1. The generator is quiet in operation and produces a noise level of 57 decibels at a rated load.
  2. Although the generator weighs about 131 pounds, it is easy to lift using two handlebars. 
  3. The eco-throttle mechanism will slow down the engine RPM based on the applied loads. 
  4.  A powerful 196cc engine gives a runtime for about 20 hours with a 3.4-gallon gasoline tank
  5. You can gain extra power since Honda EU3000is is parallel compatible
  6. You can start the generator either using an electric push-button or manual recoil
  7. A strong steel frame exterior increase the durability of the generator

The control panel:

I want to tell you about some of the things you have to do to get ready and put the generator together. So in this, there are three different sides that you need to pay attention to. The first side is where you put the oil in. The next step is to open up the door on the side and check to make sure it has an air filter. You must want to make sure that it is protected. You should always check to make sure that it is so that you protect your investment. On the front panel here, we've got a few things that we need to look for. 

The key is at the back, which will start the generator. There's a choke; you pull that out to get fuel in it, especially if it's cold and you need to first startup. You have a fuel valve used to turn a few on and off the fuel off when not in use. The next is the eco throttle. Vehicle throttle has an on-off switch. When it is on, it idles down, and when it doesn't need as much power, it speeds back up when it asks for power. You can turn it off, and turning it off ramps the speed of the motor up and keeps it powered up. 

The design and engine:

Before going much further into the specifications, there's a pull handle on this side as well, which if the battery is dead, you can flip this to the on the switch and pull that handle and start the generator. All right for the other specifications, one is length 25.9 inches, the width is 17.6 inches, and the height is 22.0 inches. And for the dry mass, weight weighs 130.7 pounds. Yes, 130.7 pounds. If I had to guess, I'd say by the time you add the fuel and oil and stuff, and you're reaching around 136 pounds, so I would highly recommend if you're going to move this thing around, get too strong people or 3 or 4 people to help carry it around. 

Now you can get a century Ford, a wheel kit, and other things like that, which comes with a manual. Like that with it, so just kind of keep that in mind. If you plan on getting this and power in your RV or anything else, keep in mind, it is pretty heavy. The engine is a four-stroke which means you just put regular gas, and you don't have to mix all or anything like that. The engine speed runs around 3500 to 3800 RPM. The fuel tank capacity is about 3.5 gallons or 3.43 gallons per the manual, so it doesn't take much fuel. Oil capacity is 18 ounces now. Eighteen ounces isn't a whole lot of oil, but it does the work very efficiently. 

The things Honda 3000is can run:

The Honda 3000is can run some of your essential electrical appliances like air conditioning, heater and charge your accessories. If you have an RV and like to go on trips often, then this generator will be perfect for you. This generator can fulfill your emergency needs and charge up the RV essentials. While you are camping or trekking, power backup is one of the essential factors to look into. So we recommend this excellent generator that can do the work even in the woods. If you own an RV, it is like owning a mini home. It has many electronics like a cooking compartment, mini-fridge, air conditioning, etc. So to keep them running, you need this kind of generator that will do the task. 


Honda generators are very easy to maintain, and you don't have to spend a fortune to keep them up and run. Routine oil change with general maintenance once in a while will keep your generator as new as you first brought them, even after a few years. One of the frequent compliments this Honda 3000is generator has received from its customers is how easy it is to maintain this generator and how cost-effective the maintenance process is. Just clean the carburetor regularly so that dirt doesn't form around them and make sure the engine and fuel mouth is adequately cleaned and maintained. 


One of the things that people worry about Honda generators is that their price tags are very hefty than its competitors. Though they give quality products that run along, an average Honda generator is twice in price as Champion or Duromax. But the quality and durability of honda generators have some loyal customers and other people who still prefer Honda over any other brand. It also comes with a three years warranty, and it has an excellent customer support system. It has both commercial and industrial warranty types so that you can use them for your home and workplace too. 

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  • Super quiet: so quiet, your neighbors will thank you; the EU3000is operates at 49 to 58 dB (A), which is less noise than a normal conversation; this makes it ideal for camping, RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation
  • Fuel efficient runs up to 20 hours on 3.4 Gal. of fuel: thanks to our exclusive eco-thro... Read More

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