Honda 1000 generator

We know that you are eyeing a generator. If you are looking for a long-lasting generator, then you are on the right site. Honda generators are king in the generator field. They have a wide variety of generators with outstanding features and specifications. You must know your purpose before selecting the generators. You will be confused about choosing the best generator since most of the Honda generators are lightweight, portable, and super quiet.

So, we are here to discuss the most sought-after entry-level model EU1000i. You will get to know the special features and the method of operation. With these details, you can operate any Honda generator series since all the generators have the same basic features. This is the reason why Honda generators are called user-friendly generators. We will get into a detailed discussion about EU1000i to know the additional features of Honda generators.

Why do we recommend the Honda EU1000i?

Buying a generator is not an easy taskWhenever you decide to invest more money in a product, you must know nook and corner about the product. Although it takes a few hours of researching, the end results will be good. Coming to the generator category, we have come to a conclusion and picked the best Honda generator that can perform well during power outages.

At times of emergency, what is the first device you search for? Yes, you are right. A mobile phone is a right answer. At the same time, a mobile with a dying battery will raise your heart pulse. So, we are introducing Honda EU1000i exclusively for charging emergency devices.

A 1000W of output power is good enough to run essential electrical appliances. So, Honda EU1000i is the best generator that keeps your essential appliances active. But, this generator is recommended for industrial use.

It is a perfect entry-level model that contains many user-friendly features. Don't hesitate to buy a Honda EU1000i if you are a new customer. Everything is labeled on the generator. So, no more guesswork. You will never make a mistake with power outlets with proper labels. Moreover, you can refer to the manual with photo illustrations.

For new customers, the safety features give peace of mind and save the generator from malfunction. The key components are made of high-quality materials. Thus, the generator rarely undergoes any technical faults. In addition to this, you can get supplement power by using parallel compatibility. Last but not the least, the generator is lightweight and easy to lift with a handle at the top. Apart from the handle, you get an opening to pour the fuel without any spillage.

Honda EU1000i generator- Overview

Bestseller (lists)

Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator, Super Quiet, Eco-Throttle, 1000 Watts/8.3 Amps @ 120v (Red) Garden & Outdoor

  • 1000 watts, 120V
  • Ideal for TV, lights, fans, small power tools and more on camping trips, power outages and home improvement projects.
  • Very quiet generator operates between 53 to 59 dBA.
  • Lightweight and mobile at 29 lbs
  • The generator is very fuel efficient and can run up to at 1/4 load for 8.3 hrs on 0.6 gal of gas ... Read More

From the name, you can guess the quantity of output power produced by the engine. Yes, you are right. You can get an output of 1000W that is enough to power the essential electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Although this generator cannot support large appliances, you can keep your communication devices active during emergency situations.

Since it is compact, you can drag the generator like a trolly. It weighs only about 29 pounds. Plus, you will not feel the generator heavy even with a fully loaded tank. The generator remains in the same weight with a 0.6gallon fuel tank.

With an output power of 1000W, you can use electronic appliances like cooking ovens, table fans, TV, etc. This model helps to run basic electronic appliances on a blackout day. Although the generator keeps the necessities active, you must ensure proper ventilation in the place around the generator as this model is capable of developing fumes and keeps the room messy.

Honda's first priority is customer safety. In each model, you can see many safety features. For example, the oil shut-off system will put the engine to a halt when low oil levels are detected. And also, the engine is protected from any damages. In addition to this, the circuit breaker protects the engine from overloading when too many appliances are connected to the generator.

The stable power from inverter generators is very safe to run sensitive electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. The inverter technology in this generator ensures clean power with the least total harmonic distortion to avoid power fluctuations. During power cuts, you can get your work done using Wi-Fi connectivity.


Brand Honda
Item weight 29 pounds
Engine 49.4cc
Running watts & Peak watts 900watts and 1000watts respectively  
Run time in hours at 25% load 7.1
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 17.8 x 9.5 x 14.9
Tank volume 0.6Gallons
Noise level 42 to 50 decibels
Warranty in years 2


What we like in Honda EU1000i Portable inverter generator


Quiet operation

Like traditional generator models, Honda EU1000i is not noisy. In fact, people are afraid of running a generator due to its loud noise. But this model performance is really quiet so that it will not affect the normal conversation between two individuals.

Practically, is it possible to sleep peacefully at night when the generator is running with a loud noise? You might feel even better without a generator.

If you are planning for a party and suddenly a power cut occurs in the house, you must look for a location change. For all these inconveniences, Honda EU1000i quiet inverter generator is a perfect solution.

User-friendly features

We recommend the Honda EU1000i if you are new to operate generators. The user-friendly features are very convenient to use. The control panel is the only spot that contains switches, power outlets, and LED indicators. Moreover, each outlet comes with proper labels. So, you can easily plug in the appliances by referring to the labels.

Imagine, if you are sleeping without checking the fuel level, the engine will get damaged. So, safety features like fuel shut-off system will automatically stop the engine after consuming the fuel in the carburetor. Thus, you can avoid the overheating of the engine. In the same way, the circuit breaker will protect the engine from overloading.

Output power and parallel operation

When you get a new bike, the first factor you check for is the mileage. In generators, you will look for the output level.

In some cases, the power demands go beyond your expectations. At that time, you must return the product to the dealers. But in Honda EU1000i, you will not get into such trouble. These generators are parallel compatible so that you can connect two similar generators in parallel to increase the output power wattage.

Fuel efficiency

This generator features an eco-throttle mechanism for conserving fuel. It controls the RPM of the engine based on the applied loads on the generator. Thus, you can direct the power only to the necessary appliances. And also, you can increase the runtime.

Tank capacity and runtime

A 0.6gallon fuel capacity tank can provide a runtime of about 7.1 hours at 25% of the applied load. You can also extend the runtime by switching the generator to eco-mode.

A powerful 49.4cc engine will provide a surge watt of 1000 watts and a running watt of 900 watts.






Like every other generator, Honda EU1000i inverter generators need proper maintenance for long-lasting performance. If you care for the generator, you can surely cut down the maintenance cost. Select a room with proper ventilation in which you are planning to place the generator. Otherwise, carbon monoxide will build around the engine.

The only factor you look for in a generator at times of emergencies is performance. For good performance, paying a little extra for maintenance is not a big deal.

Fuel tank

We have already discussed that Honda EU1000i is specially designed for camping, small trips, etc. A 0.6-gallon fuel tank provides a runtime of about 7.1 hours. On the other hand, a common mistake you make is filling the tank only once. Shortage of power even with a generator, will ruin your happiness.

Since there is no fuel gauge, you cannot detect the fuel level. So, you must always have gasoline readily available to refill the empty tank.

Points to remember- buying guide

  1. Check whether the output wattage is enough to meet the power demands of your house
  2. Select a generator that can satisfy your expectations.
  3. Check whether the generator falls under your budget. It is nothing wrong to pay a little extra if it has high-end features that can perform well during a blackout day.



Honda EU1000i is the best choice for those who look for budget-friendly generators. It contains all basic features and specifications. These generators are the best companion for outdoor activities like camping, picnic, etc. It features inverter technology that is mandatory to run sensitive electrical appliances. A stable power will avoid voltage fluctuations.

You get excellent customer support after the purchase. It comes with a warranty of 2 years. It is very easy to install and operate without causing any malfunction. We hope you have got clarity on the Honda EU1000i's function features. Why wait? Just go and place your orders at e-commerce sites. Turn your blackout day to a bright day with Honda generators.


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