Generac RS8000E Portable Generator – Overview

Generac is the most popular brand and it has been on the market for years. The company, Generac come up with many variants with many impressive features. However, its portable generators have become popular among people compared to other models like conventional, inverter generators. The portable generators have helped a lot people to get a power at the times of emergencies. They are excellent in reliability, durability, and performance. On this page, we are going to review one of the best portable generators by Generac, namely the Generac RS8000E portable generator. Read on the entire article for more information about it.

Why Generac Portable Generators?

There are many brands on the market right now, then, why Generac portable generator? This is a common question among the people. The manufacture company of Generac offers the portable generators at an affordable price with no compromises. So, you’ll have the same quality and advanced features as like other top-rated brands like Honda, Champion, etc. On the other hand, the Generac generators come with simple operational methods to let you enjoy the easy starting system. Therefore, you can start and run the generator without any assistance. Especially, the Generac RS8000E portable generator is a good option during a power outage. This makes it a perfect for camping, homes, outdoor events, job sites, etc. Let’s look into the benefits and aspects in detail.

Generac RS8000E Generator – Product Overview

In general, it is better to operate the generators in an open place due to emission of CO (Carbon monoxide), which build up around the generator more. By running on an open place, you can reduce its CO build up around it. In this case, the Generac rs8000e portable generator come up with CO sensor to stop the operation when the CO level goes high. This way, you can protect the environment from harmful CO emissions. This is powered by powerful 420cc air-cooled OHV engine with splash lubrication, which helps extend the lifespan of the engine.

The Generac 8000-watt generator features an hour meter to help you track generator’s status, including voltage, frequency and hours of operation. This makes the process easier for you so that you can monitor the generator's internal operational things and can schedule the maintenance accordingly. The best part is it is made with Cast iron steel to make it withstand any weather thereby increasing the unit’s lifespan. Even if you are forgetful, you no need to worry about reaching low fuel since it has low oil shut off. It brings the engine to stop when the oil level is low. Hence, you can prevent the whole unit from unnecessary damages. There are number of power outlets, which is covered by rubber cap for their protections.

In addition, it comes with a fuel gauge to let you know the fuel level in your generator. Therefore, you can refuel it before it gets drained. That’s way, you can protect the engine damages. Plus, it features a smart eco mode to cut down the noise level and extend the run time. The generator comes with heavy-duty wheels and foldable handlebars for easy operation.

 Specification of Generac RS8000E Portable Generator

Manufacturer Generac
Running watts and peak watts 8000W & 10000W
Item dimensions in inches (LXWXH) 28 x 27 x 25
Engine displacement 420cc
Engine type OHV
Tank capacity 7.5 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 10 hours
Noise level at 20 feet away (idle conditions) 70 decibels
Warranty (residential use) three years

Brief Review - Generac RS8000E Generator

The Generac RS8000E portable generator is well known for its versatile performance. Here you can know about its good aspects. Stay with us for more information.

Power Output

The Generac 8000-watt generator has a powerful engine of 420cc air-cooled OHV engine, which generates a continuous power of 8000 watts and peak power of 10000 watts. This can complete enough to run more appliance in your home simultaneously. The generator isn’t just for residential use but commercial as well. Therefore, you can operate the power tools like TV, refrigerator, lights and fans in parallel. With this high power, it lets you operate high ampere appliances like air conditioners as well. Since it has reliable engine, it contributes deliver clean and constant power. So, you can use the power for sensitive devices as well.

Run Time & Capacity

When it comes to the tank capacity, it features a 7.5-gallon fuel capacity. So, it delivers a run time of 10.5 hours at 50% load. You can increase the run time by reducing the load. It is because the run time of the generator totally depends on the applied load. By adjusting them, you can increase or decrease the running time. Importantly, the generator features a smart eco-mode which makes it a fuel efficient thereby extending the run time.

Noise Level

In usual, the noise level is calculated away from 23 feet distance. When it comes to the Generac 8000-watt generator, this noise level is about 70 decibels. However, you can cut down the noise level by connecting the noise muffler. Since it is an open frame design, it is better to attach the noise muffler for quieter operation.

Power Panel & Connections

There is a control panel to help you access many controls in a one spot. It consists of circuit breaker, ON/OFF switch, hour meter, etc. The power outlets like four 20-Volt 5-20R outlets and one 20/240-Volt L14-30R twist-lock outlet is sufficient to connect multiple devices simultaneously. These are covered with rubber cap for extended lifetime. This protects the outlets from during winter and summer seasons. The best thing is it is attached with hour meter to track the important parameters like voltage, frequency and hours of operation. It lets you monitor the generator's operational status and schedule proper maintenance. The fuel gauge indicates the fuel levels so that you can read out the fuel levels and can refuel it when it requires. There is a low oil shutoff system that stops the engine operation when the oil level is low thereby preventing the engine damage and increasing the engine life.


This Generac RS8000E generator comes with wheel kit and folding handles. Therefore, you can attach the heavy-duty wheels and foldable handlebars for easy transportations. The never flat tires let you drag the generator even on rugged surfaces. This makes the unit to a perfect for camping, RVs, outdoor events, tailgating, construction sites and so on.


With many advanced features, this generator's price is around $799. It is pretty affordable because it features a CO sensor and other safety features. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of two years. In short, it is a good option for you if you are looking for portable generator at an affordable price.

Highlights of Generac RS8000E Portable Generator

It is powered by 420cc air-cooled OHV engine which delivers a running watt of 8000W and a starting watt of 10000W.

It is completely eco-friendly, thanks to its CO sensor. It will stop the engine operation when the CO level is high.

The hour meter helps track generator various status.

It is easy to start with its electric system with simple steps

The low oil shut-off shuts the engine when oil level is low.

It provides a run time for up to 10 hours with its 7.5-gallon capacity

This comes with oil funnel, engine oil, wheel kit and a user guide

It comes with a warranty of three years

The transport is simple and easy with its attached wheels and handlebars

Best Alternative to Generac RS8000E generator

Generac 6954 GP8000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Generac 6954 GP8000E portable generator is excellent in quality and performance. At quarter load, the generator can keep you power tools active overnight, including refrigerator, air conditioner, lights, etc. In terms of the weight, it is more manageable with its attached wheels and folding handles. Plus, its open frame makes it easy portability. It lets you transport or move the generator anywhere. The electric start is its niche, which is user friendly, letting you start and run the engine with ease. The other safety features like fuel gauge, automatic low oil shutdown, hour meter, and spark plug protects the whole unit from unnecessary damages. So, the operation would be safe and secure. This makes the unit a good option for outdoor uses as well. Another notable feature is its powerful engine, which contributes to deliver reliable and stable power, making it ideal for sensitive devices like mobile phones, television, etc. It features a voltage regulator and splash lubricator to make the unit running smoothly.

Final words 

Generac RS8000E generator is one of the best options during emergencies. The best thing is it offers an incredible runtime. So, it can be a good option you can use it for overnight. The powerful engine delivers high power peak watts and running watts. So, the generator is eco-friendly and user-friendly, thanks to its CO sensor and electric start.

Bestseller (lists)

Generac 6954 GP8000E 8, 000 Running Watts/10, 000 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator - CSA Compliant Garden & Outdoor

  • Generic OHV 420cc engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life
  • Single touch electric start for hassle free start-up
  • Low-oil level shutdown, covered outlets and hour meter
  • Hardened 1-1/4" Steel tube cradle for added durability and strength and fold-down, locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage
  • 2 years limited ... Read More

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