Generac PWRcell review

An excellent solar backup for your home. 

Generac has been in the market for quite some time and has given us some of the best indoor and outdoor use generators. Generac has been in the industry since 1959 and has given us some of the best portable and whole-house generators. They have produced numerous generators that are affordable and efficient over the years. It is generally known for home standby generators, but they have made some fantastic portable generators, too, over the years. They are one of the most trusted brands in the US and have gained many customer's loyalty over the years. Now they have stepped into solar energy with their latest Generac PWRcell, which gives you reliable power backup during power outages. This PWRcell is a solar-generated emergency battery backup that can charge your entire home. It is designed to provide you with clean energy that can be generated by solar power. 

In 2019, Generac acquired Pika Energy-a battery manufacturer, and developed Generac branded home batteries. The Generac PWRcell is their front runner towards cleaner and sustainable energy. Since its release date, they have been the talk of the town, and so many people are switching from conventional power to solar power. This is a true energy backup with raw power that can give you continuous power for essential needs. It can power up your entire home. The Generac PWRcell can juice up some large loads like suitable pumps and home ACs. This Generac PWRcell is one of the most powerful; battery on the market, which is very flexible according to your home needs. The affordability of this generator suits every budget and lifestyle and best replacement for your ordinary power supply. There are many handy features in this PWRcell battery that are very effective and easy to use. 

Generac PWRcell


  • Battery Module Series: 3.0 Kwh Dcb / 3.0 Kwh Ex
  • Battery Modules: 3 4 5 6
  • Usable Energy: 9 Kwh 12 Kwh 15 Kwh 18 Kwh
  • Nominal Cont. Ac Power 1: 3.4 Kw 4.5 Kw 5.6 Kw 6.7 Kw
  • Max. Cont. Ac Power 2: 4.5 Kw 6 Kw 7.5 Kw 9 Kw
  • Nominal Cont. Dc (Charge/Discharge) - A: 11.6 15.5 19.4 23.3
  • Peak Motor Starting Current (2 Sec) - A, Rms: 25 33 42 50
  • Rebus™ Voltage - Input/Output: 360-420 Vdc
  • Nominal Voltage: 380 Vdc
  • Dc-dc Round-trip Efficiency: 96.5%
  • Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 14 To 122 °f (-10 To 50 °c)
  • Optimal Ambient Operating Temperature: 41 To 104 °f (5 To 40 °c)
  • Maximum Installation Altitude - Ft (M): 9834 (3000)
  • Dimensions, L X W X H - In (Mm): 22" X 10" X 68" (559 X 254 X 1727)
  • Weight, Enclosure - Lb (Kg): 115 (52)
  • Weight, Installed W/ Dcb Modules - Lb (Kg): 280 (127) 335 (152) 390 (177) 445 (202)
  • Weight, Installed W/ Ex Modules - Lb (Kg): 287 (130) 344 (156) 401 (182) 459 (208)
  • Weight, Accessory Mounting Hardware - Lb (Kg): 21 (10)
  • Enclosure Type: Type 3r
  • Warranty - Li-ion Modules: 10 Years, (7.56mwh)
  • Warranty - Electronics And Enclosure: 10 Years
  • Communication Protocol: Rebus Dc Nanogrid
  • Seismic Rating: Ieee 693-2018 (High)
  • Compliance: Ul 9540, Ul 1973, Ul 1642, Csa 22.2 #107.1

Main features of Generac PWRcell:

     Like most home battery systems, you can connect the PWRcellw with your existing solar panel system. The Generac PWR cell is one of the powerful residential batteries on the market. 

  1. It has more energy storage than any other product. 
  2. It stores energy during crucial hours, so when the sun is down, you can use the stored energy to save your utility bills. 
  3. If there is any excess power on the battery, it transfers them to the utility grid. 
  4. This battery cell comes with an app (PWRview) that helps you to monitor the battery status, energy savings, and consumption. 
  5. You can pair the battery with ATS (Automatic Transfer switch), which will backup power during emergencies. 
  6. It is equipped with SMMs (Smart Management Modules), which will manage the overall power distribution during an outage. 
  7. The design is very effective and does not take much space. 

How does Generac PWRcell work?

A general PWRcell works with the help of a suitable solar panel system that will charge your entire home with its saved solar power. A solar battery solution will allow you to have sustainable power for your whole home anytime since it stores enough energy through solar panels when the sun shines. Like most solar-powered batteries, the Generac PWRcell is designed to meet your everyday needs. When the solar panel produces energy, it is used for your household needs. The remaining energy is stored in the battery for further use. So when there is no solar energy during harsh climates, you can use the stored energy from the battery to save many utility bills. The Generac PWRcell comes with built-in operating modes that will optimize your household energy so you can use them in emergencies. This battery power cell is designed to save money and power. 

Power of Generac PWRcell:

There are four types of PWRcell models, namely PWRcell M3, PWRcell M4, PWRcell M5, and PWRcell M6. The power of this Generac PWRcell is calculated in kilowatts (kW), and the usable capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). The kW determines the maximum amount of electricity that will yield simultaneously, and kWh is the measure of the amount of electricity stored in your PWRcell battery. The PWRcell is designed in a modular fashion to add multiple batteries to the storage setup. If your home demands more power, you can add additional batteries to meet your power demands. The battery's power determines the number of devices it can run, and the usable capacity determines how long the machines can run. In general, batteries with higher power capacity can charge higher amp devices like HVAC systems, and batteries with high usable capacity will run many devices. 

Pricing of Generac PWRcell:

The price of the Generac PWRcell varies from the type of modules you choose and how you want to set up your power unit. The cost of the battery is not determined by an individual component alone. The electrical setup varies from everyone's needs. Generally, the Generac PWRcell starts from $9999 and can go higher than the modules you choose. A 5 kW solar power system will cost you around $9000 to $15000, and there are also solar panel costs that you should include. All these high numbers might baffle you, but a solar power system is a worthy investment that can last your lifetime. With the cost of conventional electricity rising daily, the Generac PWRcell solar power battery system is a good value for money.  

How to buy Generac PWRcell:

Currently, the GeneracPWRcell is available on the Generac website, and you can send a quote according to your needs. Adding suitable energy storage for your home requires extensive research, electrical expertise advice, and certifications. You can enquire to your nearby EnergySage-approved companies to give you the best solar energy management system for your home. You can discuss with solar power experts to make a reasonable conclusion. 


If power and capacity are your top priority, look no further because the Generac PWRcell is your best bet. Th PWRcell gives you the best of both worlds, and you can have uninterrupted clean energy all day long. It is reliable and durable, making them an excellent power backup option. The DoD (depth of discharge) of the battery determines the performance of the battery. The DoD of the general PWRcell ios is 84%, which is relatively higher than any other solar battery system. Overall, the Generac PWRcell is the best solution for solar power to your entire home. 

Solar generator option:

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Jackery portable generator is equipped with multiple outlets, namely 1 Ac outlet, 2 USB A outlets, and 1 DC carport, which you can use for mobile charging, light, mini cooler fan, etc. It is 240 watts with 1608 Ah. This is a lithium-ion battery pack that is content for outdoor charging and trips. It has a solid handle and is lightweight, making it a perfect companion during your camping and trekking. It can power your mobiles, laptops, and camping light on the go and makes your trip even more fun and secure. This portable generator has a built-in MTTP controller, which efficiently recharges with the right solar panel. We recommend using Solar Saga 60W for efficient results. You have to buy them separately as they do not come with the generator.

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