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During power outages, we will know the value of using generators. During hurricanes, the generator price reaches a peak. So, it is always a good decision to buy a generator in advance. If you are looking for a new generator or replacing the old one, you must visit several sites to know the best generator in terms of performance, quality, and price. So, we made your job easy. After research, we shortlisted a generator that suits your power requirements. It is none other than the Ford 11050W generator.

If you are living in the worst weather area, dual fuel generators are a wise investment. After a natural disaster, the gasoline price reaches high. At times, you can utilize the stored propane to run the engine. Very importantly, the Ford 11050W generator produces an average output wattage of 11050 to run the essential devices during a power cut exceeding four days. So, Ford FG11050PBE is the best in terms of features and specifications. Keep reading to explore more about this generator.  

Why do we prefer Ford generators?

First off, people look for the manufacturer of the generators. Ford is a reputed brand that aims at selling quality products with user-friendly features. In fact, generators are huge investments. So, buying a Ford dual fuel generator is a good decision. Although these generators come with the Ford label, the actual manufacturer of Ford generators is Pulsar. It is an Asian company that has a production unit in Canada and Ontario. A healthy partnership between Pulsar and Ford has created a new milestone in the field of generators. Apart from FG11050PBE, the other Ford models like FG7750PBE and FG3050P also have a good reach in the market. 

Top three reasons to choose Ford Generators


An initial thought of buying the generator comes only after seeing the brand. Ford has good recognition among the customers. It perfectly balances between the performance and the price. 


Ford generators focus on offering high output power to run multiple appliances ranging from small pool tools to heavy ampere devices. So, it is suitable for running whole-house appliances as well as electric tools at construction sites. Never halt your work just for the power cut at any time. Plus, most of the Ford generators come with dual fuel options. So, you will not find any difficulties in generating power after a storm or earthquake. 


Any power equipment manufactures can launch new generators with innovative features. Is it worth buying? It matters a lot. In the case of Ford, they exactly deliver what customers expect from a generator. Obviously, Ford is open to 90 days return policy in case of any malfunction. In all ways, Ford generators will not break your bank. 

Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator- An Overview

Are you unhappy with the output wattage of your generator? No more worries! Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator delivers a power output of 11050W. So, you can run a wide range of appliances for a long period. With dual fuel options, you can manage with propane if the gasoline price reaches the peak.

Like an inverter generator, FG11050PBE produces clean power. So, it is safe to run sensitive devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. When it comes to safety, Ford aims at giving the best generators with safety features.

Very importantly, this generator features a Switch and Go technology to switch between gasoline and propane. Apart from this, a low oil shut-off system will stop the engine operation after utilizing the fuel in the carburetor. In addition, all the power outlets come with rubber caps to prevent freezing during the winter season. You can track the internal engine operation to some extent using an hour meter and fuel gauge. Although it is heavy in weight, you can use attached wheels and handlebars to move the generator with ease. Moreover, this generator comes with a two-year warranty.

A detailed review on Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator

Power Outage and Runtime

Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator is built to face touch power cut situations after a natural disaster. A durable 457cc engine produces a starting watt of 11050W and a running watt of 9000W. So, high power of 11050W is sufficient to power a number of appliances ranging from small lights and fans to heavy load appliances like air conditioners. 

Since this generator comes with dual fuel options, you can either choose between gasoline or propane based on the fuel availability. Very importantly, a 6.6gallon gas tank offers a runtime of about 10 hours at an applied 50% load. On the other hand, a 20pound propane tank offers a runtime of 8 hours at the same load conditions. Although propane offers short runtime, it emits clean fumes compared to gasoline. 

This generator features a low oil shut-off system that stops the engine operation when a low oil level is detected. So, the engine is protected from overheating. Anyway, check the oil level before starting the generator. 


Certifications are enough to say whether the generator is safe to run in open space. Like other top-notch models, Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator is CARB compliant, and EPA approved. In addition, it has met all the industrial standards and is suitable to run at job sites. 

Noise level 

This open frame generator is very silent in operation compared to other generators having sound insulation. At half load condition, Ford FG11050PBE operates at a noise level of 78dBA. But a noise muffler can reduce the noise level by about 74dBA. 

Easy to Use

When it comes to starting mechanism, you can either start the generator using an electric push-button or a recoil system. In case of an electric starter malfunction, you can ON the engine in a single pull using a recoil system. A generator might create starting trouble if you ON the engine after a period. But we have a simple trick for a trouble-free start. You can have a habit of running the generator for 10 minutes once every month to evenly distribute the oil. Plus, this method will protect the engine from rust formation and keeps the battery healthy. 

Control panel

Ford FG11050PBE comes with six power outlets in total. They are two duplex 120V 20A outlets, a 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 120V/240V 30A RV outlet. Apart from having the main circuit breaker, there are individual circuit breakers for each AC outlet, thereby ensuring more safety. In addition, all the power outlets come with rubber caps for extra protection. Very importantly, this generator consists of an hour meter to track the hour of operation. Plus, a fuel gauge will detect the fuel levels. So, the engine will never run out of fuel. Although the USB ports are absent, the available power outlets are sufficient to run multiple devices at a time. 


Generally, open frame generators are bulkier compared to inverter generators. Ford FG11050PBE weighs about 233 pounds which is quite heavy. But, a pair of durable wheels and handlebars will support easy transportation. These wheels can roll down on rugged terrain with ease. 

Highlights of Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator

  1. A powerful 457cc engine will provide a running watt of 9000W and starting watt of 11050W at a frequency of 60Hz
  2. It comes with dual fuel options. So, you can switch between gasoline or propane as per your convenience
  3. You will get an average runtime of 10 hours from a full gas tank at rated half laid condition. On the other hand, a propane tank weighing about 20pounds will offer a runtime of 8 hours at an applied 50% load. 
  4. You can start the generator either using an electric push-button or recoil system
  5. A pair of durable wheels and foldable handlebars will help to port the generator with ease
  6. It is CARB compliant, EPA approved, and CSA certified
  7. An Hour meter will track the hours of operation. In addition, a fuel gauge will indicate fuel levels 
  8. The power outlets like two duplex 120V 20A outlet, a 120V 30A twist-lock outlet and a 120V/240V 30A RV outlet is sufficient to run multiple devices at a time
  9. It comes with a warranty of two years
  10. The power outlets are covered with rubber caps
  11. The generator comes with a robust construction

Specifications of Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator

Manufacturer Ford
Running watts and starting watt 9000W and 11050W
Item dimensions in inches 30x29.5x25
Engine displacement 457cc
Runtime at 50% load(gasoline) Runtime at 50% load(propane) 10hours 8hours
Tank capacity 6.6-gallon
Noise level in decibels 78
Item weight in pounds 233
Warranty in years 2

 Final Thoughts

As a whole, if you are expecting plenty of power, then Ford FG11050PBE dual fuel generator is a good choice. Though it is not an inverter, this generated power is clean without any voltage fluctuations. So, an average power of 11050W is enough to manage the power cut days like a boss. You can place your orders at eCommerce sites for fast delivery.


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  • A Large 6. 6 Gallon High Capacity Fuel Tank gives you up to 10 Hours of Continuous Operation at half load when running on gasoline
  • Dual Fuel Capability lets you choose between Gasoline or LPG fuel sources for running your generator
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