Ford 6250 Generator – Overview 

Ford is popular not just for automobiles but for power equipment, including wide ranges of generators. They have gained a good opinion among the customers over the years for its reliability and greater performance. The company Ford is aimed to offer a variety of generators with excellent quality at an affordable price. Most Ford generators are affordable than their competitors.

Since the Ford generators are licensed under the Ford trademark, they are manufactured and distributed by the Pulsar. The Ford generators never fail to impress the customers with advanced technology and features. Each series is unique and incomparable. So, the Ford 6250 generator is no exception. It is trustworthy and can be a perfect option for your home. The ford generator 6250 is suitable for both residential and commercial uses with its reliable power. On this page, we are going to review the most wanted Ford 6250 generator. Let's have a close at this topic for more information.

Ford 6250 Generator – Product Review 

The Ford 6250 generator is quite popular among people and covers most audiences across the world with its outstanding performance. The best thing about the series is it can do any task with ease. This can be a perfect solution for your home backup in case of emergencies. The Ford FG6250P generator has portable wheels and folding handles, which lets you transport the unit anywhere with ease. This makes it an excellent option for camping, outdoor events, tailgating, job sites, etc. With Ford 6250 portable generator, you can multi electrical appliances at once. This can power even high ampere tools simultaneously, including air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, and more.

The Ford 6250 series is a portable generator with built-in super-powered 420cc one-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engines. This helps generate a reliable power of 6250 starting watts and 3600 running watts, which is enough to more power equipment at once. The reliable engine contributes less oil consumption, which means it is a fuel-efficient generator. Therefore, you don't have to spend huge money on buying fuel. The generator comes with a fuel gauge to help you track the fuel level and allow you to fill the tank at a precaution before it drains. Therefore, you can save the engine from unwanted damages.

The Ford 6250-watt generator is run on gasoline, which is a common fuel type among generators and can be easily available. So, you don't hunt for this type of fuel when you go camping or at any event. The generator lets you start the engine either using electric or manual start at your convenience. It delivers an excellent runtime of 12.5 hours at half load with no compromises, thanks to its impressive 6.8 fuel tank capacity. This is the longest runtime among similar watt generators.

Since the engine is powered by Pulsar, it guarantees engine durability. Without a doubt, the generator will coms for longer. It is not just preferred for home appliances but also for Job sites or camping tools. Moreover, there are plenty of safety features like auto shut off for safety purposes and longer run.

Specifications of Ford 6250-watt Generator

  • Brand: Ford
  • Item weight: 192 pounds
  • Engine: 420cc 4-stroke
  • Power output: 6250 peak watts and 3600 running watts
  • Run time: 12.5 hours at 50% load
  • Item dimensions LXWXH in inches: 31 x 23 x 22 inches
  • Noise level: 72 dB at 23 feet
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.8 gallon
  • Warranty: 3 Years

What we like in the Ford 6250-Watt Portable Generator 

There are many impressive features by Ford 6250. Here we are going to see about them in brief. Stay connected with us for more information.

Control Panel

A Control panel is mandatory among portable generators to identify many controls. They help you spot many controls in a single place, thus making the process easier and saving your time. With a control panel, it is easy to use the generator. Usually, the control panel consists of parameters like an ON/OFF switch, power outlets, LED indicators, frequency, volts, power output, etc. Thus, you can track the status of the generator in real-time. It helps you schedule the maintenance according to that.

The low oil indicator and oil warning system let you know the status when the fuel or oil level is low. It will alert you with its lights. If you are forgetful, then no fears. A low oil shut-off will bring the engine to a halt when low oil is detected, thus preventing the engine from unnecessary damages. There is a circuit breaker to prevent the unit from overloading. It will shut the engine after it reaches the average output.

Power Outlets 

The Ford FG6250P generator comes with enough ports to run more electrical devices at the same time. The power outlets are one 120 V 20 A duplex outlet, one 120 V 30 A twist-lock (L5 30R) outlet, 120/240 V AC 30 A (L14-30) twist-lock outlet. They allow you to operate three major equipment in your home simultaneously. The best thing about the unit is it keeps the power outlets safer for longer. The power outlets are covered with M series rubber cap, ensuring the durability of power outlets. It doesn't let any harsh weather damage the outlets. Therefore, you can go with the unit without any hesitation.

Noise Level and Output 

The Ford 6250 w generator delivers a peak power of 6250 watts and a continuous watt of 3600 watts. With a 12.5% of runtime at 50% load, it is a really incredible portable generator. The operating time is better than other similar-sized generators. The fuel tank capacity is 6.8 gallons, which isn't too big than its competitors' models but providing a good runtime. It is enclosed by tubular steel to make them beat any weather. Thus, it lowers the unit maintenance.

When it comes to the noise of the Ford 6250-watt generator, it operates at 73% dB, which is a decent noise level among portable generators. It lets you cut down the noise level of the engine with its noise muffler. It is approved by EPA and has CARB III compliant. Its sound is somewhat similar to the vacuum cleaner. The generator is eco-friendly and doesn't disturb your family or neighbors, thus making it ideal for camping, outdoor events, etc.

Warranty, Maintenance, And Certification 

The 6250 Ford emergency generator is easy to maintain with a minimal tool kit. Using a digital hour meter, you can have the data of various parameters like volts, frequency, and hours of operation. This data helps you schedule the maintenance. Moreover, it is constructed with a cast iron sleeve, which is sturdy and protects the whole unit from external damages. Therefore, this model can withstand any harsh weather, so it doesn't require much maintenance.

In terms of warranty, it comes with a warranty of three years, which guarantees the long-lasting performance of the generator. However, you'll need to take care of it with the required maintenance for long-lasting performance. You can have a labor service at free cost until mentioned warranty period.

Since it is CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance and is approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), you can use the generator anywhere. Thus, it makes the unit a perfect option for camping, outdoor events, job sites, etc.

In addition, the Ford 6250 generator is well tested and well-engineered, ensuring the safety of the user and the environment. It meets all industry standards and specifications, a good option for residential and commercial. The spark arrestor in the generator ensures the overall safety by preventing the sparks from escaping outside during the engine's internal combustion, thus stopping any fire accidents.

Highlighting features of Ford 6250-watt Generator

  • The Ford 6250-watt gas-powered generator delivers a starting power of 6250 watts and 3600 running watts.
  • The attached wheels and handlebars ensure easy portability
  • It lets you operate the engine using either an electric or recoil starter
  • The cast iron steel construction gives protection to the whole unit, including the control panel, fuel tank, and more.
  • A 6.8-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of 12.5% of runtime at 50% load
  • With a fuel gauge, you can monitor the fuel level
  • The oil alerting system lets you know the oil level before it drains completely.
  • Circuit breakers will protect the engine from overheating.
  • The control panel consists of an electric push button, power outlets, LED battery indicator, etc.
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • The operation volume is 72 dB at 23 feet
  • The power outlets have M series rubber caps to prevent any damage during cold weather.
  • It is certified by EPA and is CARB compliant.


 Ford 6250-watt gas-powered portable generator ideal for running major essential appliances, including air conditioner, refrigerator, and many more. The generator can deliver reliable, clean, and consistent power run sensitive devices like television, mobile phones, computers, etc. The engine is easy to start with an electrical starter. However, make sure the unit meets all your expectations and demands before placing an order.

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  • 6.6 gallon tank with 11 hour run time
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