Firman H08051 Generator – Overview 

Have you ever before tried high power output generators at an affordable price? If not! Try the Firman H08051 portable generator. This is more affordable compared to other top brand high wattage generators like Honda, Yamaha, etc. The Firman 10000-watt generator delivers reliable power to operate all major electrical appliances in your home. That way, you wouldn't face any problems during power failure. With Firman 8000-watt generator, you don't always have to depend on electricity. Enjoy your day without worrying about power cuts during winter since the power outage is common in that season.

Though Firman is a new manufacturing company, it has gained a lot of customers across the world for its outstanding performance and quality generators. This has many reviews and ratings from the buyers. Even portable generators with an average power aren't enough to power all your high ampere devices.

Choosing high watt generator from a reputed brand is important to operate heavy appliances at your home. This is because we've chosen The Firman H08051 Generator. On this page, we've reviewed this generator briefly. Let's have a close look at this article for more information.

Buying Guide – A Portable Generator 

Have you decided to buy a portable generator with high watts? Then, don't forget to read this guide before choosing the right portable generator. We've done preliminary research to list out what are the things to be considered. Therefore, you don't have to waste your time researching buying guide. To make the process more comfortable for you, we've presented the guidelines. Read the entire article thoroughly. It will help you figure out which generator suits you.

  1. Assess the power wattage

Before buying a portable generator, determine how many appliances need to be connected and how much watts require. Check your appliance's rated power wattage and surge power rating. And add their watts and sum up. That's it, and this is your actual watts requirements; you'll have to look for the generator with this sum-up watts. However, we suggest you buy to go with over 100 watts than its actual watts for safety and any fluctuations. Remember, the generator you purchase should be greater in power rating than the actual sum of power you calculated.

  1. Size of the Generator

Size matters when it comes to the portable generator. You must be careful when choosing the size. One wrong assessment or decision could cost you a lot. Make sure that you'll purchase the generator that fits your size requirements. A generator that is too big or heavy is tough to manage or transport. So, you'll need to go with lighter options. If you look for a too-small generator, you'll not be sure that you'll have long battery backup and work performance. The too-large generator takes more space to store. No worries! Still, there are a lot of high-power portable generators on the market that are lightweight. So, all you need to do is research and choose the best size that fits in your car truck or storage place.

  1. Power Outlets 

Obviously! The power outlets are other crucial parts. It will determine how many appliances need to be connected to it. Make sure that how many receptacles that you need and how many appliances to be operated at once. This way, you can able to access all your essential devices in parallel during power failure.

  1. Run Time 

When it comes to the portable generator, it is all about running time. The higher the run time, the better and longer your power tools can be operated. This is because you'll need to consider the run time before buying the portable generator.

Firman H08051 Portable Generator -Product Review

There are several unique features and inbuilt advanced technologies of the Firman H08051 portable Generator that makes it high in demand. The features are unmatched and non-comparable with other same watts generators on the market. Let's review the most significant features of the Firman 10000-watt generator.

  1. Overload protection 

The Firman h08051 8,000-watt generator has a circuit breaker to protects the engine from being overload. The engine can get damaged when a lot of appliances are connected to it. This protects the engine from unnecessary damage. In this way, the electrical appliances will be kept safe and undamaged.

  1. Control Panel

At the front, there is a control panel, which includes so many controls for various operations, including ON/OFF switch, run time, hertz, power output, fuel level. The generator data or status are necessary to schedule the maintenance accordingly. There is a fuel gauge that lets you monitor the fuel level in your generator so that you can refuel it before getting drained. The control panel display helps you track many operational statuses and the generator's performance in a single place. Therefore, you don't have to search for various operational settings at different places.

  1. High Power Engine

The Firman h08051 8000-watt portable generator is powered by an exceptional 439cc engine, which quickly generates increased power output and helps the unit function at high horsepower. The Firman motor is reliable and generates clean and stable power to operate sensitive appliances as well. With this high wattage, you can run multi heavy devices at once, making it one of the best options during power failure.

  1. Warranty Period

When it comes to the warranty of the firman h08051 generator, it has a warranty of three years. This ensures the repairs and replacements are resolved at free cost if they happen during the warranty period. The company offers an excellent service to the customers. Without a doubt, you'll have a better service from the company when required.

Additional Features

  • Starting Watts: 9050
  • Running Watts: 7250
  • Dimensions: 29.9″ L x 27.5″ W x 26.1″ H
  • Tank size: 8 gallons
  • Dual fuel: Gasoline or Liquid Propane
  • Frequency (Hz): 60
  • Engine: 439cc dual-fuel engine
  • Weight – 235 Lbs
  • Power Outlets: One 5-20R 20A-120V GFCI, one 14-50R 50A-120/240V, L14-30R 30A-120V/240V Twistlock, L5-30R 30A 120V Twistlock

There are many things to be considered when it comes to the portable generator since it is a high investment product. The generator is your lifetime product, and you don't change it periodically. So, you can't blindly spend too much money on a generator without figuring out its benefits. This is because we've decided to review the advantages of the firman h08051 generator. On this page below, you can find the pros and cons of the firman h08051. Stay connected to this page for more information.

Highlights of the Firman h08051 Portable Generator 


The 8000-watt generator from Firman is sturdy and robust, making it durable and immune to any damages. This is an open frame model but still manages to protect its interiors parts and survive in any weather, thanks to its sturdy frame.

User-Friendly Handles and Wheel Kit

The pair of wheels and the handlebars attached to the generator makes it very easy to transport from one place to another. It includes in a package, and there is no need to buy it separately.

Electric Start 

The best thing is its electric switch which lets you start the engine with ease. So, you don't have to get troubled by operating the generator manually. With simple steps, you can start and run the unit in few seconds.

High Run Time

With an 8-gallon fuel capacity, the Firman H08051 Power Generator can run for up to 12 hours at 50% load. Its run rate sounds reasonable compared to its counterparts. Since it is a dual fuel generator, it can be run on either gasoline or liquid propane according to your convenience. It is easy to switch between the oils while running. The run time will vary depending on the fuel that you use. You'll need to be aware of it before using it.


The Firman H08051 Generator weighs around 221 pounds. Though it is slightly higher than the average of the portable generator, the inbuilt wheels and folding handle ensure easy portability. With this, you can move around anywhere effortlessly.

Customer Service 

Although it is a new company, they will offer a proper service to the customers. However, you'll need to follow up every day after registering a complaint to avail of the service faster. Professionals from Firman resolve your generator's technical issues at free cost at the time of the warranty period.


We hope you've got some clarity on the Firman H08051 Generator. Since it has high wattages, you can run more appliances in your home during power outages, including refrigerators, air conditioners, television, microwave, etc. It delivers clean and consistent power as a backup emergency. The portable wheels make you transport the unit anywhere, making it ideal for RVs, camping, outdoor events, etc. If you are probably on your way to place an order, purchase it from eCommerce sites like Amazon for the best deals.

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