Firman 3650W Portable Generator – Overall Review

Have you decided to buy a Firman generator? Then, it is important to know about it before buying since it has a lot of variants and each one is suitable for various purposes. The Firman has been on the market for over 15 years. This is one of the world's trusted and leading manufacturers of generators. They produce a wide range of generators with different variants to run the appliances in homes, laboratories, hospitals, etc. All their models impress you with their constant power supply.

Firman generators become customers favorite in a short period. But why? This is a common question among buyers nowadays. We are here to help you with brief answers. In this article, we are reviewing one of the most popular models, namely the Firman 3650 generator. This is because the generator is ideal for any options, including camping, home backups, tailgating, outdoor events, job sites, RVs, etc. Let's dive in for more information. 

Why firman generators are so popular across the world. Here are four primary reasons. Continue to read the entire article for more information. 

1. Affordability

In general, we assume that high rated generators are better than others. This is not true, and even affordable generators deliver outstanding performance. In this list, the Firman generators have a place. All variants from Firman generators are affordable than its competitors like Honda, Yamaha, etc. However, they come with similar features that are included in high rated generators, but their performance is adequate and encourageable. 

2. Quality

We don't easily believe in new companies' products. We simply have a trust issue since quality is important for all products, especially for the generators. This is because you will invest huge money on the product, so it should come for long. The high-quality generators only can fulfil your expectations. Unlike other new company generators, the Firman is an exception since they have over 90 quality control licenses. The Firman generators are well-engineered and tested before into the market. They are licensed from credible institutions. This ensures the Firman generators are more reliable and durable. This is why the Firman generators have a vast number of customers in no time so that you can trust the brand and its generators without any hesitation. 

3. A Diverse Product Range

No matter what, the Firman has products for all needs. Whether you are looking for a generator for home backups or job sites, or RVs or camping. You can have it from Firman with no compromise in quality and performance. The Firman has a wide range of variants for each and every customer, including fuel, electric starter, a dual-powered generator. When you are looking to buy a Firman generator, you'll get what you look for. 

4. Long Warranty

The Firman generators provide a warranty of three years. This makes the customers show faith in their products. The company, Firman, offers excellent customer service and support during and after a purchase of the product. Therefore, you can avail better service if you need assistance with any repairs. 

Firman 3650-watt Generator – Product Review 

Firman 3650 portable generator is one of the most popular models from Firman. This comes with a starting power of 4550 watts and running power of 3650 watts, which is complete enough to run all major appliances in your home, including an air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, fans, etc. This is suitable for small-sized homes or job sites. The best thing about the unit is that it delivers clean and stable power, which is safe for sensitive electric devices. The powered engine is also a reason behind the reliable power and starting watts of 4550W. 

1. OHV Engine 

The Firman 3650-watt portable generator is powered by a 208cc OHV engine. This makes the unit run smoothly, even for a longer period. It helps maintain the performance from starting to ending so that you'll have a better experience during the process. It will deliver consistent power for lengthy periods of 14 hours with no compromise. There is a Phoenix Fat Head block to prevent overheating and keeps the engine cool throughout the process. The low oil shut off shuts the engine once it reaches a low oil level. It extends the life of the engine so that you don't have to worry about fuel level. The Firman generator 3650 delivers more reliable power, making it ideal for sensitive appliances like television, mobile phone, laptops, computers, etc. The engine can run on gasoline, which delivers a run time of 14 hours at rated load, thanks to its 5-gallon fuel capacity. 

2. Design

The sleek yellow-black combination enhances the appearance of the generator. In general, you can find yellow and black schemes in all the Firman generators for easy identification. It is an open frame model, which helps cut down some more weight from the series. So, it weighs just 110 pounds, making the unit compact and lightweight. As the name suggests, it is easy to transport from one another anywhere. This is equipped with wheels and folding handles to move around the generator. With this option, you can move it with ease, even in rough terrain. The best thing about the unit is it is made with top-notch durable material to withstand any weather condition. It doesn't build up the rust much. So, the maintenance is low than other generators. 

The flat-free tires and handlebars make the unit ideal for camping, job sites, outdoor events, RVs, etc. At the front, there is the control panel, which consists of many controls in a single spot, including an ON/OFF switch, data minder, voltage regulator, etc. The automatic voltage regulator prevents overloading when in use. The data minder, on the other hand, lets you know volts, operational hours, hertz, etc. Plus, the low oil indicator will alert you when the engine runs with a low oil level. Low oil shut off the engine when detects low oil level in your generator, thus reducing the engine damage. 

3. Three Startup Options

The highlighting feature of the Firman 3650 generator is its three startup options. It makes you start the engine effortless. In case if you have a problem is an option, you don't have to look for service rather, you can use an alternative method to start the engine. The three starters are recoil, electric, and remote. 

You cannot find these options in its competitors. They come with either one or two. With a remote starter, you can switch on or off the engine from a distance. In short, if one method fails, you can keep operate and run the engine with ease. This is one of the favorite features among the customers. 

Highlights of Firman 3650 watts Generator 

  • It comes with 4550 starting watts and 3650 running watts
  • With a 5-gallon fuel tank, it delivers 14 hours of run-time
  • It is powered by a 208cc engine, which is accompanied by cast iron sleeves and low oil shut down
  • This is an ideal option for RVs, camping, job sites, etc
  • The power outlets are two 5-20R 120V 20A, one TT-120V – 30A 30R RV-ready, and one L5-30R
  • It is EPA approved and is a CARB III complaint 
  • The unit weighs just 110 pounds, which makes it to transport with ease
  • It has a certified spark arrester to stop sparks entering outside during engine combustion 
  • Wheel kit with folding handle for easy portability 
  • It comes with three years warranty 
  • With a sound muffler, you can cut down the noise level, making it a great option for remote locations.

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Firman P03608 4550/3650 Watt Gas Remote Start Generator, CARB Patio, Lawn & Garden

Best Alternative to The Firman 3650 watts Generator

Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion-powered 4500-Watt inverter generator is portable and comes with a lower noise level of 61 dBA. The incorporated Champion's Start Dial lets you start the engine with ease. The inverter technology makes it ideal for RVs, camping, tailgating, etc. There is a Cold Start Technology to keep the engine from overheating and keep it cool when in use. It features a fuel gauge to help you monitor the fuel level. The engine generates 4500 watts surge power and 3650 watts continuous power, which operates the electric appliances for around 14 hours at 25% load without a break.

The best thing about the unit is it delivers clean and stable power since its THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is less than 3% making it ideal for sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. The Eco mode aids in monitoring fuel consumption in real-time. It is compatible with another generator, letting you connect two units together in case of emergencies. 

Highlights of Champion 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

  • It delivers 4500W starting power and 3650W running power
  • The engine operates at 14 hours on gasoline at 25% load, thanks to its 2.3-gallon fuel capacity
  • It is powered by 212cc Champion 4 stroke OHV engine
  • It weighs just 95 Ibs, making the portability easier 
  • It runs smoothly at only 61 dBA, which is similar to a conversation of few people
  • Low oil shut off sensor for a safer engine which shuts the engine when reaches low fuel level
  • Easily transferable with its wheel kit and folding handles
  • It is EPA approved and CARB compliant
  • Three years warranty from Firman


In summary, the Firman 3650 generator is one of the best options if you live in remote locations or for camping, RVs, outdoor events, etc. The extended power output is sufficient enough for all essential appliances in your home, including lights, fans, air conditioner, etc. overall, the Firman 3650-watt portable generator is great at performance and quality. It is more affordable than its competitors. 

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  • WIRELESS REMOTE START: Start and stop with ease from up to 80 feet away with the included wireless remote key fob – push-button power and convenience like never before
  • ELECTRIC START: Trust the reliable 208cc Champion engine with its battery-included electric start featuring a 3-way ignition switch, plus built-in Cold Start Technology for easy starts in cold weather
  • RELIABLE AND POWERFUL: At 4375 starting watts and 3500 running watts, enjoy up to 12 hours of run time o... Read More

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