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DuroStar generators are one of the best generators for energy backup. Generally, generators utilize three different types of fuels (gasoline, propane, and diesel). You might be familiar with gasoline and propane generators. This article will provide information about diesel generators. Already, you know the runtime and output power of a generator using gasoline and propane. So, what about the efficiency, performance, runtime of a diesel generator? Are you excited to know about these generators? Come on, let's get into the main section of the article.

Why do we prefer DuroStar DS7000Q generator?

DuroStar DS7000Q is a dependable generator. It is powered by a 4-stroke single-cylinder diesel engine that offers an average output power. Yes, you can expect a peak watt of 6000W and a running watt of 5500W. When it comes to operation, you can start this generator either by using a recoil system or an electric starter. In addition, this generator comes with a key fob to start the generator remotely. 

The Control panel consists of the main switches necessary for operating a generator. So, you can access everything from the same spot. There are LED lights to indicate the low oil levels. So, you can change the oil accordingly. In addition, the voltmeter fetches information about the output voltage. Very importantly, the circuit breaker provides overload protection by disconnecting the power supply between the generator and the appliances. Apart from these, there is a fuel gauge that indicates the fuel levels. So, you can refill the tank before the engine runs on low fuel. There are power outlets like two 120V, 20A outlets, two twist-lock outlets, and one 120/240V 30A outlet to connect multiple devices simultaneously. 

Generally, Diesel generators operate at high noise levels. But in the case of DuroStar DS7000Q, the noise level is quite acceptable. Very importantly, there is vibration isolation mounting between the engine and the base frame. This mounting is to cut down the noise level and to increase the durability of the engine. In addition, the generator has undergone some soundproofing techniques and has a noise muffler. 

As far as the runtime is concerned, you can expect a runtime of about 12 hours at an applied 50% load from a 3.83-gallon fuel tank. Plus, you can have an eye on the fuel gauge to monitor the fuel levels. This generator weighs about 300 pounds, but it is easier to transport with the help of attached wheels. 

DuroStar DS7000Q generator- Product Overview

Unlike other generators, the enclosure design protects the engine and other key components from bad weather conditions. In addition, an enclosed design will keep the noise level minimum. So, you can start a normal conversation with your neighbor. 

The durable enclosed housing design is the major reason for its heavyweight. But, you can easily port the generator anywhere using a pair of attached wheels. A powerful 418cc engine offers a running watt of 5500W and a peak watt of 6500W that is sufficient to keep the house appliances active during emergencies. On the other hand, this average output is enough to run the heavy ampere devices at construction sites. 

This generator consists of a noise muffler to reduce the standard noise level. In addition, there is a spark arrestor to prevent the spark from entering outside during the engine's internal combustion. 

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) provides stable voltage and protects the connected devices from power fluctuations. Undoubtedly, the vibration isolation mountings will help to increase the lifespan of the engine. 

Apart from durability, the DuroStar DS7000Q generator comes with many user-friendly features. You can start the generator from a distance using a wireless key fob. It is a handy feature during the rainy season. In addition, there are two other starting options, namely electric starter, and manual recoil system.

The power panel consists of an automatic low oil shut-off system, low fuel indicator, voltmeter, and circuit breakers. The power outlets like two 120V 20A GFCI outlets, one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, and an 8.3A 12V DC ports are enough to run a wide range of appliances in parallel. These generators are fuel-efficient by offering a runtime of about 12 hours at rated half-load conditions. 

Specifications of DuroStar DS7000Q generator

Manufacturer DuroStar
Running watts and starting watt 5500W and 6500W
Item dimensions in inches 8x22x30.3
Engine displacement 418cc
Runtime at 50% load 12 hours
Tank capacity 3.8-gallon
Noise level in decibels 78
Item weight in pounds 300
Warranty in years 3

Highlights of a DuroStar DS7000Q generator

  1. A powerful 418cc delivers a starting watt of 6500W and a running watt of 5500W
  2. A 3.8-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 12 hours at an applied 50% load
  3. Though it weighs about 300 pounds, the attached wheels support easy portability
  4. This diesel generator operates at a noise level of 78 decibels. Further, you can reduce the noise level using noise mufflers
  5. It comes with a warranty of three years
  6. The generator has three starting options. You can start the engine either using an electric starter or a manual recoil system. For user convenience, there is a remote key fob to start the generator from a distance
  7. The control panel consists of power outlets like two 120V 20A GFCI outlets, one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 8.3A 12V DC ports
  8. It comes with safety features like an automatic low oil shut-off system to stop the engine when low oils levels are detected
  9. The spark arrestor will prevent the sparks from entering outside the unit during the internal combustion
  10. Vibration isolation mounting between the engine and the base frame will minimize the noise level and improves the durability of the engine
  11. It is suitable for running household appliances as well as power tools at construction sites.

Benefits of using a DuroStar DS7000Q generator

  1. It is a reliable diesel generator that delivers an average output of 6500W
  2. Although it is bulky, it comes with a wheel kit for easy transportation
  3. A durable construction will protect the engine and the key components from dust and moisture
  4. At half laid conditions, a runtime of 12 hours is very impressive
  5. The generator provides clean and stable power without any voltage spikes


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Other top-rated diesel generators in today's market

Diesel generators are common in every industry. These generators play a vital role in powering up drilling machines, steel cutters in construction sites. Compared to gasoline and propane generators, diesel is still ahead in terms of output wattage, runtime, and efficiency. Very importantly, diesel generators are safe to use. Apart from DuroStar DS7000Q, another popular brand in the market is Generac. Have a glance at this generator too.

Generac Protector Series Diesel Standby generator

With an impressive power rating of 50,000W, you can keep whole house appliances active and power a wide range of power tools at construction sites. Unlike other generators, plenty of power will keep the heavy ampere appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators active for an extended period.

Like other generators, it is easy to operate and maintain a diesel generator. This generator comes with an Evolution controller with high-end features. When it comes to fuel efficiency, Generac Protector Series provides a runtime of about 15 hours at an applied full load condition. In addition, you can extend the runtime by reducing the number of connected loads.

Like DuroStar DS7000Q, Generac's Protector series is also quiet in operation. A low decibel rating and a massive output wattage are the two main reasons why people prefer diesel generators at job sites.

Highlights of Generac Protector Series Diesel Standby generator 

  1. With the evolution controller, the LCD is color-coded with backlit buttons
  2. This generator undergoes a quick test weekly to ensure whether the whole unit is in good condition
  3. The engine operation is quiet and delivers high output wattage
  4. It comes with a five-year warranty
  5. It is easy to install and maintain

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Advantages of Diesel generators 

  1. Unlike other generators, diesel generators charge low maintenance costs. It is very easy to start and use so that you don't have to worry about rebuilding the carburetor or replacing spark plugs.
  2. Diesel generators are fuel-efficient compared to petrol generators. So, you can expect an extended runtime from an average fuel tank
  3. These generators are cheaper than petrol generators
  4. Diesel generators produce high output wattage and can run heavy ampere applications
  5. With durable construction, diesel generators can withstand rough coastal climates
  6. It is easy to refill a diesel generator's fuel tank since these generators are placed at the back of the diesel vehicles.
  7. Diesel is safe to store compared to explosive gasoline

Final words

We hope that you might have got a new experience after exploring diesel generators. In short, diesel generators are ahead of other generators in terms of efficiency, durability, runtime, and output wattage. So, diesel generators are wise investments.


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