Sportsman 4000-watt dual fuel generator review


I am searching for the best propane and gas combined generator and came across this efficient Sportsman 4000 watt generator. Propane is 1000 percent safer to store in volume, burns cleaner, odorless, and more efficiently. It will work for your needs but don't forget to check out the run time. They burn through fuel fast. Gasoline starts to gum up around six months in storage, and even with fuel stabilizers doesn't last more than two years. Note that propane is not as efficient as gas and doesn't create as much electricity. I bought a Sportsman 4000 watt DF generator a few days ago. Quite enjoying knowing it's in the shed. 


Brand Wattage Item weight  Item dimension Run time Fuel type
Sportsman 4000 watts 20 Pounds 17.5" W x 23"L x 18"H 10 hours Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Why Sportsman generator and how to run them:

Running only on propane, I also know it will start every time I need it instead of being gummed up, and so far, it has. Don't expect to run the whole house AC on it. But I can keep my fridge from expiring. So important in times like these or after hurricanes. Keep the LED lights on, wifi if the internet wasn't taken down. Charge USB devices and run some box fans. Nothing crazy, but it sure beats the alternative. That said, plan on changing the oil constantly. Break it in. run in an hour. Change the oil. Run in 2:00 hours. Change the oil. Run it for four hours and change the oil. After that, I have moved once per 24 hours. 

Tips on maintaining them:

As the oil plug is in a terrible spot, you will want this to attract metal shavings magnetic drain plug supergiant products. For oil maintenance assistance, I would suggest slapping a few extra heavy-duty magnets to the side of the oil pan to collect as many shavings as possible, then never moving them if the sound is a bit much and may cause your neighbors to kill you. So I would suggest immediately planning on building a soundproof enclosure. There are stupidly overbilled ones that could remain outside forever. Mine is a plywood hat that allows for good airflow and access to the controls. And other people have had success taking five plywood boards and leaning them against the sides and top of anything to prevent the noise from being so direct. 

Running exclusively on propane and with those perhaps excessive precautions taken, I hope I don't have to buy another 1 of these until I want something bigger. These generators have high THD, which is bad for most sensitive electronics, including computers and electric motors. You will sometimes hear weird buzzing from furnace fans, for example, on a normal generator like this one.

Inverter generator vs. Sportsman 4000:

Inverter generators have a much lower T. H. D., usually below 5 percent, and are much easier on electronics. They also generally run a lot quieter too which makes them ideal for campsites. They typically don't get up to the same wattage as traditional portable generators. So if you are looking for 9000 plus once for the whole home or construction sites or whatever, inverter generators don't look as good as they either don't hit that high on wattage for home applications or are hilariously expensive. Honda is the king of these. Their 5500-watt inverter generator is over $5000. 

Sportsman 4000 for emergencies:     

From personal experience, when hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, there was an immediate shortage of gasoline in many areas of NJ. People were spending long hours getting some gas for their generators. At the same time, most places selling L. P. like U. haul had no lines at all. I'd say this experience alone got me sold on the dual fuel generator. Propane is less efficient when burned at elevation and cold temperature. A common problem amongst folks RVing the mountains couldn't find how this thing delivers fuel. I assume it's corroborated as it says not suitable for 3000 plus feet and probably not adjustable mixture screw as all new age carbs are like this. Tempting for just a once-in-a-while power outage but rather get a fuel-injected Yamaha or similar. 

Various applications of the generator:

This Sportsman 4 000, 3 500 watts gas-powered compact generator has an assortment of employments. It includes a few power ports, including four 120 volt outlets at 60 Hz for different passages. The generator is furnished with four 120 volt outlets, one 120 volt RV outlet, and a 12 volt DC source for battery charging. This generator can run different little machines like microwaves, little ovens, lights, and espresso producers. It is additionally ideal for running versatile TVs and charging batteries. This would be a great generator for RV voyaging, open-air sports occasions or celebrations, and even homes as a crisis power reinforcement.

Why you should buy Sportsman 4000:

  1. It has a high-power engine which gives you 10 hours of running power with 50% load. 
  2. The noise level of this generator is 69 decibels which is quiet. 
  3. Weighing only 90 pounds, it is easy to transport. 
  4. It has Dc outlets for charging and is suitable for RV trips. 
  5. You can fuel them with propane or gasoline. 
  6. It has a low oil shutdown which makes it safe for operation. 
  7. The price is budget-friendly and affordable. 

Things to note:

  1. There is no electric start. 
  2. It has is no coverage for power outlets. 
  3. There is no CARB-compliant, so you can't buy them in California. 

Our remarks:

This sportsman 4000-watt dual fuel generator is ideal for small electronic appliances and gives you two fuel options. This generator is lightweight and portable so that you can carry them around with ease. It works efficiently on lower altitude regions and gives you its peak performance. It juices up most of your small household items, and they can even charge refrigerators. A 4000 watts generator is enough for a house during emergencies. This is a perfect investment for your home, apartment and it is worth the money. 

Bestseller (lists)

Sportsman GEN4000DFC, 3500 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator Garden & Outdoor

  • 4,000 Watts Rated, 3,500 Starting Watts; Outlets: 4-120V outlets, 1-120V RV outlet, 1-12V DC outlet, regulator hose kit included
  • Dual Fuel Capable - operates off Propane or Gasoline, 212cc OHV Engine; EPA & CARB (California) approved
  • Runs for 10 hours on a full tank of gas (3.6 gal.) or propane tank at 50% load, Decibel rating < 69 decibel
  • Recoil Start, Weight: 90 lbs.; Dimension: 24.5" (L) x 17" (W) x 16.5" (H)
  • 1 Year Limited Wa... Read More

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