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Firman is one of the competing generator brands that is best known for customer satisfaction. Before they get into the making of new generator models, they have a glance at the customer feedback and suggestions. As a result, Firman is able to manufacture generators with less noise, increased runtime, and large fuel tanks.

Although Firman has emerged after Honda and Yamaha, it is now in the top 5 generator table. Firman offers plenty of new models that have features to satisfy customers. However, they have filtered out the features based on customer expectations. We hope you haven't tried Firman's generator models. We swear, if you try Firman once, you would never go for another brand.

Among Firman's innovations, generators with dual fuel options are the most preferred by the customers. It is because of the specifications and features. Since we cannot predict fuel availability, having a Firman dual fuel generator can make your work easy. There is no need to run for gasoline when we have an alternate fuel source. In this article, we will discuss the two best dual fuel generators introduced by Firman. So, you will get clarity about Firman Dual Fuel generators

Table of contents

  1. Firman WH02942 Dual Fuel Generator
  2. Firman H08051 Dual fuel portable generator

Best two dual fuel generator model from Firman


 1. Firman WH02942 Dual Fuel Generator


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Firman 2900W Running / 3200W Peak Electric Start Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Gas and LP Home Improvement

  • 171 cc Dual Fuel Engine with Low Oil Shut Off and Cast Iron Sleeve 1.8 Gallon Tank Provides 9 Hours of Runtime. Propane Tank Not Included RV Ready Multi Feature Control Panel with Covered Outlets 5.5” Heavy Duty Never-Flat wheels and High Leverage U-shape Folding Handle 3 Year Warranty ... Read More


If you are searching for a dual fuel generator, Firman WH02942 is one of the best dual fuel generators that can run on two types of fuels, namely gasoline and Propane. After a natural calamity, the price of gasoline reaches its peak. At that time, if you are unable to afford gasoline, then you can run the generator with Propane. So, it is always better to have an alternative fuel option in your generator.

The runtime and the output wattage might have slight variations depending on the fuel type. But, the obtained wattage is more than enough to run the appliances.

The 171cc engine of Firman WH02942 produces a starting wattage of 3200W and a running wattage of 2900W while running on gasoline. The fuel tank capacity is about 1.8-gallon and can give a runtime of about 10 hours. The engine can run efficiently without overheating with the help of Phoenix FatHead Block. This generator weighs about 212 pounds. But, you can port the generator with the help of wheels and handlebars. Since the wheels are made of heavy duty material, you can move the generators on rough surfaces and steady stairs

Firman WH02942 dual fuel generator has met the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards and is CARB compliant. So, you can use this generator to run the power tools on the construction sites. Very importantly, you can easily start the engine with an electrical push button. The control panel consists of multiple power outlets by which you can plug your electrical appliances simultaneously.

Key features of Firman WH02942 Dual Fuel Generator

  1. The generator is provided with never flat wheels and fixed carrying handles for easy portability
  2. The control panels consist of multiple power outlets to run all essential electrical appliances
  3. The safety features like a spark arrestor will prevent the spark from escaping outside the generator
  4. The circuit breaker will trip whenever an external short circuit is detected.
  5. The output ready indicator light will remain "ON" when the generator is operating under normal conditions and shuts "OFF" when the motor is overloaded

Specifications of Firman WH02942 Dual Fuel Generator



Brand Firman
Item weight without accessories 84 pounds
Engine 171cc
Running watts & starting watts 7000watts and 3200watts respectively (gasoline)
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 26.6x18.5x19.7
Fuel tank capacity 1.8 gallons
  Warranty in years 3



2. Firman H08051 Dual fuel portable generator


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Firman H08051 Extended Run Time Generator Electric Start Garden & Outdoor

  • Dimensions: 29.9" L x 27.5" W x 26.1" H
  • Power when you need it most. The H08051 Hybrid Dual Fuel portable generator is there to get the job done. Best used for emergency power, jobsite, farm/ranch, large RV’s and buses
  • Delivers true 30A & 50A power
  • Electric start | 8 gallons 12 hours
  • Dual fuel versatility
  • No hassle easy to use 5.5Ft LP (propane) hose
  • Ergonomically designed padded handle ... Read More


The very powerful dual fuel generator from Firman is the H08051 modal. A tank full of gasoline can deliver a maximum power wattage of 1000W and a running wattage of 8000W. Generally, there will be a drop in output power wattage when Propane is used as a fuel. But, Firman's H08051 generator is an exception. The engine can deliver a starting wattage of 9050W, and a running wattage of 7250W with Propane filled tank.

Since H08051 is a dual fuel generator, the user is given two options of using either gasoline or Propane. So, the generator can run despite bad weather conditions and fuel scarcity. Propane can generate clean power and have a good self-life compared to gasoline. In addition to this, burning of Propane will emit less fumes of CO thus, there is good ventilation across the engine. So, the engine will have an increased life span.

The automatic features like low oil shut-off system will stop the running engine when low oil levels are detected. Very importantly, the control panel consists of multiple outlets that can run all the essential electrical appliances. Plus, a voltmeter and an hour meter will indicate the voltage and the hours of operation. So, the operator can schedule the maintenance period.

The sound level of the generator is maintained very low by using a noise muffler. Thus, we recommend this quiet generator, especially for indoor activities. In addition, dust covers are provided to cover each power outlet for safety purposes. Thus, the generator comes for long-term use.

Key features of Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Generator

  1. Firman H08051 is parallel compatible. Hence you can obtain additional power
  2. The noise muffler minimize the noise generated during the generator operation
  3. The spark arrestor will prevent fire hazards.
  4.      So, you can carry this generator to forest areas.
  5. The accessories like spark wrench, user manual and oil funnel are provided along with the generator

Specifications of Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Generator

Brand Firman
Item weight without accessories 221 pounds
Engine 439cc
Running watts & starting watts 8000watts and 10000watts respectively (gasoline)
Item dimensions LXWXH in inches 32x29x28
Fuel tank capacity 8 gallons
  Warranty in years 3



The above-mentioned two dual-fuel generators are perfect choices for both indoors and outdoors. We assure you that the product can provide zero percent dissatisfaction. Furthermore, Firman generators are incredibly high quality and come with a warranty of a minimum of three years. Since the generated output is enough to power the electrical appliances, you needn't worry about power shortage. Moreover, an excellent customer care network is available from Firman so that you can contact them for any queries

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