Champion 75537i 3100W Inverter Generator – Overview

Are you looking for brief information about the Champion 75537i? Then, you’ve landed in the right place. On this page, you can have more details on that model. There are a lot of brands with 3100W generators? Why Champion Power Equipment 75537i?

The Champion power generator was established in 2003, but it has become popular in the generator’s industry in a short period. How could it be? It is because the company Champion produces high-end quality generators like other top brand manufacture companies like Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Yamaha etc.

The thing is, they offer generators at an affordable price, which is lower than its competitors. Therefore, the Champion generators are more popular and preferable generators among people worldwide. However, they don’t be compromised their quality and performance at any cost. Apart from price, they utilize preliminary features and advanced technologies for easy user’s convenience. Continue to read the entire article for more information.

Champion 75537i Inverter Generator – Product Review

Features Value
Starting power 3100 watts
Running power 2800 watts
Engine 171cc Champion 4-Stroke OHV engine
Noise level 58 dB
Fuel capacity 1.6 gallon
Run time Up to 8 hours at 25% load
Fuel type Gasoline
Starters Manual, electric, remote

Design, Dimensions & Weight

When it comes to the design of the Champion 75537i, it is highly compact and well-engineered and well organized. This is a blend of technological features and is made with a sturdy frame, and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. The Dimension of the Champion 3100-watt generator is 25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches (LxWxH). So, it is clear that it is packed with several features in a small volume. It is compact and lightweight, with a weight of 96.6 lbs. Therefore, the model is not too heavy and can be transferrable easily. However, if you might find issues in transporting, the attached wheels and handles will help you make it move from one another place effortlessly. The display is sleek, and its controls are labelled neatly to make you find various controls easily.

Power Output / Generation

The Champion 75537i portable inverter generator delivers a starting power of 3100 watts and a running power of 2800 watts. This is capable of operating many essential appliances at your home or job sites etc. since it is portable, it can be a perfect option for camping, tailgating, outdoor events, etc. The 75537i series is well-engineered so that you don’t have to worry about its longevity. Are you an RVs lover? Then, the Champion 3100-watt inverter generator is for you. Since there are a lot of models from Champion with high wattages, the Champion 75537i power equipment is perfectly fit for RVs. On the other hand, the generator produces reliable and clean power, which is suitable for running sensitive appliances as well.

The Engine

The Champion 3100-watt inverter portable generator is powered by a 171cc Champion 4-Stroke OHV engine. It means the Champion is own the engine, ensuring the engine durability. The powerful motor can power 8 hours of continuous electricity with a full tank fuel of gasoline at 25% load. As mentioned, this can be operated on gasoline, which can be available readily, and the performance is good. So, you don’t have to consider the availability of the fuel, and you can avail of it anywhere.

Since it is made with inverter technology, it helps reduces RPMs based on the load, thus increasing its efficiency. Apart from that, it involves producing clean and constant power, so it doesn’t damage your power tools at any cost. The generator is eco-friendly and runs quieter compared to same-sized power generators. Remember, since it is a 4-stroke engine, you should use appropriate engine oil for longer performance.

Fuel & Noise

The Champion 75537i power equipment is EPA approved and has a CARB III complaint. This means it can be used in all over 50 states, including California, since it meets all specifications and standards requirements. The unit runs on unleaded gasoline, so it is good for the engine to run smoother. With a 1.6-gallon capacity, the Champion 75537i can run for up to 8 hours at 25% load.

When it comes to the noise level, it operates at 58 dB from 23 feet distance. If you aren’t familiar with decibel rating, the noise level produced by the generator is a typical conversation of people. This is tolerable at an appropriate distance. So that it doesn’t disturb you or your neighbors, making it one of the best options for RVs, camping, outdoor events etc. However, in order to make it running at a low noise level, follow the guidelines provided by the company.

Display & Control Panel

The Champion 3100-watt inverter generator is well designed and well labelled. Safety, warning, and danger labels are well situated in an appropriate location. You can find them on the top of the generator. Even if you are a beginner and haven’t read the safety procedures in the manual, the labels in the generator help you know its basic safety features.

The control panel is another best thing in the generator. It helps you spot many controls in a place, thus saving your time on searching various controls—all they are correctly labelled so you can find its operations easily. The control panel includes a fuel valve knob, ON/OFF switch, economy control switch, power receptacles etc.

The fuel valve knob lets you refuel the engine without wasting fuel. The eco mode, on the other hand, helps adjust the engine speed automatically based on the load, thereby making the generator fuel-efficient and increasing the engine life. There is a circuit breaker to control the load, which protects the unit from being overloaded. When it comes to the power outlets, there is four, including one 12V DC outlet, one 120V AC 30, and two 120V AC 20 Amps duplex.


The Champion 75537i power generator comes with a warrant of three years. This is means you can avail of free service for up to three years right after purchase. In case you want to change the generator parts, the company will offer new ones at free cost after some consultations. Three years only for residential use. If you buy this for commercial use, you’ll get one year warranty. The repairs and replacement can be only availed only if you give proper maintenance to the unit. You’ll have to submit schedule maintenance and followed by prescribed standard services copy to the professionals to grab the free service.

Consumer Comments

The Champion 75537i 3100-watt inverter generator is one of the most popular models across the world for its outstanding performance and its high-end quality. The model has received high ratings and reviews from its buyers. What we liked in the Champion 75537i are its easy starting procedures. This unit can be started either using remote or electric start or manual.

With a remote start, you can start the engine from a distance. For an electric start, you must ensure there are no loads connected to the unit. Unload it and use the electric switch to start and run the unit if they are connected. According to the customer review, both manual and electric start are extremely easy and convenient.


In summary, the Champion 75537i 3100-watt inverter portable generator is an excellent option for RVs, camping, home, job sites etc. The attached pair of wheels and handlebars guarantee the generator’s mobility. Since it is blended with advanced technologies like inverter technology, it runs quieter and is friendly to the environment.

There are various start procedures such as manual, remote, electric for easy operations. The design is compact and sturdy and can survive in any harsh weather. It protects the interiors parts as well.

The various control and its sturdy build make it extremely popular around the world. This model is the most reliable and efficient generator compared to its competitors. Very importantly, it meets all special and standard requirements of the customers, making it ideal for RVs users.

Bestseller (lists)

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator Garden & Outdoor

  • Quick Touch Panel – Access all your controls in one spot, plus Champion’s safe design includes a low oil shut-off sensor and holds 0.6-quarts of oil (recommended 10W-30)
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation – 58 dBA is perfect for RVs, tailgating, your next project or backup power for your home, featuring 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts with up to 8 hours run time
  • Clean Power for Sensitive Electronics – RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A house... Read More

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