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Are you very curious to know more about the Champion 4000W generators? You have landed on the right site. Any generator that produces an average power of 4000W is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, RV etc. But why do we keep Champion on the top table? Yes, it is an inverter generator that comes with impressive features and specifications. To your surprise, Champion generators are available at an affordable price. To know more, keep reading.

Why do we prefer using the Champion 4000W inverter generator?

Champion satisfies your basic expectations from a generator like quiet technology and sufficient outlets. Although the unit doesn't have an attached pair of wheels, the durable frame is easy to hold while porting the generator. You can also make transportation super convenient by purchasing a separate wheel kit.

The noise level of this generator is about 64 decibels. This decibel rating is suitable for outdoor activities since the generator will not be a public nuisance. Importantly, an output wattage of 4000W is enough to keep the essential devices active. In addition, you can also use this generator to run small power tools at job sites. 

Champion 4000W inverter generator- An overview 

As discussed earlier, the Champion 4000W inverter generator is one of the most affordable generators available in today's market. Although the generator is an open frame, the inverter technology equipped with the unit makes it quieter irrespective of any applied loads. In addition, the unit is installed with noise mufflers to cut down the decibel ratings. 

When it comes to size, this generator is compact compared to other equivalents. Generally, the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) touches around 25% in an open frame generator. Since this generator follows an inverter mechanism, the THD is only about 5%. So, the power is stable and is safe to run sensitive devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Unlike traditional generators, this generator features an eco-mode. This mechanism will control the engine's RPM based on the power demands. So, you can utilize the fuel efficiently and get extended runtime. A 2.9-gallon tank offers an impressive runtime of about 17 hours at an applied 25% load. If the output wattage is not enough, you can make use of parallel compatible options. So, you can connect two similar Champion 4000W generators to double the output power. 

Although the generator size is small, there is no compromise in the engine size. It comes with a powerful 224cc four-stroke OHV engine for delivering versatile performance. In fact, generators tend to raise the noise when higher loads are applied. But this air-cooled OHV engine is an exception. It manages to maintain low decibel ratings at applied higher loads.

This model comes with a manual recoil system. Although there is no electric starter, the ColdRush technology will kick start the engine without any starting troubles during the winter season. 

The exterior frame comes with a convenient, durable design. It is lightweight and doesn't come with attached wheels and handlebars. 

Highlights of the Champion 4000W inverter generator

  1. This open frame inverter generator operates at half the noise ratings of a traditional generator. Plus, it is 30% lighter than their counterparts 
  2. The inverter technology incorporated in this generator will produce pure sine waves with the least harmonic distortion. So, the stable power is safe to run delicate power appliances 
  3. A powerful 224cc OHV engine delivers a starting watt of 4000W and a running watt of 3500W
  4. You can start the generator with a manual recoil system. The engine ignites with just one pull
  5. This generator operates at a standard noise level of 64 decibels. Further, you can cut down the noise level by using noise mufflers 
  6. The ColdRush technology equipped with this generator will start the engine in an instant without any starting troubles
  7. It comes with a warranty of three years 
  8. A 2.9-gallon gasoline fuel tank offers a runtime of about 17 hours at rated quarter load conditions
  9. It is lightweight and is easy to port anywhere without using wheels and handlebars 
  10. It is CARB compliant, and EPA approved 
  11. Since this generator is parallel compatible, you can connect similar models to gain extra power 
  12. This generator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities

Specifications of Champion 4000W inverter generator

Manufacturer Champion Power Equipment
Running and Peak watts 4000W and 3500W
Item dimensions in inches 20.5 x 17.9 x 17.7
Engine displacement 224cc
Runtime at 25% load(gasoline) 17hours  
Tank capacity 2.9gallon
Noise level in decibels at 23ft 64
Item weight in pounds 82
Warranty in years 3

A detailed review on Champion 4000W inverter generator

Easy to use and Control Panel

Champion 4000W inverter generator comes with an open frame design. It operates at a low decibel rating compared to other traditional generators. The generator's engine ignites with just one pull. Very importantly, the ColdRush technology equipped with the engine will eliminate any starting troubles during cold weather conditions. 

At the side of the unit, there is a user-friendly control panel. It consists of all important controlling switches like an ON/OFF switch, smart eco-mode, parallel port and power outlets. 

There is a smart eco-mode to utilize the fuel efficiently. You can connect multiple devices simultaneously using power outlets like a 12V cigarette lighter-style outlet, two 120V DC outlets and a 12V DC outlet for battery charging. Plus, you can extend the runtime by connecting limited loads. 

The LED lights indicate the output ready and oil levels. These LED lights will alert the user about the generator's internal workings. Apart from this, there is a parallel port to double the output wattage.


Generally, open frame generators are bulky and louder. In the case of the Champion generator, it is relatively quiet and lightweight than other similar models. So, you can transport the generator with ease. In fact, an open frame generator weighing up to 82 pounds is incredible.

Quiet technology

This generator is equipped with inverter technology. It ensures whether a pure sine wave is produced with the least harmonic distortion. The power is stable without any voltage fluctuations. So, you can run sensitive devices like laptops and tablets without causing any damage.

Power output, runtime and tank capacity 

 A 224cc four-stroke OHV engine provides a peak watt of 4000W and a continuous watt of 3500W. This generated power output is sufficient to run essential devices while camping. You can connect two similar generators to increase the output power up to 8000W. A 2.9-gallon fuel tank offers a runtime of about 17 hours at applied quarter load. 

Warranty, Customer service and Certifications

It is CARB compliant, and EPA approved. Moreover, it comes with a warranty of three years. Plus, Champion has excellent customer service that is available 24/7. 


It is lightweight and weighs only about 82 pounds. The only downside of this generator is it doesn't come with wheels and handlebars. But, you can purchase a wheel kit separately to support east transportation. 

Four benefits of using Champion 4000W inverter generator

  1. A durable frame construction protects the whole unit from external attacks 
  2. clean energy is safe to run sensitive devices
  3. It comes with an extended runtime 
  4. The open frame engine operates at a noise level of 64 decibels

Champion 4000W inverter generator Vs Durostar DS4000S generator 

Noise levels

When it comes to noise level, Champion is still ahead of Durostar DS4000S. The noise level of Champion is only 64 dBA, whereas DS4000S operates at 69 dBA.

Power output

From the name, we can understand that both the generators deliver an output wattage of 4000W. But, the continuous watt of DS4000S is only about 3300W. On the other hand, the Champion 4000W inverter delivers a continuous watt of 3500W. 

Power Outlets 

The number of Power outlets is higher in Champion compared to Durostar DS4000S. In Durostar, there are two 120V DC outlets and a 30A RV outlet. In Champion, there is a parallel compatible option and a 12V outlet. 

Safety Features 

Both Durostar and Champion generators come with basic safety features like a low oil shutoff system. This automatic shutoff system will stop the engine operation when the oil level is low. In addition, the circuit breaker will disconnect the power supply during overloading conditions. Apart from this, both the generators come with proper ventilation to protect the engine from overheating.

Final Words

To summarize, the Champion 4000W generator is a complete package of features that you expect from a generator. Champion has created a new benchmark of giving a quiet open frame generator. So, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

This inverter generator produces clean energy and offers an extended runtime. Plus, you can save fuel by switching to smart eco-mode. Apart from this, there are many user-friendly features like a low oil shutoff system that stops the engine operation when the oil level is low. So, the Champion 4000W inverter generator is a wise investment.

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