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Are you looking for a generator, then you are on the right site. Most of the generators offer stellar performance and surpasses your expectations. Generators are the best energy backup source during times of emergencies. If you are looking for a generator with simple operational methods, the Ryobi 2300W generator is a good choice.

If you want a compact generator that runs all the essential household devices, try the Ryobi 2300W generator. Read to the bottom to get a better understanding of the Ryobi generators. 

Ryobi- Company overview

Ryobi is a famous brand that manufactures generators and electrical power equipment. It stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other brands in terms of performance, quality and warranty. This manufacturer has huge respect among the customers for its high-end specification. In each model, you will find innovative features that are extremely useful to the customer buying it. 

Although this generator comes with advanced technologies, they are available at an affordable price. Ryobi has aimed at giving the best product to its customers since 1943. Very importantly, these generators are available at a reasonable price. In addition, Ryobi generators come with a Bluetooth setup for monitoring the generator’s working mechanism. And also, some generators come with apps that fetch information about the fuel and oil level in the generator. So, the operator can estimate the fuel availability. Try once and become Ryobi’s lifetime customers.

Ryobi 2300W generator- An Overview

Are you fed up after monitoring your generator’s working continuously? We know that Ryobi is best known for its Bluetooth supported generators. So, you can easily track the generator’s internal working through smartphone apps. Its simple operation and user-friendly features are the major reasons for its good reachability among the customers. 

The average output power of 2300W is sufficient to run all the emergency devices like mobile phones, laptops, lights and fans. Apart from indoor activities, this generator is an excellent choice for outdoor activities like camping and RVs. 

You can also accompany this generator to job sites for running power tools like drilling machines, bulbs etc. The highlight of this generator is its quiet operation and stable power. In addition, it is lightweight and provides clean power without any power fluctuations. An inbuilt handle on the top and attached wheels at the bottom help in easy transportation. Since it weighs only about 53pounds, you can lift the generator single-handedly.  

Unlike heavy-duty generators, this inverter generator is compact and is extremely space-saving. It is perfect for car dwellers and RV enthusiasts. In addition, this generator is a wise choice if you are living in a congested apartment. Another remarkable point to note here is, the generator is super quiet and easy to maintain. Very importantly, the LCD panel tracks important parameters like frequency, voltage and hours of operation. 

When it comes to construction, a durable plastic housing around the generator helps in improved durability and protects the internal parts from any damage. The Ryobi 2300W generator is easy to set up and operate. Moreover, the oil changing task is quite simple. 

Highlights of Ryobi 2300W generator

  1. Ryobi 6500W generator provides a running watt of 1800W and a staring watt of 2300W
  2. This generator is user-friendly and available at a reasonable price
  3. A robust 79cc engine continuous power supply for about 7.5 hours at an applied half load
  4. The generator comes with a compact fuel that can hold up to 1.2-gallon fuel
  5. It is lightweight and is easy to lift up using a durable handlebar
  6. The generator is quiet in operation and will not disturb the normal conversation between two individuals
  7. The digital display tracks the hours of operation, voltage and frequency
  8. It is easy to start the generator using a recoil system
  9. The circuit breaker will protect the unit from overloading
  10. The generator comes with a three-year warranty
  11. An automatic feature like low oil shut off system will protect the engine from overheating

A detailed review of the Ryobi 2300W generator


Each generator brand has a unique color coating for easy identification. For example, Honda generators are always coated in red and black. Ryobi chose lime green and charcoal combinations as their color pattern. All the Ryobi generators may vary in other features but keep uniformity in the color code. The in-built handlebar and attached wheels help to port the generator with ease. The lightweight feature is an added advantage in this generator. 

Easy start

Ryobi 2300W Bluetooth generator can start using a recoil system. Although the electric push-button is absent, you can start the generator within a few minutes. The cold start technology equipped with this generator will instantly kick start the engine during cold weather conditions. 

Output wattage

A power 79cc engine will provide a running watt of 1800W and a starting watt of 2300W. The notable feature of this generator is its Bluetooth capability. So, you can take over the complete control of the Ryobi generator through smartphone apps. The Ryobi generator is a good choice if you are planning to accompany the generator for outdoor areas.  

Control panel and power outlets

It is easy to access the generator’s working since all the switches, power outlets, and ports are available in one single spot. Power outlets like two 120V 20A AC household outlets and two USB outlets are enough to charge the essential devices during unexpected power cuts.

A digital display on the control panel will indicate the runtime and other important parameters like voltage. So, the operator can schedule proper maintenance to prevent any damage.

Noise level 

Noise level is a key factor to consider when it comes to residential use. The generator operation should not disturb the neighborhood. Most of the generators are labelled as super-quiet generators but actually, they are not. In the case of the Ryobi 2300W generator, the operation is ultra-quiet. 

Basically, noise levels are measured in decibels, and the noise heard at 23-feet away is taken into account. As far as this Ryobi 2300W generator is concerned, the noise level is about 57 decibels which is incredible. 

Tank capacity and runtime

Although the tank is small, it can provide an average runtime of 7.5hours at an applied 50% load. Only in the Ryobi generator you can expect higher runtime with a compact fuel tank. Apart from this, the smart eco-mode will control the engine speed based on the load connected to the unit. Hence, you can conserve fuel to a great extent.

Safety features

The Ryobi generator comes with many safety features like Automatic low oil shut off system. So, you can prevent the engine from running out of oil. The unit is provided with proper ventilation to cool the whole unit. In addition, the circuit breakers will discontinue the power supply at times of overloading. 


Ryobi 2300W inverter is a budget-friendly generator and comes with simple operational methods. It comprises all the basic features that you expect from a generator but is available at a reasonable price.

Specification of Ryobi 2300W generator


Manufacturer Ryobi
Running watts and peak watts 1800W and 2300W
Item dimensions in inches 22x18x12
Engine displacement 79cc
Engine type 4 OHV
Tank capacity 1.2 gallons
Runtime in hours at 50% load 7.5
Item weight in pounds 53
Warranty (residential use) three years

Ryobi 2300W generator Vs Generac 7117 

Let us compare two top-rated generators available in the market. We picked Generac 7117 generator to compare with Ryobi 2300W generator. Let us see the smallest to the biggest differences between these two entry-level models.

Power ratings

You can expect a starting watt of 2300W and a running watt of 1800W from the Ryobi generator. On the other hand, the Generac 7117 generator produces an output wattage of 1700W and a running wattage of 2200W. So, the Ryobi 2300W generator is ahead of Generac generators in terms of power wattage.

Noise levels

One drawback of Generac generators is that they will not provide the exact noise level rating of their models. So, we cannot compare noise levels with other models. In the case of Ryobi generators, the operational noise level is super-quiet and measures only about 57 decibels.

Power outlets

When it comes to the power outlets, Generac has more power outlets compared to Ryobi 2300W generators. In Generac, you will get the same number of USB outlets and household outlets as the Ryobi 2300W inverter generator. But you get a 12V cigarette lighter style outlet in Generac 7117 generator. Very importantly, both the generator comes with parallel compatible options.


To summarize, the Ryobi 2300W generator is one of the convenient generators suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. In short, it is a complete package of all features and specifications that you expect from an entry-level model. It is super-quiet, lightweight and user-friendly and keeps the essential devices active at times of power shortage.

We hope that you are highly impressed with Bluetooth support Ryobi generators. You can place your orders at e-commerce sites for fast delivery and best offers.

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